2018»4th Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta (2.WWT)

2018  Stage 1 (TTT)  »  Boadilla del Monte  ›  Boadilla del Monte   (12.6k)

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Pos.TeamTimeDelaySpeedPCS pointsUCI points
1 Team Sunweb17:4017:4042.792  
2 Wiggle High517:580:1842.078  
4 BTC City Ljubljana18:320:5240.791  
7 Movistar Team18:54,,40.000  
112 Kirchmann LeahTeam Sunweb 28Team Sunweb61217:4017:40
215 Rivera CorynTeam Sunweb 26Team Sunweb,,0:00
316 van Dijk EllenTeam Sunweb 31Team Sunweb,,0:00
413 Lippert LianeTeam Sunweb 20Team Sunweb,,0:00
533 Cordon-Ragot AudreyWiggle High5 28Wiggle High50:180:18
636 Longo Borghini ElisaWiggle High5 26Wiggle High5,,0:18
735 Fahlin EmiliaWiggle High5 29Wiggle High5,,0:18
832 Brennauer LisaWiggle High5 30Wiggle High5,,0:18
931 Wild KirstenWiggle High5 35Wiggle High5,,0:18
103 Elvin GracieMitchelton-Scott 29Mitchelton-Scott0:460:46
111 d'Hoore JolienMitchelton-Scott 28Mitchelton-Scott,,0:46
124 Manly AlexandraMitchelton-Scott 22Mitchelton-Scott,,0:46
135 Roy SarahMitchelton-Scott 32Mitchelton-Scott,,0:46
1434 Edmondson AnnetteWiggle High5 26Wiggle High50:520:52
1562 Batagelj PolonaBTC City Ljubljana 29BTC City Ljubljana,,0:52
1661 Bujak EugeniaBTC City Ljubljana 29BTC City Ljubljana,,0:52
1763 Boogaard MaaikeBTC City Ljubljana 20BTC City Ljubljana,,0:52
1864 Chursina AnastasiiaBTC City Ljubljana 23BTC City Ljubljana,,0:52
1965 Lechner CorinnaBTC City Ljubljana 24BTC City Ljubljana,,0:52
2091 Zabelinskaya OlgaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 38Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team1:101:10
2195 Novolodskaia MariiaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 19Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,1:10
2294 Christoforou AntriCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 26Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,1:10
2393 Badykova GulnazCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 24Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,1:10
2442 Confalonieri Maria GiuliaValcar PBM 25Valcar PBM1:141:14
2546 Balsamo ElisaValcar PBM 20Valcar PBM,,1:14
2645 Sanguineti IlariaValcar PBM 24Valcar PBM,,1:14
2741 Vigilia AlessiaValcar PBM 19Valcar PBM,,1:14
2851 Biannic AudeMovistar Team 27Movistar Team,,1:14
2953 Jasinska MałgorzataMovistar Team 34Movistar Team,,1:14
3055 Rodríguez GloriaMovistar Team 26Movistar Team,,1:14
3154 Oyarbide LourdesMovistar Team 24Movistar Team,,1:14
32102 Demay CoralieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 25FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope1:221:22
33105 Slik RozanneFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 27FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,1:22
34104 Kitchen LaurenFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 27FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,1:22
35106 Tenniglo MoniekFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 30FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,1:22
36111 Wiebes LorenaParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 19Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team1:241:24
37116 van Gogh NatalieParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 44Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team,,1:24
38113 Hoeksma IlonaParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 27Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team,,1:24
39115 Uiterwijk Winkel MeikeParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 18Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team,,1:24
4025 Swinkels KarlijnAlé Cipollini  19Alé Cipollini ,,1:24
4126 Trevisi AnnaAlé Cipollini  26Alé Cipollini ,,1:24
4221 Hosking ChloeAlé Cipollini  27Alé Cipollini ,,1:24
4323 Paladin SorayaAlé Cipollini  25Alé Cipollini ,,1:24
44112 Beekhuis TeuntjeParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 23Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team1:261:26
45114 Raaijmakers MaritParkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team 19Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team,,1:26
4681 Bronzini GiorgiaCylance Pro Cycling 35Cylance Pro Cycling1:271:27
4782 Erić JelenaCylance Pro Cycling 22Cylance Pro Cycling,,1:27
4883 Ratto RossellaCylance Pro Cycling 24Cylance Pro Cycling,,1:27
4984 Tagliaferro MartaCylance Pro Cycling 28Cylance Pro Cycling,,1:27
50142 Inghelbrecht SarahDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 25Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport1:391:39
51141 Jeuland-Tranchant PascaleDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 31Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,1:39
52144 Reis DanielaDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 25Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,1:39
