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2016  One day race  »  Buninyong  ›  Buninyong   (183.6k)

1 Bobridge JackTrek - Segafredo 26Trek - Segafredo70154:40:304:40:30
2 Meyer CameronTeam Dimension Data 27Team Dimension Data55102:522:52
3 Lane PatrickAvanti IsoWhey Sport  24Avanti IsoWhey Sport 4073:533:53
4 Haas NathanTeam Dimension Data 26Team Dimension Data3044:564:56
5 McCarthy JayTinkoff 23Tinkoff252,,4:56
6 Gerrans SimonOrica GreenEDGE 35Orica GreenEDGE201,,4:56
7 Spokes SamuelDrapac Professional Cycling 23Drapac Professional Cycling15,,4:56
8 Hucker RobbieAvanti IsoWhey Sport  25Avanti IsoWhey Sport 10,,4:56
9 Shaw PatrickAvanti IsoWhey Sport  29Avanti IsoWhey Sport 5,,4:56
10 Clark MatthewSatalyst Verve Racing Team  24Satalyst Verve Racing Team 3,,4:56
11 Canty BrendanDrapac Professional Cycling 23Drapac Professional Cycling,,4:56
12 O'Brien MarkAvanti IsoWhey Sport  28Avanti IsoWhey Sport 5:025:02
13 Dyball Benjamin 269:189:18
14 Roe TimothyDrapac Professional Cycling 26Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
15 Clarke JonathanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 31UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Bayly CameronAttaque Team Gusto 25Attaque Team Gusto,,9:18
DNF Pulbrook Danny 25,,9:18
DNF Van Der Ploeg NeilAvanti IsoWhey Sport  28Avanti IsoWhey Sport ,,9:18
DNF Smith Stuart 24,,9:18
DNF Boogert Christopher 27,,9:18
DNF O'Shea GlennOne Pro Cycling 26One Pro Cycling,,9:18
DNF Woolley DarcyGarneau - Québecor 22Garneau - Québecor,,9:18
DNF Wood NicholasSt. George Merida Cycling Team 25St. George Merida Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Howard LeighIAM Cycling 26IAM Cycling,,9:18
DNF Cusworth Steven 28,,9:18
DNF Gillman-wells Jeremy 44,,9:18
DNF Crawford JaiKinan Cycling Team 32Kinan Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Docker MitchellOrica GreenEDGE 29Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Mcinnes Jeremy 23,,9:18
DNF Robinson ThomasState of Matter MAAP Racing 26State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Walker Kane 26,,9:18
DNF Dennis RohanBMC Racing Team 25BMC Racing Team,,9:18
DNF Hepburn MichaelOrica GreenEDGE 24Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Clarke WillDrapac Professional Cycling 30Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Spencer Trevor 22,,9:18
DNF White Nathan 36,,9:18
DNF Michelin-beard Ivan 22,,9:18
DNF Sulzberger WesleyKinan Cycling Team 29Kinan Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Wilkins Stuart 47,,9:18
DNF Hill BenjaminAttaque Team Gusto 25Attaque Team Gusto,,9:18
DNF Elliott NathanKenyan Riders Downunder 25Kenyan Riders Downunder,,9:18
DNF Durbridge LukeOrica GreenEDGE 24Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Cameron Timothy 24,,9:18
DNF Dutton JaySt. George Merida Cycling Team 22St. George Merida Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Frisby Travis 26,,9:18
DNF Crome SamAvanti IsoWhey Sport  22Avanti IsoWhey Sport ,,9:18
DNF Cummings James 22,,9:18
DNF Renshaw MarkTeam Dimension Data 33Team Dimension Data,,9:18
DNF Featonby Jesse 28,,9:18
DNF Casey Peter 43,,9:18
DNF Bensley Nick 32,,9:18
DNF Earle NathanDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Coates ThomasKenyan Riders Downunder 23Kenyan Riders Downunder,,9:18
DNF Copp JaydenState of Matter MAAP Racing 26State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Satchell Allan 25,,9:18
DNF Ewan CalebOrica GreenEDGE 21Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Bonello DanielSt. George Merida Cycling Team 29St. George Merida Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Sulzberger BernardDrapac Professional Cycling 32Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Crameri Alistair 22,,9:18
DNF Simmonds Leo 36,,9:18
DNF Satchell Todd 22,,9:18
DNF Callaghan Jay 29,,9:18
DNF Evans David 46,,9:18
DNF Guy TimothyAttaque Team Gusto 26Attaque Team Gusto,,9:18
