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1 Gerrans SimonOrica GreenEDGE 31Orica GreenEDGE80154:07:384:07:38
2 Lloyd MatthewLampre - ISD 28Lampre - ISD56100:020:02
3 Porte RichieSky Procycling 26Sky Procycling327,,0:02
4 Hansen AdamLotto Belisol Team 30Lotto Belisol Team2441:051:05
5 Clarke WillChampion System Pro Cycling Team 26Champion System Pro Cycling Team2021:091:09
6 Von Hoff SteeleChipotle - First Solar Development Team 24Chipotle - First Solar Development Team1611:111:11
7 Sutton ChrisSky Procycling 27Sky Procycling12,,1:11
8 Cooke BadenOrica GreenEDGE 33Orica GreenEDGE8,,1:11
9 Giacoppo AnthonyGenesys Wealth Advisers 25Genesys Wealth Advisers7,,1:11
10 Sulzberger BernardTeam Raleigh - GAC 28Team Raleigh - GAC6,,1:11
11 McConnell Daniel 265,,1:11
12 O'Brien MarkTeam Budget Forklifts 24Team Budget Forklifts3,,1:11
13 Dyball BenjaminGenesys Wealth Advisers 22Genesys Wealth Advisers1:171:17
14 Dempster ZakEndura Racing 24Endura Racing1:371:37
15 Roberts LukeTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 34Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank,,1:37
16 Bourke Jay 311:381:38
17 Rogers MichaelSky Procycling 32Sky Procycling,,1:38
18 Hayman MathewSky Procycling 33Sky Procycling3:243:24
19 Crawford JaiGenesys Wealth Advisers 28Genesys Wealth Advisers6:286:28
20 Van Der Ploeg Neil 2411:3211:32
21 Spencer JasonTeam Budget Forklifts 23Team Budget Forklifts,,11:32
DNF McEwen RobbieOrica GreenEDGE 39Orica GreenEDGE--
DNF Jackson Adrian 28,,-
DNF Sulzberger WesleyOrica GreenEDGE 25Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Ladd Peter 26,,-
DNF Lovelock JonathanGenesys Wealth Advisers 22Genesys Wealth Advisers,,-
DNF Brain Nicholas ,,-
DNF Shaw StuartDrapac Cycling Team 34Drapac Cycling Team,,-
DNF Matthews MichaelRabobank Cycling Team 21Rabobank Cycling Team,,-
DNF Wettenhall Will ,,-
DNF Docker MitchellOrica GreenEDGE 25Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Peterson Cameron 28,,-
DNF Anderson JackEndura Racing 24Endura Racing,,-
DNF Sanderson Nicholas 27,,-
DNF Warner-smith Matthew ,,-
DNF Walker KaneGenesys Wealth Advisers 22Genesys Wealth Advisers,,-
DNF O'Grady StuartOrica GreenEDGE 38Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Jamieson Mark 27,,-
DNF Walker Johnnie 24,,-
DNF Lapthorne DarrenDrapac Cycling Team 28Drapac Cycling Team,,-
DNF Talbot Brodie 22,,-
DNF Britten Cal 23,,-
DNF Smith Peter 24,,-
DNF Renshaw MarkRabobank Cycling Team 29Rabobank Cycling Team,,-
DNF Brown Graeme AllenRabobank Cycling Team 32Rabobank Cycling Team,,-
DNF Meyer CameronOrica GreenEDGE 23Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Groves John 25,,-
DNF Bobridge JackOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Roe Andrew 24,,-
DNF Pell David 31,,-
DNF Rutherford Sam 29,,-
DNF Meyer TravisOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Jones Caleb 23,,-
DNF Jory Christopher 24,,-
DNF Mitchell Nicholas 26,,-
DNF Johnson Benjamin 29,,-
DNF Brooks Hayden 25,,-
DNF Smith Michael ,,-
DNF Haas NathanTeam Garmin - Barracuda 22Team Garmin - Barracuda,,-
DNF Mccarthy ShaunTeam Budget Forklifts 25Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Cantwell JonathanTeam Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank 30Team Saxo Bank - Tinkoff Bank,,-
DNF Henry James 22,,-
DNF Pearson JoelGenesys Wealth Advisers 28Genesys Wealth Advisers,,-
DNF Lang RichardRapha Condor 22Rapha Condor,,-
DNF Arundel Andrew ,,-
DNF Scarfe Dale 22,,-
DNF Davis Allan HowardOrica GreenEDGE 31Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Pollock RhysDrapac Cycling Team 31Drapac Cycling Team,,-
DNF Windsor DeanEndura Racing 25Endura Racing,,-
DNF Norris LachlanDrapac Cycling Team 24Drapac Cycling Team,,-
DNF Rix Samuel 28,,-
DNF Calabria FabioTeam Type 1 - SANOFI 24Team Type 1 - SANOFI,,-
DNF Smyth Alexander 23,,-
DNF Clarke SimonOrica GreenEDGE 25Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Williams MarcTeam Budget Forklifts 27Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Goss MatthewOrica GreenEDGE 25Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Hepburn James 22,,-
DNF Shaw PatrickGenesys Wealth Advisers 25Genesys Wealth Advisers,,-
DNF Grenfell PhilCompetitive Cyclist Racing Team Competitive Cyclist Racing Team,,-
DNF Blair Andrew ,,-
DNF Semple AdamDrapac Cycling Team 22Drapac Cycling Team,,-
DNF Haussler HeinrichTeam Garmin - Barracuda 27Team Garmin - Barracuda,,-
DNF Van Der Ploeg Paul 22,,-
DNF Hepburn MichaelOrica GreenEDGE 20Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Obst Ryan ,,-
DNF Crawley Andrew 28,,-
DNF Stephens Reece ,,-
DNF Turner Damien 23,,-
DNF Durbridge LukeOrica GreenEDGE 20Orica GreenEDGE,,-
DNF Windsor BlairTeam Budget Forklifts 22Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 8th January 2012
Avg. speed winner: 39.542 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Buninyong › Buninyong
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Australia - Road Race logo

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