2018»National Championships Belarus - Road Race (NC)

2018  One day race

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1 Bazhkou StanislauMinsk Cycling Club 26Minsk Cycling Club100154:13:394:13:39
2 Papok SiarheiMinsk Cycling Club 30Minsk Cycling Club75101:191:19
3 Samoilau BranislauMinsk Cycling Club 33Minsk Cycling Club6072:022:02
4 Harakhavik Uladzimir 235042:072:07
5 Ivashkin AntonMinsk Cycling Club 22Minsk Cycling Club4022:092:09
6 Riabushenko AlexandrUAE-Team Emirates 22UAE-Team Emirates3012:122:12
7 Sobal YauhenMinsk Cycling Club 37Minsk Cycling Club202:132:13
8 Piasetski Aliaksandr 25103:223:22
9 Volkau Ilya 2053:253:25
10 Koshevoy IliaWilier Triestina - Selle Italia 27Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia33:503:50
11 Strokau VasiliMinsk Cycling Club 22Minsk Cycling Club34:104:10
12 Karaliok YauheniMinsk Cycling Club 22Minsk Cycling Club14:454:45
13 Shpakovski Yagor 2017:587:58
14 Shumov NikolaiMinsk Cycling Club 24Minsk Cycling Club110:1710:17
15 Siutsou KanstantsinBahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team 35Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team1,,10:17
16 Shemetau Mikhail 23,,10:17
17 Klimiankou KanstantsinMinsk Cycling Club 28Minsk Cycling Club,,10:17
18 Ikanovich Arseni 2212:1212:12
19 Ramanau RamanMinsk Cycling Club 23Minsk Cycling Club12:3312:33
20 Bialiauski Kanstantsin 2015:2315:23
21 Ahloblin Ilya 16:1316:13
22 Kibisau Uladzislau  1817:0517:05
23 Paliakou Uladzislau 17:5817:58
DNF Shauchenka Siarhei 20--
DNF Varona Dmitry  ,,-
DNF Shnyrko AlexeiRTS Racing Team 24RTS Racing Team,,-
DNF Kamliuk Artsiom  ,,-
DNF Kharlanau Mikita 20,,-
DNF Navasad Yauheni  ,,-
DNF Dubovski Vladzislau 24,,-
DNF Tripuz Yahor ,,-
DNF Tsimoshyk Uladzislai 19,,-
DNF Saroka Aliaksandr 20,,-
DNF Kiptsikau Aliaksandr  ,,-
DNF Belko Dmitryi 18,,-
DNF Rusak Mikita  ,,-
DNF Mileshko Egor  ,,-
DNF Charniauski Ivan ,,-
DNF Shakalets Ivan 19,,-
DNF Tsishkou Raman 23,,-
DNF Piashkun Alexei 22,,-
DNF Muzychkin AntonMinsk Cycling Club 23Minsk Cycling Club,,-
DNF Zhyhunou Dzmitry 21,,-
DNF Harbach Artsiom  ,,-
DNF Tsishchanka Hardzei 22,,-
DNF Akhramenka Yauheni 23,,-
DNF Pipchankou Leanid  ,,-
DNF Padaliak Pavel 25,,-
DNF Baravik Nikita 18,,-
DNF Sakhonchyk Siarhei 21,,-
DNF Prudnikau Dzmiry ,,-
DNF Bialiauski Vasili 22,,-
DNS Hardzei Pavel  ,,-
DNS Kiryienka VasilTeam Sky 37Team Sky,,-
DNS Ahiyevich Aleh 25,,-
DNS Voronkov Artur  ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 1st July 2018
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3

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