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2014  Time trial  »  Molard  ›  Malé   (40.9k)

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1 Malori AdrianoMovistar Team 26Movistar Team81547.71251:2651:26
2 Cataldo DarioTeam Sky 29Team Sky5746.6691:091:09
3 Marangoni AlanCannondale  29Cannondale 2245.3602:402:40
4 Pirazzi StefanoBardiani - CSF Pro Team 27Bardiani - CSF Pro Team45.1802:532:53
5 Boaro ManueleTinkoff - Saxo 27Tinkoff - Saxo45.180,,2:53
6 Conti ValerioLampre - Merida 21Lampre - Merida45.0693:013:01
7 Dal Santo NicolaNankang - Fondriest 25Nankang - Fondriest44.9733:083:08
8 Balloni AlfredoNankang - Fondriest 24Nankang - Fondriest44.7133:273:27
9 Dall'Antonia TizianoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 30Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela44.1634:084:08
10 Cattaneo MattiaLampre - Merida 23Lampre - Merida44.1234:114:11
11 Leonardi GianlucaArea Zero Pro Team 24Area Zero Pro Team44.0314:184:18
12 Antonini SimoneMarchiol Emisfero 23Marchiol Emisfero43.4465:035:03
13 Franzoi EnricoMarchiol Emisfero 31Marchiol Emisfero43.3825:085:08
14 Stacchiotti RiccardoVini Fantini Nippo  22Vini Fantini Nippo 43.0785:325:32
15 Petilli SimoneArea Zero Pro Team 21Area Zero Pro Team42.8775:485:48
16 Busato MatteoMG Kvis - Wilier 26MG Kvis - Wilier42.6916:036:03
17 Spreafico MatteoTeam Idea 21Team Idea42.4946:196:19
18 Ciavatta PaoloArea Zero Pro Team 29Area Zero Pro Team42.4696:216:21
19 Malaguti AlessandroVini Fantini Nippo  26Vini Fantini Nippo 41.9017:087:08
20 Tecchio MarcoArea Zero Pro Team 19Area Zero Pro Team41.6057:337:33
21 Petelin CharlyArea Zero Pro Team 20Area Zero Pro Team41.4187:497:49
22 Tonin StefanoArea Zero Pro Team 21Area Zero Pro Team41.2788:018:01
23 Giorni SilvioArea Zero Pro Team 22Area Zero Pro Team40.7988:438:43
24 Riccardi AlessandroVega - Hotsand 21Vega - Hotsand40.3079:279:27
25 Faieta EmilianoVega - Hotsand 20Vega - Hotsand38.07613:0113:01
DNS Nibali VincenzoAstana Pro Team 29Astana Pro Team--
DNS Pasqualon AndreaArea Zero Pro Team 26Area Zero Pro Team,,-
DNS De Negri Pier PaoloVini Fantini Nippo  28Vini Fantini Nippo ,,-
DNS Bisolti AlessandroVini Fantini Nippo  29Vini Fantini Nippo ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 29th June 2014
Avg. speed winner: 47.71 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Molard › Malé
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3.TTNational Championships Italy - ITT logo
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