2019»National Championships South Korea - Road Race (NC)

2019  One day race

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1 Kim EuroLX Cycling Team 19LX Cycling Team5015
2 Gong Hyo SukLX Cycling Team 33LX Cycling Team3010
3 Kwon Soon YoungKSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 26KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling207
4 Choe Hyeong MinGeumsan Insam Cello 29Geumsan Insam Cello154
5 Shin Don GinKorail Cycling Team 25Korail Cycling Team102
6 Kim UnggyeomUijeonbu Cycling Team 23Uijeonbu Cycling Team51
7 Joo DaeyeongKorail Cycling Team 22Korail Cycling Team3
8 Choi DonghyeokGeumsan Insam Cello 24Geumsan Insam Cello3
9 Oh Tae-heeGapyeong Cycling Team 25Gapyeong Cycling Team1
10 Jang Hun LX Cycling Team 19LX Cycling Team1
11 Kim Kun-sooUijeonbu Cycling Team 25Uijeonbu Cycling Team
12 Park KyeungminGeumsan Insam Cello 19Geumsan Insam Cello
13 Park JuyoungSeoul Cycling Team 18Seoul Cycling Team
14 Kim Ok CheolSeoul Cycling Team 24Seoul Cycling Team
15 Joo KangeunKorail Cycling Team 23Korail Cycling Team
16 Sin Jun-young 
17 Choi Dongyeon 
18 Lee Seung KwonGeumsan Insam Cello 26Geumsan Insam Cello
19 Kim Ji-HunKSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 24KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
20 Park Young-kyun 
21 Kim Joo-seok 25
22 Choi TaehoUijeonbu Cycling Team 21Uijeonbu Cycling Team
23 Park Soobeen 
24 Jun HoonminSeoul Cycling Team 19Seoul Cycling Team
25 Lee Yongchan KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 19KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
26 Keum GangsanGapyeong Cycling Team 22Gapyeong Cycling Team
27 Park SanghongLX Cycling Team 30LX Cycling Team
28 Jung Woo-hoSeoul Cycling Team 21Seoul Cycling Team
29 Lee Sihoon  
30 Bang SeonhoeKorail Cycling Team 21Korail Cycling Team
31 Jun HyunsuUijeonbu Cycling Team 19Uijeonbu Cycling Team
32 Seo YeonghoSeoul Cycling Team 20Seoul Cycling Team
33 Kang Tae-wooKorail Cycling Team 21Korail Cycling Team
34 Jung Ha Jeon 24
35 Yoo Yeonwoo Gapyeong Cycling Team 21Gapyeong Cycling Team
36 Lee Gwangyoon  
DNF Kim JeahyunKSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 18KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
DNF Choi JunghwanGeumsan Insam Cello 23Geumsan Insam Cello
DNF Min KyeonghoSeoul Cycling Team 22Seoul Cycling Team
DNF An Jae-young 
DNF Oh Youngjae 
DNF Jung EunseongGapyeong Cycling Team 29Gapyeong Cycling Team
DNF Kim Hwanghee 23
DNF Kim Ji-ho 
DNF Choi Geunmuk  
DNF Kim HyeonseokSeoul Cycling Team 23Seoul Cycling Team
DNF Park Sung BaekUijeonbu Cycling Team 34Uijeonbu Cycling Team
DNF Shin Gwangho  
DNF Park Kyoung HoKSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 26KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
DNF Yoo Sang-hyuk 
DNF Ha JaeminGapyeong Cycling Team 19Gapyeong Cycling Team
DNF Lee Tae-un 21
DNF Park Seongjoon 
DNF Kim SangpyoKorail Cycling Team 23Korail Cycling Team
DNF Lee KisukUijeonbu Cycling Team 30Uijeonbu Cycling Team
DNF Lee Jae-haGeumsan Insam Cello 22Geumsan Insam Cello
DNF Kim Kookhyun KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 20KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
DNF Park Geoni 
DNF Ham Seok HyunGapyeong Cycling Team 23Gapyeong Cycling Team
DNF Cha Dong-hyeonLX Cycling Team 23LX Cycling Team
DNF Lee Jehyun 
DNF Im JaeyeonKorail Cycling Team 27Korail Cycling Team
DNF Jung Ji MinUijeonbu Cycling Team 27Uijeonbu Cycling Team
DNF Lim Dae-sung 
DNF Kim DongukKSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 21KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling
DNF Sin Geonyoung 
DNF Park Keon WooLX Cycling Team 27LX Cycling Team
DNF Choi Jaewoong 22
DNF Kyui HyukjinLX Cycling Team 21LX Cycling Team
DNF Cho Yongho Gapyeong Cycling Team 19Gapyeong Cycling Team
DNF Kim KihoonUijeonbu Cycling Team 21Uijeonbu Cycling Team
DNF Kim Dae-hun 
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 30th June 2019
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3

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