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1 Fisher-Black FinnJumbo-Visma Development Team 18Jumbo-Visma Development Team25548.66648:0548:05
2 Batt EthanBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 21Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy15247.5931:051:05
3 Currie Logan 1810147.5131:101:10
4 Brown ConnorNTT Continental Cycling Team 21NTT Continental Cycling Team547.4971:111:11
5 Hornblow Keegan 346.1842:352:35
6 Thompson Reuben 1846.0932:412:41
7 O'Donnell Bailey 1945.5843:153:15
8 Pithie Campbell 2045.3783:293:29
9 White AlexanderBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 18Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy44.9573:583:58
10 Scott AriBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 18Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy44.6564:194:19
11 Medlicott Sam 44.5434:274:27
12 Watts KiaanBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 18Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy44.4024:374:37
13 Bidwell Andrew 1944.402,,4:37
14 Costar Noah 44.1794:534:53
15 Swale Joseph 43.6575:315:31
16 Kench JoshBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 18Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy43.4145:495:49
17 Fitzwater MatiasEuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Team 21EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Team42.7016:436:43
18 Robertson Lachlan 41.2098:428:42
DNF Hamilton Ben 21--
DNS Fouché JamesHagens Berman Axeon 21Hagens Berman Axeon,,-
DNS Duyvesteyn KeesTeam BridgeLane 21Team BridgeLane,,-
DNS Wright Paul 22,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 14th February 2020
Avg. speed winner: 48.67 km/h
Race category:
Start/finish: Cambridge › Cambridge
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: NC.TT.U23
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