2015»24th Japan Cup Cycle Road Race (1.HC)

2015  One day race  »  Utsunomiya  ›  Utsunomiya   (144.2k)

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144 Mollema BaukeTrek Factory Racing  28Trek Factory Racing 1001253:53:403:53:40
224 Ulissi DiegoLampre - Merida 26Lampre - Merida7085,,,,
3141 Arashiro YukiyaJapan 31Japan4060,,,,
415 Gerts FlorisBMC Racing Team 23BMC Racing Team3050,,,,
525 Polanc JanLampre - Merida 23Lampre - Merida25450:110:11
63 Mohorič MatejTeam Cannondale - Garmin  20Team Cannondale - Garmin 20400:160:16
732 Henao SebastiánTeam Sky 22Team Sky15350:220:22
8102 Prades BenjamínMatrix Powertag 31Matrix Powertag10300:440:44
934 Swift BenTeam Sky 27Team Sky9261:221:22
1092 Hatanaka YusukeTeam UKYO 30Team UKYO8221:541:54
1112 Schär MichaelBMC Racing Team 29BMC Racing Team720,,1:54
1222 Mori ManueleLampre - Merida 35Lampre - Merida618,,1:54
1353 De Negri Pier PaoloNippo - Vini Fantini  29Nippo - Vini Fantini 516,,1:54
14112 Hatsuyama ShoBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 27Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team414,,1:54
1562 Megías JavierTeam Novo Nordisk 32Team Novo Nordisk312,,1:54
16101 Toribio José VicenteMatrix Powertag 29Matrix Powertag10,,1:54
1781 Masuda NariyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 31Utsunomiya Blitzen9,,1:54
18122 Ito MasakazuAisan Racing Team 27Aisan Racing Team8,,1:54
1971 Liu Shu MingAttaque Team Gusto 28Attaque Team Gusto7,,1:54
20124 Hayakawa TomohiroAisan Racing Team 25Aisan Racing Team61:571:57
2113 Senni ManuelBMC Racing Team 23BMC Racing Team51:591:59
2275 Rabou ThomasAttaque Team Gusto 31Attaque Team Gusto4,,1:59
23115 Nishizono RyotaBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 28Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team32:032:03
2495 Pujol OscarTeam UKYO 32Team UKYO22:122:12
2564 Planet CharlesTeam Novo Nordisk 21Team Novo Nordisk13:453:45
2651 Yamamoto GenkiNippo - Vini Fantini  23Nippo - Vini Fantini 6:586:58
274 Zepuntke RubenTeam Cannondale - Garmin  22Team Cannondale - Garmin 7:067:06
2833 Geoghegan Hart TaoTeam Sky 20Team Sky,,7:06
2911 Stetina PeterBMC Racing Team 28BMC Racing Team,,7:06
3054 Nibali AntonioNippo - Vini Fantini  23Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,7:06
31134 Amezawa TakeakiNasu Blasen 20Nasu Blasen7:107:10
32145 Omote ToshikiJapan 22Japan7:417:41
3372 Yeung RonaldAttaque Team Gusto 27Attaque Team Gusto,,7:41
3414 Velits PeterBMC Racing Team 30BMC Racing Team,,7:41
3563 Verschoor MartijnTeam Novo Nordisk 30Team Novo Nordisk,,7:41
3693 Hirai EiichiTeam UKYO 24Team UKYO7:437:43
37103 Fernández AiránMatrix Powertag 26Matrix Powertag,,7:43
38114 Monier DamienBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 33Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team,,7:43
3943 Didier LaurentTrek Factory Racing  31Trek Factory Racing 8:058:05
4074 Sheppard EricAttaque Team Gusto 24Attaque Team Gusto9:369:36
41111 Terasaki TakeroBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 23Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team10:5110:51
42132 Yoshioka NaoyaNasu Blasen 23Nasu Blasen,,10:51
DNF61 Lefrancois NicolasTeam Novo Nordisk 28Team Novo Nordisk--
DNF133 Suzuki RyuNasu Blasen 23Nasu Blasen,,-
DNF84 Hori TakaakiUtsunomiya Blitzen 23Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF143 Tokuda SuguruJapan 21Japan,,-
DNF23 Ravasi EdwardLampre - Merida 21Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF144 Kuroeda SayaJapan 20Japan,,-
DNF91 Doi YukihiroTeam UKYO 32Team UKYO,,-
DNF82 Suzuki YuzuruUtsunomiya Blitzen 29Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF1 Haas NathanTeam Cannondale - Garmin  26Team Cannondale - Garmin ,,-
DNF142 Iribe ShotaroJapan 26Japan,,-
DNF65 Peron AndreaTeam Novo Nordisk 26Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF94 Sumiyoshi KotaTeam UKYO 24Team UKYO,,-
DNF42 Cancellara FabianTrek Factory Racing  34Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF21 Feng Chun KaiLampre - Merida 26Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF41 Beppu FumiyukiTrek Factory Racing  32Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF131 Sano JunyaNasu Blasen 33Nasu Blasen,,-
DNF73 Lu Shao HsuanAttaque Team Gusto 21Attaque Team Gusto,,-
DNF31 Eisel BernhardTeam Sky 34Team Sky,,-
DNF85 Aoyanagi KazukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 26Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF105 Yasuhara DaikiMatrix Powertag 24Matrix Powertag,,-
DNF52 Berlato GiacomoNippo - Vini Fantini  23Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,-
DNF121 Ayabe TakeakiAisan Racing Team 35Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF113 Lebas ThomasBridgestone Anchor Cycling Team 29Bridgestone Anchor Cycling Team,,-
DNF125 Nakane HidetoAisan Racing Team 25Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF104 Yoshida HayatoMatrix Powertag 26Matrix Powertag,,-
DNF135 Arashiro YudaiNasu Blasen 20Nasu Blasen,,-
DNF45 Popovych YaroslavTrek Factory Racing  35Trek Factory Racing ,,-
DNF2 Bettiol AlbertoTeam Cannondale - Garmin  21Team Cannondale - Garmin ,,-
DNF55 Cunego DamianoNippo - Vini Fantini  34Nippo - Vini Fantini ,,-
DNF83 Suzuki ShinriUtsunomiya Blitzen 40Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF123 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuAisan Racing Team 26Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race logoDate: 18th October 2015
Avg. speed winner: 37.03 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Utsunomiya › Utsunomiya
PCS point scale: 1.HC

Race profile

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