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2018  Time trial

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1 Halmuratov MuradjanRTS Racing Team 36RTS Racing Team1556:2156:21
2 Siddikov DilmurdjonTashkent CyclingTeam 20Tashkent CyclingTeam73:193:19
3 Shodiev IskandarbekTashkent CyclingTeam 19Tashkent CyclingTeam23:393:39
4 Ollamov DostonbekTashkent CyclingTeam 20Tashkent CyclingTeam5:275:27
5 Shukurov RomanTashkent CyclingTeam 22Tashkent CyclingTeam7:457:45
6 Sunnatov AkramjonTashkent CyclingTeam 21Tashkent CyclingTeam9:179:17
7 Karimov RuslanRTS Racing Team 32RTS Racing Team13:3413:34
8 Yokubbaev Alisher 2113:4213:42
9 Sevastyanov SemyonTashkent CyclingTeam 19Tashkent CyclingTeam14:3014:30
10 Tugizakov Adilbek 2015:4515:45
11 Dushamov Jasurbek 15:5815:58
12 Urinov Atamurot 1916:4416:44
13 Ikramov Umid 17:0617:06
14 Sultanov RustemTashkent CyclingTeam 20Tashkent CyclingTeam19:1319:13
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 20th June 2018
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3.TTNational Championships Uzbekistan - ITT logo
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