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2020  One day race  »  Buninyong  ›  Buninyong   (185.6k)

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1 Meyer CameronMitchelton-Scott 32Mitchelton-Scott100154:48:164:48:16
2 Hamilton LucasMitchelton-Scott 23Mitchelton-Scott75100:560:56
3 Culey MarcusTeam Sapura Cycling 26Team Sapura Cycling6071:071:07
4 Durbridge LukeMitchelton-Scott 28Mitchelton-Scott5041:101:10
5 McCarthy JayBORA - hansgrohe 27BORA - hansgrohe402,,1:10
6 Haas NathanCofidis, Solutions Crédits 30Cofidis, Solutions Crédits301,,1:10
7 Harper ChrisTeam Jumbo-Visma 25Team Jumbo-Visma201:201:20
8 Hepburn MichaelMitchelton-Scott 28Mitchelton-Scott101:521:52
9 Johnston Brendan 285,,1:52
10 Power RobertTeam Sunweb 24Team Sunweb3,,1:52
11 Hucker RobbieTeam UKYO 29Team UKYO3,,1:52
12 Morey DrewTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 23Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team1,,1:52
13 Carman BenNero Continental 24Nero Continental1,,1:52
14 O'Brien Mark 321,,1:52
15 Mawditt Lionel 241,,1:52
16 Schultz NickMitchelton-Scott 25Mitchelton-Scott1:551:55
17 Ivory Cameron 272:412:41
18 Toovey AydenTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane,,2:41
19 Freiberg MichaelARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 29ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast3:483:48
20 Herfoss Troy 32,,3:48
21 Hindley JaiTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb7:227:22
22 Crome SamTeam UKYO 26Team UKYO7:327:32
23 Sunderland DylanNTT Pro Cycling 23NTT Pro Cycling,,7:32
24 Jenner SamuelTeam BridgeLane 22Team BridgeLane,,7:32
25 Ovett Freddy Israel Cycling Academy 25 Israel Cycling Academy8:028:02
26 Dever RowanOliver's Real Food 37Oliver's Real Food,,8:02
27 Holden Alexander 23,,8:02
28 Cridland Luke 32,,8:02
29 Donohoe AlistairARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 24ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,8:02
30 Lyons AngusOliver's Real Food 24Oliver's Real Food,,8:02
31 Vine JayNero Continental 24Nero Continental,,8:02
32 Bailey Harrison 239:009:00
33 Volkers SamuelMemil - CCN Pro Cycling 27Memil - CCN Pro Cycling,,9:00
34 Von Hoff Steele 329:309:30
35 Tucknott Reece 23,,9:30
DNF Trayhurn Scott  --
DNF Greenwood Sam  ,,-
DNF Groves KadenMitchelton-Scott 21Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Mackay AshleyARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 23ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Jones BrentonCanyon dhb p/b Soreen 28Canyon dhb p/b Soreen,,-
DNF Spratt Nick ,,-
DNF White NicholasTeam BridgeLane 22Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF James Oliver  ,,-
DNF Bennett Iven ,,-
DNF Burt Patrick 23,,-
DNF Elliott Nathan 29,,-
DNF Millburn Garry 32,,-
DNF Field RyleeTeam BridgeLane 25Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Bickel Mathew 30,,-
DNF Cameron Timothy 28,,-
DNF Roberts Cameron 25,,-
DNF Hodges WilliamOliver's Real Food 22Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Locandro Nick ,,-
DNF McConnell Daniel 34,,-
DNF Thomas RyanARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 24ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Windham Tyla  ,,-
DNF Lea JasonMaloja Pushbikers 23Maloja Pushbikers,,-
DNF Ward TristanTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Williams Marc 35,,-
DNF Hutchinson Matt  ,,-
DNF Milostic Peter 45,,-
DNF Calder Angus 22,,-
DNF Fraser Cameron ,,-
DNF Chapman TomTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Law Scott 28,,-
DNF Hurrell Wesley  ,,-
DNF Green Thomas 22,,-
DNF Michelin-beard KarlOliver's Real Food 25Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Villani Jordan 23,,-
DNF Cureton Ben ,,-
DNF Potter MichaelARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 22ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Braunsteins Daniel  ,,-
DNF Nelson Adam ,,-
DNF Van Dam BenTeam BridgeLane 27Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Amouroux Raphael  ,,-
DNF Dowdell Curtis ,,-
DNF Saccani-williams Patrick ,,-
DNF Leaper Tom 44,,-
DNF Bird Matthew  ,,-
DNF Scotson CallumMitchelton-Scott 23Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Sherwin Matthew ,,-
DNF Ball Christopher ,,-
DNF Nankervis Tasman 24,,-
DNF White LiamOliver's Real Food 25Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Staring Bryan  ,,-
DNF Lindsey Dylan 25,,-
DNF Wakefield Peter ,,-
DNF Rice MichaelARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 23ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Welsford Sam 23,,-
DNF Hill SamuelTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Booth Nathan 25,,-
DNF Richards Kane 23,,-
DNF Randall David ,,-
DNF Wilson Joshua ,,-
DNF Lloyd Adam ,,-
DNF Coxon Joel ,,-
DNF Howson DamienMitchelton-Scott 27Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF Thomson Julian ,,-
DNF Ross Mathew 23,,-
DNF Lack Alex ,,-
DNF Harvey BenjaminSt George Continental Cycling Team 29St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Lennon Tim 22,,-
DNF Green Brendon ,,-
DNF Andrews Ricky  ,,-
DNF Murtagh ConorOliver's Real Food 26Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Byrne Matthew ,,-
DNF Hill BenjaminTeam BridgeLane 29Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Aitken Jack ,,-
DNF Marshall Oliver  ,,-
DNF Watts Aaron 29,,-
DNF Monk Cyrus 23,,-
DNS Hamilton ChrisTeam Sunweb 24Team Sunweb,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 12th January 2020
Avg. speed winner: 38.63 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Buninyong › Buninyong
Parcours type: 90
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Australia - Road Race logo

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Race ranking position
41 pnt
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