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1 Howes AlexEF Education First 31EF Education First100154:37:054:37:05
2 Bassett Stephen 2475100:030:03
3 Powless NeilsonTeam Jumbo-Visma 22Team Jumbo-Visma6070:040:04
4 Magner TyRally UHC Cycling 28Rally UHC Cycling5040:050:05
5 Warbasse LarryAG2R La Mondiale 29AG2R La Mondiale4020:080:08
6 Rhim BrendanArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 23Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC3010:110:11
7 Revard ThomasHagens Berman Axeon 21Hagens Berman Axeon200:120:12
8 Stetina PeterTrek - Segafredo 31Trek - Segafredo100:170:17
9 Brown NathanEF Education First 27EF Education First50:210:21
10 Daniel GregoryDCBank Pro Cycling Team 24DCBank Pro Cycling Team30:580:58
11 Hoehn AlexAevolo 21Aevolo30:590:59
12 Bennett SeanEF Education First 23EF Education First11:101:10
13 Boardman SamuelWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 23Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis14:144:14
14 Anderson EdwardHagens Berman Axeon 21Hagens Berman Axeon14:184:18
15 Joyce ColinRally UHC Cycling 24Rally UHC Cycling14:334:33
16 Beard CameronTeam Differdange - GeBa 20Team Differdange - GeBa5:595:59
17 Schunk Conor 20,,5:59
18 Hall Chad 316:006:00
19 Haidet LanceAevolo 21Aevolo,,6:00
20 Nehr Zachary 226:086:08
21 Carpenter RobinRally UHC Cycling 27Rally UHC Cycling6:326:32
22 Burger Sean 286:536:53
23 McGill Scott 20,,6:53
24 Simpson GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling 25Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling6:556:55
25 Vollmer AndrewAevolo 18Aevolo,,6:55
26 Brunner Eric303Project 20303Project6:586:58
27 Mcbirney Tim 20,,6:58
28 Owen LoganEF Education First 24EF Education First7:047:04
29 Oldham Jarret 25,,7:04
30 Flautt OliverDauner D&DQ-Akkon 26Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,7:04
31 Easter Griffin303Project 27303Project7:057:05
32 Reijnen KielTrek - Segafredo 33Trek - Segafredo,,7:05
33 Oronte EmersonRally UHC Cycling 29Rally UHC Cycling,,7:05
34 Easter Cullen303Project 31303Project,,7:05
35 McCabe TravisFloyd's Pro Cycling 30Floyd's Pro Cycling7:177:17
36 Brown JonnyHagens Berman Axeon 22Hagens Berman Axeon10:2610:26
37 Eisenhart TaylorArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 25Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC10:4810:48
38 Schmutte Ben 2350:3150:31
39 Scala Jr Hugo 211:10:531:10:53
40 Young EricElevate - KHS Pro Cycling 30Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:13:291:13:29
DNF Savre Tim 29--
DNF Warren Taylor 26,,-
DNF Wolfe BenArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 25Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC,,-
DNF Bryon MiguelArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 24Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC,,-
DNF Anderson-Moxley Sam 24,,-
DNF Hernandez MichaelAevolo 22Aevolo,,-
DNF Murphy KyleRally UHC Cycling 27Rally UHC Cycling,,-
DNF Vermaerke KevinHagens Berman Axeon 18Hagens Berman Axeon,,-
DNF Granigan NoahFloyd's Pro Cycling 23Floyd's Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Ross KentWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 22Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Gullickson FinnWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 19Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Black Ingersoll Camden ,,-
DNF Davis ColeHagens Berman Axeon 20Hagens Berman Axeon,,-
DNF Zimmer Matt 26,,-
DNF Feehery Brandon 27,,-
DNF Weigelt Tim 28,,-
DNF Oien JustinArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 24Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC,,-
DNF Shimizu Andrew 25,,-
DNF Uberti Chris 31,,-
DNF Hecht GageAevolo 21Aevolo,,-
DNF Murphy JohnRally UHC Cycling 34Rally UHC Cycling,,-
DNF Quinn SeanHagens Berman Axeon 19Hagens Berman Axeon,,-
DNF Bryant Isaac 19,,-
DNF Kirby QuintonWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 22Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Chance MaxxWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 23Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Cooper Will 30,,-
DNF Arnopol Richard 27,,-
DNF Greif David 24,,-
DNF Hartig Evan 24,,-
DNF Bassetti SamElevate - KHS Pro Cycling 28Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Jones SethArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 18Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC,,-
DNF Shanks Cooper 25,,-
DNF Knapp Ryan 35,,-
DNF Bickmore CadeAevolo 21Aevolo,,-
DNF McNulty BrandonRally UHC Cycling 21Rally UHC Cycling,,-
DNF Garrison IanHagens Berman Axeon 21Hagens Berman Axeon,,-
DNF Gardner SeanProbaclac / Devinci  25Probaclac / Devinci ,,-
DNF Kingsolver RyanWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 22Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Vodicka CamdenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 19Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Giniat Andrew 27,,-
DNF Hill Eric 31,,-
DNF Gleason Will 26,,-
DNF Swanson KyleElevate - KHS Pro Cycling 21Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Dahlheim AndrewArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC 31Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC,,-
DNF Craig Christopher ,,-
DNF Bausbacher Evan 20,,-
DNF Huffman EvanRally UHC Cycling 29Rally UHC Cycling,,-
DNF Mannion GavinRally UHC Cycling 27Rally UHC Cycling,,-
DNF Sheehan RileyAevolo 19Aevolo,,-
DNF Overson Ethan 18,,-
DNF Jastrab RyanWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis 18Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis,,-
DNF Swirbul KeeganFloyd's Pro Cycling 23Floyd's Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Collins Patrick 24,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 30th June 2019
Avg. speed winner: 41.814 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3
Start/finish: KnoxvilleKnoxville

Race ranking position
27 pnt
Position and points as on startdate of race.