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1 Freiberg MichaelPro Racing Sunshine Coast 28Pro Racing Sunshine Coast100154:44:484:44:48
2 Harper ChrisTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane75100:010:01
3 Meyer CameronMitchelton-Scott 30Mitchelton-Scott607,,0:01
4 Durbridge LukeMitchelton-Scott 27Mitchelton-Scott5041:231:23
5 Sunderland DylanTeam BridgeLane 22Team BridgeLane4023:243:24
6 Bowden ScottTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane301,,3:24
7 O'Brien Mark 3120,,3:24
8 Hamilton LucasMitchelton-Scott 22Mitchelton-Scott10,,3:24
9 Schultz NickMitchelton-Scott 24Mitchelton-Scott53:293:29
10 Hindley JaiTeam Sunweb 22Team Sunweb34:164:16
11 Murtagh ConorOliver's Real Food 25Oliver's Real Food34:364:36
12 Morey DrewTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 22Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team14:394:39
13 Lea JasonTeam BridgeLane 22Team BridgeLane15:275:27
14 Tucknott Reece 221,,5:27
15 Johnston Brendan 2716:146:14
16 Storer MichaelTeam Sunweb 21Team Sunweb6:556:55
17 Elliott Nathan 28,,6:55
18 Hill BenjaminLjubljana Gusto Santic 28Ljubljana Gusto Santic7:167:16
19 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,7:16
20 Hansen AdamLotto Soudal 37Lotto Soudal7:197:19
21 Whelan JamesEF Education First 22EF Education First7:407:40
22 Howson DamienMitchelton-Scott 26Mitchelton-Scott9:269:26
23 White LiamDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 24Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team9:309:30
24 Mawditt LionelTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane11:4511:45
25 Donohoe AlistairPro Racing Sunshine Coast 23Pro Racing Sunshine Coast12:4212:42
DNF Morton LachlanEF Education First 27EF Education First--
DNF Locandro Nick ,,-
DNF Hoy Tim ,,-
DNF Hepburn MichaelMitchelton-Scott 27Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Booth Nathan 24,,-
DNF Edwards ClintonOliver's Real Food 34Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Iacuone Alan 45,,-
DNF Wakefield Peter ,,-
DNF Jones BrentonDelko Marseille Provence 27Delko Marseille Provence,,-
DNF Hill Samuel 23,,-
DNF Clarsen Timothy ,,-
DNF Bailey Harrison 22,,-
DNF Nelson Adam ,,-
DNF Ewan CalebLotto Soudal 24Lotto Soudal,,-
DNF Robinson Thomas 29,,-
DNF Thompson Kyle 23,,-
DNF Ovett FreddyPro Racing Sunshine Coast 24Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Just Tom ,,-
DNF Haussler HeinrichBahrain Merida 34Bahrain Merida,,-
DNF Dever RowanOliver's Real Food 36Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Berwick Kevin ,,-
DNF Dowdell Curtis ,,-
DNF Scotson MilesGroupama - FDJ 24Groupama - FDJ,,-
DNF Yates TheodoreDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 23Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Robb Steven 32,,-
DNF Holden Alexander 22,,-
DNF Herfoss Troy 31,,-
DNF Hayman MathewMitchelton-Scott 40Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Stewart Toby ,,-
DNF Featonby JesseOliver's Real Food 31Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Jones Nathan 36,,-
DNF Leonard Nicholas ,,-
DNF Dempster ZakIsrael Cycling Academy 31Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF Vine Jay 23,,-
DNF Brauer Brendon 42,,-
DNF Reynolds Aden 25,,-
DNF Richards Gene ,,-
DNF Toovey AydenTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Layton Cameron 27,,-
DNF Bovalino Damien ,,-
DNF Noble JonathonPro Racing Sunshine Coast 22Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Satchell Todd 25,,-
DNF Dowdell Rylan ,,-
DNF Lyons AngusOliver's Real Food 22Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Taylor Daniel ,,-
DNF Rischmueller Thomas ,,-
DNF O'Connor BenTeam Dimension Data 23Team Dimension Data,,-
DNF Coates Thomas 26,,-
DNF Carter Kelly ,,-
DNF Roberts Cameron 24,,-
DNF Thornton Brendan ,,-
DNF Stannard RobertMitchelton-Scott 20Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Walsh Joel 32,,-
DNF Clarke JonathanFloyd's Pro Cycling 34Floyd's Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Burt PatrickDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 22Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Trainor Sean ,,-
DNF Miller Christopher 37,,-
DNF Edmondson AlexMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Hucker RobbieTeam UKYO 28Team UKYO,,-
DNF Milostic Peter 44,,-
DNF Volkers SamuelMemil - CCN Pro Cycling 26Memil - CCN Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Van Dam BenTeam BridgeLane 26Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Lindsey Dylan 24,,-
DNF Chapman Tom 23,,-
DNF Orchard TobyPro Racing Sunshine Coast 22Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Talbot Brodie 29,,-
DNF Randall David ,,-
DNF Gill RussellOliver's Real Food 31Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Smith Stuart 27,,-
DNF Jackson Adrian 35,,-
DNF Haas NathanTeam Katusha Alpecin 29Team Katusha Alpecin,,-
DNF Bettany Michael 33,,-
DNF Hardy Max ,,-
DNF Nankervis Tasman 23,,-
DNF Wilson Joshua ,,-
DNF Hamilton ChrisTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb,,-
DNF Thomson Julian ,,-
DNF Ross Mathew 22,,-
DNF Kaesler TomDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 23Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Klajnblat Jake 24,,-
DNF Wilson Angus ,,-
DNF Mackay AshleyPro Racing Sunshine Coast 22Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Lloyd Adam ,,-
DNF Warman Jacob ,,-
DNF Cridland LukeSt George Continental Cycling Team 31St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Van Der Ploeg NeilTeam BridgeLane 31Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Gassner Justin 24,,-
DNF Villani Jordan 22,,-
DNF Marshall Lachlan ,,-
DNF Scotson CallumMitchelton-Scott 22Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Barker William ,,-
DNF Michelin-beard KarlOliver's Real Food 24Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Ellerm-norton Darcy 26,,-
DNF Kalma Guy 23,,-
DNF Crome SamTeam UKYO 25Team UKYO,,-
DNF Watts Aaron 28,,-
DNF Ball Christopher ,,-
DNF Ivory Cameron 26,,-
DNF Redenbach Paul 40,,-
DNF Docker MitchellEF Education First 32EF Education First,,-
DNF Newbery Dylan 24,,-
DNF Kinnane Alex 25,,-
DNF Martin OliverDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 23Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Langham Jacob 24,,-
DNF McCarthy JayBORA - hansgrohe 26BORA - hansgrohe,,-
DNF Cameron TimothySt George Continental Cycling Team 27St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Spratt Nick ,,-
DNF Coxon Joel ,,-
DNF Bonello DanielSt George Continental Cycling Team 32St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Ward TristanTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane,,-
DNS Richards Steven 42,,-
DNS Spenceley Ben 19,,-
DNS Thomason Jason ,,-
DNS Lewis Kierin 23,,-
DNS Thomas RyanDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 23Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNS Kiernan Matthias ,,-
DNS Cavanagh RyanSt George Continental Cycling Team 23St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNS Harvey BenjaminSt George Continental Cycling Team 28St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 6th January 2019
Avg. speed winner: 39.1 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Buninyong › Buninyong
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Australia - Road Race logo

Race ranking position
64 pnt
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