2018»National Championships Kazakhstan - ITT (NC)

2018  Time trial  »  Almaty  ›  Almaty   (50k)

1 Fominykh DaniilAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team501547.0961:03:421:03:42
2 Chzhan IgorUCI WCC Mens team  18UCI WCC Mens team 30746.2841:071:07
3 Zeits AndreyAstana Pro Team 31Astana Pro Team20246.2721:081:08
4 Bizhigitov ZhandosAstana Pro Team 27Astana Pro Team1545.8951:401:40
5 Lutsenko AlexeyAstana Pro Team 25Astana Pro Team1045.8601:431:43
6 Zakharov ArtyomAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team545.1352:462:46
7 Astafyev StepanVino - Astana Motors 24Vino - Astana Motors345.0902:502:50
8 Natarov YuriyAstana City 21Astana City345.0792:512:51
9 Okishev ViktorVino - Astana Motors 24Vino - Astana Motors144.6323:313:31
10 Zhumakan Alisher 21143.8704:414:41
11 Miraliyev Sultanmurat 2743.8384:444:44
12 Turar Assylkhan 2043.4265:235:23
13 Lavrentyev AntonApple Team 22Apple Team43.4055:255:25
14 Pronskiy VadimAstana City 20Astana City43.1865:465:46
15 Marukhin DaniilAstana City 19Astana City42.9596:086:08
16 Gatskiy PavelApple Team 27Apple Team42.8886:156:15
17 Shtein Logan 1942.6546:386:38
18 Dzolba Maxim 3141.9687:477:47
19 Zaitsev IvanAstana City 19Astana City41.8318:018:01
20 Azen Gabiden 40.8079:499:49
21 Vaint Dmitriy Vino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors40.60510:1110:11
22 Lukyanov DmitriyApple Team 25Apple Team40.45910:2710:27
23 Kharchenko Anton Vino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors35.40521:0221:02

Race information

Date: 27th June 2018
Avg. speed winner: 47.1 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Almaty › Almaty
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3.TT
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