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2019  Time trial  »  Cumaral  ›  Villavicencio   (28.2k)

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1 Martínez Daniel FelipeEF Education First 22EF Education First501547.41735:4135:41
2 López Miguel ÁngelAstana Pro Team 24Astana Pro Team30746.6540:350:35
3 Bernal EganTeam Sky 22Team Sky20245.5251:291:29
4 Contreras RodrigoAstana Pro Team 24Astana Pro Team1545.1801:461:46
5 Vargas WalterMedellin 26Medellin1044.6442:132:13
6 Hernandez Jose TitoOrgullo Paisa 24Orgullo Paisa544.5652:172:17
7 Ramirez Brayan StevenColdeportes Zenu 26Coldeportes Zenu343.2183:283:28
8 Barón Félix AlejandroTeam Illuminate 27Team Illuminate343.1633:313:31
9 Ramirez Carlos MarioEPM 24EPM142.9623:423:42
10 Rodríguez Jhon AndersonEPM 22EPM142.7633:533:53
11 Osorio Juan FelipeManzana Postobon 24Manzana Postobon42.763,,3:53
12 Mendoza Omar AlbertoManzana Postobon 29Manzana Postobon42.6913:573:57
13 Gutierrez Carlos Alberto 2342.4954:084:08
14 Gómez BryanManzana Postobon 24Manzana Postobon42.4244:124:12
15 Estrada EduardoColdeportes Bicicletas Strongman 24Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman42.424,,4:12
16 Serrano Forero Cristian 2942.3714:154:15
17 Sánchez BrayanOrgullo Paisa 24Orgullo Paisa42.3354:174:17
18 Rodriguez Wilson Enrique 2442.1774:264:26
19 Gonzalez Javier StevenColdeportes Bicicletas Strongman 23Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman42.0724:324:32
20 Laverde Luis FelipeGW - Shimano 39GW - Shimano42.0204:354:35
21 Restrepo JhonatanManzana Postobon 24Manzana Postobon41.8644:444:44
22 Soraca Diego 2841.5045:055:05
23 Gomez Hernan Dario 41.3365:155:15
24 Lievano Carlos Andre 41.2685:195:19
25 Suarez Juan PabloGW - Shimano 33GW - Shimano41.0025:355:35
26 Serpa José RodolfoGW - Shimano 39GW - Shimano40.8535:445:44
27 Bernal Banzer Tomas 39.7036:566:56
28 Avila Jhon Fredy 2539.6107:027:02
29 Mendoza Miguel Andres 37.5449:239:23
30 Cuellar Jose Luis 36.93010:0810:08
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 1st February 2019
Avg. speed winner: 47.42 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Cumaral › Villavicencio
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3.TT

Race ranking position
63 pnt
Position and points as on startdate of race.
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