2018»Midden-Brabant Poort Omloop (1.2)

2018  One day race  »  Gilze  ›  Gilze   (197.2k)

1 van den Berg JuliusSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy40154:27:134:27:13
2 Tanfield HarryCanyon Eisberg 23Canyon Eisberg30100:020:02
3 van Breda RickMonkey Town Continental Team 28Monkey Town Continental Team2570:120:12
4 Bol CeesSEG Racing Academy 22SEG Racing Academy204,,0:12
5 Bosman Gert-Jan 251520:490:49
6 Schulting PeterMonkey Town Continental Team 30Monkey Town Continental Team101,,0:49
7 Bugter LuucDelta Cycling Rotterdam 24Delta Cycling Rotterdam5,,0:49
8 Page CharlesCanyon Eisberg 19Canyon Eisberg31:291:29
9 te Stroet Rens 283,,1:29
10 Van Den Dool KelvinVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 22Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team3,,1:29
11 Bovenhuis JasperVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 26Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team2:082:08
12 Ottema RickAlecto Cycling Team  25Alecto Cycling Team ,,2:08
13 van Rhee JoeyMonkey Town Continental Team 25Monkey Town Continental Team2:142:14
14 Hermans Steff 222:162:16
15 Weerkamp Tim 272:172:17
16 Abraham DanielBEAT Cycling Club  33BEAT Cycling Club 2:192:19
17 Oreel LarsDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 18DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg2:222:22
18 Hoppezak VincentDelta Cycling Rotterdam 19Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,2:22
19 De Laat JasperMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 24Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,2:22
20 Van Dalen JasonDelta Cycling Rotterdam 23Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,2:22
21 Marit Arne 19,,2:22
22 Van der Burg JoostVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 24Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,2:22
23 Slik IvarMonkey Town Continental Team 25Monkey Town Continental Team,,2:22
24 Christensen RyanCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg,,2:22
25 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  20BEAT Cycling Club ,,2:22
26 Kooistra MartenSEG Racing Academy 20SEG Racing Academy,,2:22
27 Alonso Pablo 20,,2:22
28 Wittenberg Wim 18,,2:22
29 Schouten JasperAlecto Cycling Team  24Alecto Cycling Team ,,2:22
30 Koep Thomas 27,,2:22
31 Van Der Ploeg NeilMadison Genesis  30Madison Genesis ,,2:22
32 Meeus JordiSEG Racing Academy 19SEG Racing Academy2:562:56
33 Pluto MartinsMonkey Town Continental Team 20Monkey Town Continental Team,,2:56
34 Eamon LucasDelta Cycling Rotterdam 25Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,2:56
35 Havik PiotrBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 2:592:59
36 Dekker DavidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 20Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,2:59
37 Quintero LeonelStart Team Gusto 21Start Team Gusto,,2:59
38 Nõmmela AkselBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,2:59
39 Homrighausen Heiko 21,,2:59
40 Schreuder Carlos 213:023:02
41 Erren Pim 23,,3:02
42 Fiege Lorenz 25,,3:02
43 Willsey CooperTeam CCB Foundation-Sicleri 21Team CCB Foundation-Sicleri,,3:02
44 Meijer Gijs Delta Cycling Rotterdam 19Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,3:02
45 Oostra FolkertAlecto Cycling Team  28Alecto Cycling Team 3:083:08
46 Verheijen Geert 18,,3:08
47 Van Loon JordiDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 22DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg,,3:08
48 Meijers Daan 273:213:21
49 Paterson Aden 193:343:34
50 Lenderink PeterSEG Racing Academy 22SEG Racing Academy,,3:34
51 van Zijl MelvinVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 26Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,3:34
52 Timmermans JustinDelta Cycling Rotterdam 21Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,3:34
53 Andersson Vincent 20,,3:34
54 Atkins GeorgeMadison Genesis  26Madison Genesis ,,3:34
55 Schreurs Mark 283:363:36
56 Hamelink JasperMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 28Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,3:36
57 Brusselman TwanDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 24DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg,,3:36
58 Hooghiemster ReneAlecto Cycling Team  31Alecto Cycling Team ,,3:36
59 Tennant AndrewCanyon Eisberg 31Canyon Eisberg3:383:38