53143 Markus KellyDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 25Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport,,1:39
54145 Van Velzen BryonyDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 22Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport1:411:41
55174 Spoor WinandaWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 27WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling1:431:43
56175 Teutenberg Lea LinWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 19WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,1:43
57172 Badegruber AnnaWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 21WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,1:43
58171 Soet AafkeWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 20WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,1:43
59101 Fournier RoxaneFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 26FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope1:441:44
6072 Becker CharlotteHitec Products 35Hitec Products1:471:47
6173 Frapporti SimonaHitec Products 30Hitec Products,,1:47
6275 Solvang Julie MeyerHitec Products 29Hitec Products,,1:47
6374 Gaskjenn IngvildHitec Products 20Hitec Products,,1:47
64131 Dom AnneliesLotto Soudal Ladies 32Lotto Soudal Ladies1:541:54
65132 Beckers IsabelleLotto Soudal Ladies 35Lotto Soudal Ladies,,1:54
66135 Van 't Geloof MarjoleinLotto Soudal Ladies 22Lotto Soudal Ladies,,1:54
67133 Castrique AlanaLotto Soudal Ladies 19Lotto Soudal Ladies,,1:54
686 Williams GeorgiaMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott2:022:02
69152 Christmas DaniBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 30Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias2:222:22
70156 González LucíaBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 28Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias,,2:22
71153 Colborne HenriettaBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 20Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias,,2:22
72151 Alonso SandraBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 20Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias,,2:22
7322 Knetemann RoxaneAlé Cipollini  31Alé Cipollini 2:322:32
74164 Martin SaraSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team2:342:34
75163 Ferreres IsabelSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team,,2:34
76161 Blanco IuraniSopela Women's Team 20Sopela Women's Team,,2:34
77165 Rodríguez SofiaSopela Women's Team 18Sopela Women's Team,,2:34
78166 Trias AriadnaSopela Women's Team 23Sopela Women's Team,,2:34
79181 Diaz PaulaSpain 21Spain2:432:43
80182 Larrarte EukeneSpain 20Spain,,2:43
81185 Usabiaga AnaSpain 28Spain,,2:43
82184 Sanmartin PaulaSpain 21Spain,,2:43
8311 Brand LucindaTeam Sunweb 29Team Sunweb2:522:52
8443 Consonni ChiaraValcar PBM 19Valcar PBM2:542:54
852 Allen JessicaMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott2:582:58
86121 Steigenga NicoleBepink  20Bepink 2:592:59
87122 Pattaro FrancescaBepink  23Bepink ,,2:59
88123 Morzenti LisaBepink  20Bepink ,,2:59
89124 Kelil EyerusalemBepink  26Bepink ,,2:59
9052 González AliciaMovistar Team 23Movistar Team3:003:00
9114 Mathiesen PernilleTeam Sunweb 20Team Sunweb3:223:22
92154 Elbusto AinaraBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 26Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias,,3:22
93183 Martin IsabelSpain 19Spain3:253:25
9444 Persico SilviaValcar PBM 21Valcar PBM3:293:29
9571 Kessler NinaHitec Products 30Hitec Products3:303:30
96146 Vandenbroucke SaartjeDoltcini - Van Eyck Sport 22Doltcini - Van Eyck Sport3:423:42
97134 Hoffmann ChantalLotto Soudal Ladies 30Lotto Soudal Ladies3:463:46
98173 Pilote-Fortin GabrielleWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 25WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling4:054:05
9956 Teruel AlbaMovistar Team 22Movistar Team4:114:11
100155 Gardachal Bozal MiriamBizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias 20Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias4:134:13
101162 Martins MariaSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team4:304:30
10292 Augustinas EvgeniaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 30Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team5:195:19
10396 Oshurkova YelyzavetaCogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team 27Cogeas - Mettler Pro Cycling Team,,5:19
104186 Usabiaga IreneSpain 24Spain5:515:51
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 15th September 2018
Avg. speed winner: 42.79 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Boadilla del Monte › Boadilla del Monte
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-CDM-TTT

Race profile

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