2015»National Championships Tunisia - Road Race (NC)

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Top 3 per edition

  • GC Type
2019 Ben Nasr Hassen Khaled Kammoun Homrani Wajdi
2018 Nouisri Ali Hasnaoui Maher Ben Nasr Hassen
2017 Nouisri Ali Hasnaoui Maher Ben Nasr Hassen
2016 Nouisri Ali Ben Amor Nadhem Hasnaoui Maher
2015 Chtioui Rafaâ Fatnassi Hamza Nouisri Ali
2014 Chtioui Rafaâ Hasnaoui Maher Nasri Houssam
2013 Chtioui Rafaâ Hasnaoui Maher Nasri Houssam
2012 Ben Nasr Hassen Hasnaoui Maher Mraihi Ahmed
2011 Ben Maatoug Ahmed Said Ali Akkouche Ben Nasr Hassen
2010 Chtioui Rafaâ Ghedamsi Riadh Hasnaoui Maher
2009 Hasnaoui Maher Mraihi Ahmed Jendoubi Karim
2008 Ben Nasr Hassen Hasnaoui Maher Yaakoubi Moncef
2007 Ben Hassine Aymen Berini Aymen Ben Nasr Hassen
2006 Jendoubi Karim Ben Hassine Aymen Mraihi Ahmed
2005 Ben Hassine Aymen Mraihi Ahmed Ben Nasr Hassen
2004 Ben Hassine Aymen Souissi Samir
2002 Dridi Hichem Dridi Taïeb Zemzemi Nizar
2000 Mraihi Ahmed Ben Hassine Aymen Zemzemi Nizar
1999 Souissi Samir Mezrigui Hassen Belkadhi Lemjed
1997 Souissi Samir Mraihi Ahmed Belkadhi Lemjed
1996 Khelifi Mehrez Souissi Samir Yazidi Mohamed
1989 Yazidi Mohamed Ben Mohamed Hamel Souissi Samir
1988 Belkadhi Lemjed Hamdi Salah Amdouni Ferid
1987 Yazidi Mohamed Souissi Samir Denguir Hatem
1986 Merdassi Sami
1985 Merdassi Sami Essid Sami Barka Zouhair
1984 Barka Zouhair Bejaoui Adel Merdassi Kamel
1983 Barka Zouhair Cherigui Adel Aissaoui Salah
1982 Cherigui Adel
1981 Barka Zouhair
1980 Merdassi Sami Barka Zouhair Arbi Mongi
1979 Merdassi Sami Brachen Slah Rezgui Ayech
1978 Sannan Mohamed
1977 Louati Ferjani
1976 Hamdi Béchir Amami Mehrez
1975 Khayati Hassen Louati Ferjani
1974 Louati Ferjani Aouadi Sadok Khayati Hassen
1973 Hajri Abderrazak
1972 Khayati Hassen Louati Ferjani Jarbouai Abdesselem
1971 Louati Ferjani Dridi Hammadi rabelsi Messaoud
1970 Louati Ferjani rabelsi Messaoud Dridi Hammadi
1969 Dridi Hammadi Louati Ferjani Hamdi Béchir
1968 Louati Ferjani Dridi Hammadi Ben Ammar Khemaïs
1967 Dridi Hammadi Neffati Abderrahman Brika Ahmed
1966 Brika Ahmed Dridi Hammadi Ben Ammar Khemaïs
1965 Dridi Hammadi Khayati Hassen Ben Salah Hechmi
1964 Dridi Hammadi Ben Moussa Ahmed
1963 Dridi Hammadi Brika Ahmed Ben Ammar Khemaïs
1962 Bahloul Mohamed Ben Moussa Ahmed Sorrentino Eugéne
1961 Ben Abda Mohamed Merdassi Béchir Migliore Joseph
1960 Touati Mohamed Ben Abda Mohamed Merlino Antonio
1959 Ben Abda Mohamed Touati Mohamed
1958 Touati Mohamed Castellano Nicolas Belouahchia Hamadi
1957 Trifi Mustafa Touati Mohamed
1956 Caracci Santo Touati Mohamed Belouahchia Hamadi
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