DNF Sunderland ScottTeam Illuminate 27Team Illuminate,,9:18
DNF Meyer TravisDrapac Professional Cycling 26Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Prete Joshua 24,,9:18
DNF Parker LukeState of Matter MAAP Racing 22State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Evans Sam 26,,9:18
DNF Lovelock-Fay Mitchell 23,,9:18
DNF Hill LiamKenyan Riders Downunder 22Kenyan Riders Downunder,,9:18
DNF Kerby JordanDrapac Professional Cycling 23Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Canny Tim 33,,9:18
DNF Iacuone Alan 42,,9:18
DNF Key Ashleigh 23,,9:18
DNF Winn ChrisSatalyst Verve Racing Team  31Satalyst Verve Racing Team ,,9:18
DNF Haig JackOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Smyth AlexanderState of Matter MAAP Racing 27State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Gillett Rhys 25,,9:18
DNF Clarke SimonCannondale Pro Cycling Team 29Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Masters Leslie  22,,9:18
DNF Brown Graeme AllenDrapac Professional Cycling 36Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF O'callaghan Shaun 22,,9:18
DNF Strachan JoelSatalyst Verve Racing Team  34Satalyst Verve Racing Team ,,9:18
DNF Watts Aaron 25,,9:18
DNF Leaper Tom 40,,9:18
DNF Herfoss Troy 28,,9:18
DNF Andrews Paul 46,,9:18
DNF Irvine SaxonData#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody 29Data#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody,,9:18
DNF O\' Sullivan Callum 28,,9:18
DNF Norris LachlanDrapac Professional Cycling 28Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Hutton Craig 24,,9:18
DNF Wohler AlexState of Matter MAAP Racing 23State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Scarfe Dale 26,,9:18
DNF Hayman MathewOrica GreenEDGE 37Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Neumann Mitch 22,,9:18
DNF Jones BrentonDrapac Professional Cycling 24Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Mulhern MitchellSatalyst Verve Racing Team  24Satalyst Verve Racing Team ,,9:18
DNF Milostic Peter 41,,9:18
DNF Sully Fergus 23,,9:18
DNF Bonail Frederick 31,,9:18
DNF Lake SeanAvanti IsoWhey Sport  24Avanti IsoWhey Sport ,,9:18
DNF Volkers SamuelData#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody 23Data#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody,,9:18
DNF Paton Kieran 25,,9:18
DNF Hansen AdamLotto Soudal 34Lotto Soudal,,9:18
DNF Cameron Jeremy 22,,9:18
DNF Tregoweth Sam 27,,9:18
DNF Von Hoff SteeleOne Pro Cycling 28One Pro Cycling,,9:18
DNF Jayne Sebastian 22,,9:18
DNF Talbot BrodieSt. George Merida Cycling Team 26St. George Merida Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Porte RichieBMC Racing Team 30BMC Racing Team,,9:18
DNF Barlin Chris 28,,9:18
DNF Romanis Zeth 44,,9:18
DNF Evers CraigData#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody 25Data#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody,,9:18
DNF Dever Rowan 33,,9:18
DNF Howson DamienOrica GreenEDGE 23Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Ivory Cameron 23,,9:18
DNF Taylor JoshuaState of Matter MAAP Racing 24State of Matter MAAP Racing,,9:18
DNF Blanco Emmanuel 26,,9:18
DNF Edmondson AlexOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE,,9:18
DNF Culey Marcus 22,,9:18
DNF Phelan AdamDrapac Professional Cycling 24Drapac Professional Cycling,,9:18
DNF Marshall BenBlack Inc Cycling Team 22Black Inc Cycling Team,,9:18
DNF Shaw Stuart 38,,9:18
DNF Spurrell Tyler 23,,9:18
DNF Tassell Christopher 29,,9:18
DNF Giacoppo AnthonyAvanti IsoWhey Sport  29Avanti IsoWhey Sport ,,9:18
DNS Tomlinson Justin 27,,9:18
DNS Lindsay Jack 25,,9:18
DNS Ward Kyle 23,,9:18
DNS Volk Ned 22,,9:18
DNS Manton Dave 22,,9:18

Race information

Date: 10th January 2016
Avg. speed winner: 39.27 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Buninyong › Buninyong
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Australia - Road Race logo

Race profile

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