60 Blummel RobinDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 19DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg6:556:55
61 Van Den Berg LarsMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 19Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,6:55
62 Schulten Chiel 18,,6:55
63 Stedman MaximilianCanyon Eisberg 22Canyon Eisberg7:097:09
DNF Thome Yohan  --
DNF Hendrikx Max 23,,-
DNF Peschges Marcel 21,,-
DNF Gabriels Senne 19,,-
DNF Merx Peter 29,,-
DNF Cremers Paul 23,,-
DNF Kerkhof TimDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 24DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg,,-
DNF Ariesen JohimMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 30Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF Vink Jeffrey 26,,-
DNF Soden Bradley 20,,-
DNF Groot Mitch 20,,-
DNF Nowell MattCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Van Der Duin PatrickAlecto Cycling Team  22Alecto Cycling Team ,,-
DNF Lubbers Maarten ,,-
DNF Berg Jaap  ,,-
DNF Vos Jurriaan 21,,-
DNF Townsend RoryCanyon Eisberg 22Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Hoeyberghs DaanBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF Petrov SpencerTeam CCB Foundation-Sicleri 19Team CCB Foundation-Sicleri,,-
DNF Gmelich Meijling JarnoMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 28Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF Mundy IsaacMadison Genesis  23Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Cuming MichaelMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Kloese Justin 19,,-
DNF Aular OrluisStart Team Gusto 21Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Vocking Simon ,,-
DNF Stavrakakis GeorgiosSEG Racing Academy 20SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF Gunman TaylorMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Ottevanger BasVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 19Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Duvigneau BeauVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 23Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Maas DannyBEAT Cycling Club  19BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF Bertels Leander  ,,-
DNF Wennekes RobinVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 25Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Van Der Tuuk Bert 50,,-
DNF Jans Noah 22,,-
DNF Pirotta Darcy 21,,-
DNF Gonzalez Andre AlexanderStart Team Gusto 19Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Naberman Tim 19,,-
DNF Daemen Stijn 18,,-
DNF ten Kortenaar Pieter  ,,-
DNF Autran José Eduardo Start Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Vodicka CamdenDESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg 18DESTIL - Parkhotel Valkenburg,,-
DNF Switters Daan  ,,-
DNF Handley RichardMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Oussoren Olaf 25,,-
DNF Eide Mikkel 19,,-
DNF Markus BarryMonkey Town Continental Team 26Monkey Town Continental Team,,-
DNF Brosens Jense ,,-
DNF Wildeman Henk 28,,-
DNF Agterberg Kyle ,,-
DNF Vaughan Jacob 18,,-
DNF Janssen AdriaanDelta Cycling Rotterdam 22Delta Cycling Rotterdam,,-
DNF Pym GeorgeMadison Genesis  24Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Goral WyattTeam CCB Foundation-Sicleri 19Team CCB Foundation-Sicleri,,-
DNF Nijhuis Sven ,,-
DNF Desale NahomBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF Lambert Connor 20,,-
DNF Bal Marijn 26,,-
DNF Volkers Jorn 20,,-
DNF Tellegen Sven 19,,-
DNF Harris JohnTeam CCB Foundation-Sicleri 24Team CCB Foundation-Sicleri,,-
DNF Paalman Koen 19,,-
DNF Eising TijmenMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 27Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF Mendez GabrielTeam CCB Foundation-Sicleri 18Team CCB Foundation-Sicleri,,-
DNF Celi AbeAlecto Cycling Team  21Alecto Cycling Team ,,-
DNF Zennipman Wessel 22,,-
DNF Akkermans Lars 20,,-
DNF Verboom MinneSEG Racing Academy 18SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF Junger Jan Niklas 28,,-
DNF Scholten Tim 25,,-
DNF Grave Max  ,,-
DNF Nikkels Melle 28,,-
DNF Van Driessche Wannes ,,-
DNF Looij AndréMonkey Town Continental Team 23Monkey Town Continental Team,,-
DNF Bazan Oscar NehuenStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF De Vos Jos ,,-

Race information

Date: 10th June 2018
Avg. speed winner: 44.28 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Gilze › Gilze
PCS point scale: 1.2
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