2010»Kumamoto International Road Race (1.2)

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1 Miyazawa TakashiTeam Nippo 32Team Nippo154:09:424:09:42
2 Hatanaka YusukeShimano Racing Team 25Shimano Racing Team10,,0:00
3 Suzuki ShinriShimano Racing Team 35Shimano Racing Team70:040:04
4 Inoue KazuoTeam Nippo 29Team Nippo40:120:12
5 Sano JunyaTeam Nippo 28Team Nippo20:160:16
6 Shinagawa MasahiroAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team10:500:50
7 Nakajima YasuharuTeam Nippo 25Team Nippo0:520:52
8 Manabe KazuyukiMatrix Powertag 40Matrix Powertag0:570:57
9 Beppu TakumiAisan Racing Team 31Aisan Racing Team1:001:00
10 Itami KenjiTeam Bridgestone Anchor 22Team Bridgestone Anchor2:052:05
11 Yoshida Hayato 213:163:16
12 Feng Chun KaiAction Cycling Team 21Action Cycling Team4:374:37
13 Murakami JumpeiShimano Racing Team 25Shimano Racing Team4:394:39
14 Lee Wei ChengAction Cycling Team 25Action Cycling Team4:414:41
15 Mukaigawa NaokiMatrix Powertag 29Matrix Powertag4:484:48
16 Jiao PengdaMax Success Sports 24Max Success Sports4:544:54
17 Naganuma TakayukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 25Utsunomiya Blitzen4:584:58
18 Igarashi TakeshiGeumsan Ginseng Asia  22Geumsan Ginseng Asia 5:035:03
19 Kano TomoyaTeam Bridgestone Anchor 37Team Bridgestone Anchor5:535:53
20 Hsiao Shih Hsin 20,,5:53
21 Kodan Akira ,,5:53
22 Kakinuma AkiraUtsunomiya Blitzen 38Utsunomiya Blitzen6:016:01
23 Fukuhara MasaruTeam Bridgestone Anchor 28Team Bridgestone Anchor6:066:06
24 Hiratsuka YoshimitsuShimano Racing Team 21Shimano Racing Team,,6:06
25 Chiang Li-yaoGiant Asia Racing Team 25Giant Asia Racing Team6:496:49
26 Nonaka Ryoma 2110:1010:10
27 Fukushima ShinichiGeumsan Ginseng Asia  39Geumsan Ginseng Asia 12:1012:10
28 Nishizono Ryota 23,,12:10
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 10th October 2010
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Yamaga › Yamaga
PCS point scale: 1.2
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