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1 Swift ConnorMadison Genesis  22Madison Genesis 100154:19:064:19:06
2 Blythe AdamAqua Blue Sport 28Aqua Blue Sport75100:220:22
3 Doull OwainTeam Sky 25Team Sky6070:250:25
4 Scott RobertTeam Wiggins  19Team Wiggins 5040:260:26
5 Wright Alfred 19402,,0:26
6 Hetherington BenMemil - CCN Pro Cycling 22Memil - CCN Pro Cycling3010:270:27
7 Cullaigh GabrielTeam Wiggins  22Team Wiggins 200:340:34
8 Swift BenUAE-Team Emirates 30UAE-Team Emirates100:590:59
9 Walker JoeyTeam Wiggins  20Team Wiggins 51:001:00
10 Gardias DexterCanyon Eisberg 27Canyon Eisberg3,,1:00
11 Christian MarkAqua Blue Sport 27Aqua Blue Sport3,,1:00
12 Slater AlistairJLT Condor 25JLT Condor1,,1:00
13 Pym GeorgeMadison Genesis  24Madison Genesis 1,,1:00
14 Bigham Daniel 2611:031:03
15 Holmes MatthewMadison Genesis  24Madison Genesis 11:131:13
16 Tanfield CharlieCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg4:244:24
17 Stewart ThomasJLT Condor 28JLT Condor,,4:24
18 Donovan MarkTeam Wiggins  19Team Wiggins ,,4:24
19 Stannard IanTeam Sky 31Team Sky4:274:27
20 Richardson Alexander 287:527:52
21 Tennant AndrewCanyon Eisberg 31Canyon Eisberg8:168:16
22 Kerfoot-Robson DylanTeam Wiggins  22Team Wiggins ,,8:16
23 Williams PeterOne Pro Cycling 31One Pro Cycling,,8:16
24 Bostock Matthew 208:178:17
25 Varley Julian 228:188:18
26 Turner BenCorendon-Circus 19Corendon-Circus,,8:18
27 Mottram Michael 28,,8:18
28 Hunt JoshuaVitus Pro Cycling 27Vitus Pro Cycling,,8:18
29 Nowell MattCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg8:198:19
30 Latham ChristopherOne Pro Cycling 24One Pro Cycling,,8:19
31 Kyffin Zeb 20,,8:19
32 Stedman MaximilianCanyon Eisberg 22Canyon Eisberg,,8:19
33 McNally MarkWanty - Groupe Gobert 28Wanty - Groupe Gobert8:208:20
34 Moses ThomasJLT Condor 26JLT Condor8:228:22
35 Shaw JamesLotto Soudal 22Lotto Soudal8:258:25
36 Handley RichardMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis 8:368:36
37 Baylis TomOne Pro Cycling 22One Pro Cycling8:408:40
38 Pidcock ThomasTeam Wiggins  18Team Wiggins 8:448:44
DNF Carr Frazier --
DNF Brown William 25,,-
DNF Cavendish MarkTeam Dimension Data 33Team Dimension Data,,-
DNF Page CharlesCanyon Eisberg 19Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Perrett William ,,-
DNF Passfield Charlie 20,,-
DNF Rose-Davies LouisCanyon Eisberg 19Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Renshaw Charlie ,,-
DNF Bolland David ,,-
DNF Downie Matthew 21,,-
DNF Draper NathanTeam Wiggins  20Team Wiggins ,,-
DNF Rees Jack 29,,-
DNF Mazzone LeonHoldsworth Pro Racing 21Holdsworth Pro Racing,,-
DNF Wood George 22,,-
DNF Bradbury Stephen 24,,-
DNF Dalton Alex 21,,-
DNF Walls Matthew 20,,-
DNF Nally Joe 18,,-
DNF Horton TobynMadison Genesis  31Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Dibben JonathanTeam Sky 24Team Sky,,-
DNF Briggs GrahamJLT Condor 34JLT Condor,,-
DNF James Tim 20,,-
DNF Gullen JamesJLT Condor 28JLT Condor,,-
DNF Ferguson Callum 22,,-
DNF Coleman Douglas ,,-
DNF Corbett William 18,,-
DNF Clark Joseph 19,,-
DNF Paton AlexCanyon Eisberg 28Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Grant Ruari ,,-
DNF Jenkins James 19,,-
DNF Britton Rhys 19,,-
DNF Rounds Fraser ,,-
DNF Mcilquham Kinsey ,,-
DNF Fox Will 29,,-
DNF Cocker Peter ,,-
DNF Clements Matthew 20,,-
DNF Womersley JakeHoldsworth Pro Racing 22Holdsworth Pro Racing,,-
DNF Richardson Antony ,,-
DNF Scott JacobOne Pro Cycling 23One Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Stanton-warren Jack ,,-
DNF Pearson DanielAqua Blue Sport 24Aqua Blue Sport,,-
DNF Sauvagnargues JacquesTeam Wiggins  18Team Wiggins ,,-
DNF McEvoy JonathanMadison Genesis  28Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Geoghegan Hart TaoTeam Sky 23Team Sky,,-
DNF Clancy EdwardJLT Condor 33JLT Condor,,-
DNF Langworthy Matt 21,,-
DNF Mould JonJLT Condor 27JLT Condor,,-
DNF Dowsett AlexTeam Katusha Alpecin 29Team Katusha Alpecin,,-
DNF Graham Rupert ,,-
DNF Hewett David 23,,-
DNF Bacon Morris ,,-
DNF Maxwell Oliver 21,,-
