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2017  One day race (261k)

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1 Kurek AdrianCCC Sprandi Polkowice  29CCC Sprandi Polkowice 70156:23:026:23:02
2 Rutkiewicz MarekWibatech 7r Fuji  36Wibatech 7r Fuji 55100:120:12
3 Piaskowy EmanuelTeam Hurom 26Team Hurom4070:140:14
4 Nowaczek MateuszVoster Uniwheels Team 26Voster Uniwheels Team3041:031:03
5 Stosz PatrykCCC Sprandi Polkowice  22CCC Sprandi Polkowice 2526:126:12
6 Gradek KamilOne Pro Cycling 26One Pro Cycling2018:038:03
7 Banaszek AlanCCC Sprandi Polkowice  19CCC Sprandi Polkowice 15,,8:03
8 Stępniak GrzegorzWibatech 7r Fuji  28Wibatech 7r Fuji 10,,8:03
9 Gołaś MichałTeam Sky 33Team Sky5,,8:03
10 Podlaski MichałVoster Uniwheels Team 29Voster Uniwheels Team3,,8:03
11 Cieślik PawełElkov - Author Cycling Team 31Elkov - Author Cycling Team8:048:04
12 Franczak PawełTeam Hurom 25Team Hurom,,8:04
13 Wiśniowski ŁukaszTeam Sky 25Team Sky8:058:05
14 Zieliński KamilDomin Sport 29Domin Sport,,8:05
15 Stachowiak AdamVoster Uniwheels Team 27Voster Uniwheels Team,,8:05
16 Detko ArturDomin Sport 34Domin Sport,,8:05
17 Paterski MaciejCCC Sprandi Polkowice  30CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,8:05
18 Poljański PawełBORA - hansgrohe 27BORA - hansgrohe8:068:06
19 Charucki PawelDomin Sport 28Domin Sport8:078:07
20 Owsian ŁukaszCCC Sprandi Polkowice  27CCC Sprandi Polkowice 8:088:08
21 Majka RafałBORA - hansgrohe 27BORA - hansgrohe8:168:16
22 Bodnar MaciejBORA - hansgrohe 32BORA - hansgrohe,,8:16
23 Rekita SzymonLeopard Pro Cycling  23Leopard Pro Cycling 12:4712:47
24 Marycz JarosławDomin Sport 30Domin Sport12:4812:48
25 Banaszek AdrianKolss Cycling Team 23Kolss Cycling Team12:5012:50
26 Tomasiak KonradTeam Hurom 25Team Hurom12:5112:51
DNF Kostecki PatrykDomin Sport 23Domin Sport--
DNF Furczyk Maciej 24,,-
DNF Franczak WojciechTeam Hurom 24Team Hurom,,-
DNF Bernas PawełDomin Sport 27Domin Sport,,-
DNF Leduchowski Aleksander 23,,-
DNF Małecki KamilCCC Sprandi Polkowice  21CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Szenderski Marcin ,,-
DNF Niemiec PrzemysławUAE Team Emirates 37UAE Team Emirates,,-
DNF Najs JakubVoster Uniwheels Team 22Voster Uniwheels Team,,-
DNF Skarzynski Piotr 26,,-
DNF Kucharek AdrianDomin Sport 22Domin Sport,,-
DNF Warchoł BartoszTeam Hurom 25Team Hurom,,-
DNF Latoń ErykTeam Hurom 23Team Hurom,,-
DNF Karpiuk Adrien 32,,-
DNF Braulinski Michal 25,,-
DNF Kaczmarek JakubCCC Sprandi Polkowice  23CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Kolakowski Dariusz 29,,-
DNF Oborski DominikWibatech 7r Fuji  25Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Komar MateuszVoster Uniwheels Team 31Voster Uniwheels Team,,-
DNF Rębiewski JarosławDomin Sport 43Domin Sport,,-
DNF Taciak MateuszCCC Sprandi Polkowice  33CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Matysiak BartłomiejTeam Hurom 32Team Hurom,,-
DNF Migdał WojciechTeam Hurom 26Team Hurom,,-
DNF Mocek Przemyslaw ,,-
DNF Staszczak Paweł 37,,-
DNF Brożyna PiotrCCC Sprandi Polkowice  22CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Sykala WojciechWibatech 7r Fuji  23Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Tekliński AdrianSKC Tufo Prostējov 27SKC Tufo Prostējov,,-
DNF Grabis MateuszVoster Uniwheels Team 22Voster Uniwheels Team,,-
DNF Honkisz AdrianWibatech 7r Fuji  29Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Pluciński LeszekCCC Sprandi Polkowice  27CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Matoszko Filip 28,,-
DNF Bartkiewicz AndrzejWibatech 7r Fuji  25Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Krzywy Krzysztof 39,,-
DNF Kargul Wojciech 24,,-
DNF Białobłocki MarcinCCC Sprandi Polkowice  33CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Morajko JacekWibatech 7r Fuji  36Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Pszczolarski WojciechSKC Tufo Prostējov 26SKC Tufo Prostējov,,-
DNF Domagalski KarolOne Pro Cycling 27One Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Gronkiewicz KacperDomin Sport 23Domin Sport,,-
DNF Janiszewski SylwesterWibatech 7r Fuji  29Wibatech 7r Fuji ,,-
DNF Paluta MichałCCC Sprandi Polkowice  21CCC Sprandi Polkowice ,,-
DNF Fiolka Marcin ,,-
DNF Nowak Tomasz ,,-
DNF Parma KrzysztofVoster Uniwheels Team 30Voster Uniwheels Team,,-
DNF Jozwik Andrzej ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 25th June 2017
Avg. speed winner: 40.88 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Poland - Road Race logo

Race ranking position
54 pnt
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