2018»National Championships Kazakhstan - Road Race (NC)

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1 Lutsenko AlexeyAstana Pro Team 25Astana Pro Team100154:00:114:00:11
2 Stalnov NikitaAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team75100:150:15
3 Zakharov ArtyomAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team6071:311:31
4 Nikitin MatveyAstana City 25Astana City5041:331:33
5 Zeits AndreyAstana Pro Team 31Astana Pro Team4022:362:36
6 Bizhigitov ZhandosAstana Pro Team 27Astana Pro Team3012:412:41
7 Shtein GrigoriyAstana City 22Astana City204:244:24
8 Natarov YuriyAstana City 21Astana City10,,4:24
9 Kozhatayev BakhtiyarAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team54:364:36
10 Gidich YevgeniyAstana Pro Team 22Astana Pro Team37:267:26
11 Galeyev VadimApple Team 26Apple Team313:4013:40
12 Okishev ViktorVino - Astana Motors 24Vino - Astana Motors1,,13:40
13 Marukhin DaniilAstana City 19Astana City1,,13:40
14 Sokolov NikitaVino - Astana Motors 20Vino - Astana Motors114:3714:37
15 Ulysbayev DinmukhammedAstana City 19Astana City114:3914:39
16 Chsherbinin Yuriy Apple Team 22Apple Team14:4714:47
17 Kuzmin AntonAstana City 21Astana City14:5214:52
18 Lukyanov DmitriyApple Team 25Apple Team15:1315:13
19 Astafyev StepanVino - Astana Motors 24Vino - Astana Motors15:3215:32
20 Tsoy Vladimir Astana City 21Astana City15:5615:56
21 Turar Assylkhan 2017:0617:06
DNF Zaitsev IvanAstana City 19Astana City--
DNF Merekeyev Daniyar ,,-
DNF Zhukenov AspanVino - Astana Motors 21Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Abildayev Yeldos ,,-
DNF Orazbayev Adil  ,,-
DNF Semenov Alexandr Vino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Kharchenko Anton Vino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Shustov Niyaz ,,-
DNF Fominykh DaniilAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF Tleubayev RuslanAstana Pro Team 31Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF Dzolba Maxim 31,,-
DNF Voloshin AlexeyVino - Astana Motors 21Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Zemlyakov OlegApple Team 24Apple Team,,-
DNF Gaineyev Robert 24,,-
DNF Usmanov IslamApple Team 21Apple Team,,-
DNF Safarov Erik ,,-
DNF Lessechko DmitriyVino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Pronskiy VadimAstana City 20Astana City,,-
DNF Zhumakhanov Mergen ,,-
DNF Sultan Nurshat  ,,-
DNF Zhumakan Alisher 21,,-
DNF Azen Madi ,,-
DNF Ismagilov Munir  ,,-
DNF Tyngishev Kairat 27,,-
DNF Vaint Dmitriy Vino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Omirzakov Dias 25,,-
DNF Mukhamedkali Aset  ,,-
DNF Kamyshev ArmanVino - Astana Motors 27Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Gatskiy PavelApple Team 27Apple Team,,-
DNF Kashirin Dmitriy ,,-
DNF Chzhan IgorUCI WCC Mens team  18UCI WCC Mens team ,,-
DNF Shatovkin Sergey 21,,-
DNF Miraliyev Sultanmurat 27,,-
DNF Kaizer Roman ,,-
DNF Khalel Sultan  19,,-
DNF Panassenko Nikita 26,,-
DNF Vassilenkov Roman 21,,-
DNF Bayembayev OlzhasAstana City 19Astana City,,-
DNF Ovsyannikov AlexandrVino - Astana Motors 21Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Kaiyrbekov Zharaskan ,,-
DNF Filatov Yuriy  ,,-
DNF Turebekov Hurgali 22,,-
DNF Khadylbek KairatVino - Astana Motors 20Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Nazarenko Vladislav  ,,-
DNF Malikov Madiyar  ,,-
DNF Lavrentyev AntonApple Team 22Apple Team,,-
DNF Kuniyazov Ali  ,,-
DNF Shapovalov Ilya  ,,-
DNF Akhmetov GalymAstana City 23Astana City,,-
DNF Nepomnyachshiy YevgeniyVino - Astana Motors 31Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF Rive DmitriyApple Team 23Apple Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 1st July 2018
Avg. speed winner: 43.47 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Almaty › Almaty
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3
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