DNF Pullar JackCanyon Eisberg 28Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Davies LiamVitus Pro Cycling 18Vitus Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Hayter Ethan 19,,-
DNF Sutton Joseph 20,,-
DNF Quarterman CharlieLeopard Pro Cycling  19Leopard Pro Cycling ,,-
DNF Turner Andrew 23,,-
DNF Crockett Finn ,,-
DNF Tipper JacobMemil - CCN Pro Cycling 26Memil - CCN Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Schils DominicJava-Partizan Pro Cycling Team 26Java-Partizan Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF Martin Fraser 21,,-
DNF Howells Rhys 30,,-
DNF Double Paul 22,,-
DNF Robertson Mark ,,-
DNF Wood ReeceTeam Wiggins  20Team Wiggins ,,-
DNF Mundy IsaacMadison Genesis  23Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Lawless ChrisTeam Sky 22Team Sky,,-
DNF Elwood Tom ,,-
DNF Nieto Daniel ,,-
DNF Wood OliverJLT Condor 22JLT Condor,,-
DNF Bates Oliver ,,-
DNF Moye Anthony 31,,-
DNF Jones Richard 25,,-
DNF Freeman Gary ,,-
DNF Power Thomas ,,-
DNF Gibson MatthewJLT Condor 21JLT Condor,,-
DNF Jones HarrisonVitus Pro Cycling 21Vitus Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Holt Joe 20,,-
DNF Clarke Matthew ,,-
DNF Atkins GeorgeMadison Genesis  26Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Patten Daniel 31,,-
DNF Disley Andrew ,,-
DNF Orr RobertMemil - CCN Pro Cycling 37Memil - CCN Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Bibby IanJLT Condor 31JLT Condor,,-
DNF Williams StephenSEG Racing Academy 22SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF Archibald John 27,,-
DNF Symonds Bradley ,,-
DNF Mcdonald Richard ,,-
DNF Yates JesseTeam Wiggins  21Team Wiggins ,,-
DNF Peacock Jordan ,,-
DNF Tanfield HarryCanyon Eisberg 23Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF Pullen Daniel ,,-
DNF Phillips Neil ,,-
DNF Nichols Andrew ,,-
DNF Bjergfelt William 39,,-
DNF Luhrs Alex 24,,-
DNF Taylor Richard ,,-
DNF Ryan Luke ,,-
DNF Dahlhaus Tobias ,,-
DNF Martin GrantVitus Pro Cycling 19Vitus Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Stewart Jake 18,,-
DNF Burnett Marcus 19,,-
DNF Cuming MichaelMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Brand SamTeam Novo Nordisk 27Team Novo Nordisk,,-
DNF Evans George ,,-
DNF Rowsell ErickMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Bradbury EdmundJLT Condor 25JLT Condor,,-
DNS Robinson OliverTeam Wiggins  19Team Wiggins ,,-
DNS Harper William 28,,-
DNS Webber Mitchell 23,,-
DNS Kelly JakeOne Pro Cycling 23One Pro Cycling,,-
DNS Swinnerton Joe 19,,-
DNS Vaughan Jacob 19,,-
DNS Kennaugh PeterBORA - hansgrohe 29BORA - hansgrohe,,-
DNS Kenway AdamVitus Pro Cycling 30Vitus Pro Cycling,,-
DNS Rix James ,,-
DNS Downing RussellHoldsworth Pro Racing 39Holdsworth Pro Racing,,-
DNS Carpenter Dante 23,,-
DNS Rowe LukeTeam Sky 28Team Sky,,-
DNS Brown Andy ,,-
DNS Szymanski Louis ,,-
DNS Torrie TimothyVitus Pro Cycling 18Vitus Pro Cycling,,-
DNS Lewis Gruffudd 30,,-
DNS Whitehouse DanielInterpro Stradalli Cycling 23Interpro Stradalli Cycling,,-
DNS Buckley Ken ,,-
DNS Thomas GeraintTeam Sky 32Team Sky,,-
DNS Chandler Tom ,,-
DNS McLay DanielTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale 26Team EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale,,-
DNS Alderman Jake 23,,-
DNS Carpenter Lawrence 24,,-
DNS Burton GermainJLT Condor 23JLT Condor,,-
DNS Davies ScottTeam Dimension Data 22Team Dimension Data,,-
DNS Georgi EtienneTeam Wiggins  19Team Wiggins ,,-
DNS Cummings SteveTeam Dimension Data 37Team Dimension Data,,-
DNS Lampier Steven 34,,-
DNS Mclaughlin James 27,,-
DNS Jeffers Cameron 21,,-
DNS Knox JamesQuick-Step Floors 22Quick-Step Floors,,-
DNS Laverack EdwardJLT Condor 23JLT Condor,,-
DNS Kirby Lawrence 20,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 1st July 2018
Avg. speed winner: 42.98 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Stamfordham › Stamfordham
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Nationals.C3National Championships Great Britain - Road Race logo
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