2014»12th Oceania Cycling Championships - Road Race (CC)

2014  One day race  »  Goombungee  ›  Goombungee   (142k)

1 Durbridge LukeOrica GreenEDGE 22Orica GreenEDGE1001003:31:463:31:46
2 Sulzberger BernardDrapac Professional Cycling 30Drapac Professional Cycling40400:190:19
3 Jones BrentonAvanti Racing Team 22Avanti Racing Team30300:220:22
4 Nankervis TommyTeam Budget Forklifts 31Team Budget Forklifts2525,,0:22
5 Van Der Ploeg NeilAvanti Racing Team 26Avanti Racing Team1010,,0:22
6 Anderson JackDrapac Professional Cycling 26Drapac Professional Cycling98,,0:22
7 Copp Jayden 2455,,0:22
8 Phelan AdamDrapac Professional Cycling 22Drapac Professional Cycling440:260:26
9 Sulzberger WesleyDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling33,,0:26
10 Dyball BenjaminAvanti Racing Team 24Avanti Racing Team0:360:36
11 Clarke WillDrapac Professional Cycling 28Drapac Professional Cycling1:361:36
12 Horgan SamuelTeam Budget Forklifts 26Team Budget Forklifts,,1:36
13 Hucker RobbieDrapac Professional Cycling 23Drapac Professional Cycling3:083:08
14 Milostic Peter 393:563:56
15 Norris LachlanDrapac Professional Cycling 27Drapac Professional Cycling5:295:29
16 Donnelly AaronAvanti Racing Team 22Avanti Racing Team9:569:56
17 Cooper JosephAvanti Racing Team 28Avanti Racing Team,,9:56
18 Edmed Correy 3410:0810:08
19 Johnson BenjaminDrapac Professional Cycling 31Drapac Professional Cycling11:3011:30
DNF Watts Aaron 23--
DNF Jory Chris 26,,-
DNF Gunman TaylorAvanti Racing Team 22Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF Payne Matthew ,,-
DNF Lombard Peter 37,,-
DNF Law ScottAvanti Racing Team 22Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF Hoy Tim ,,-
DNF Davies Brad 31,,-
DNF Mccarthy Liam 40,,-
DNF Aitchison Keegan ,,-
DNF Simonelli Matthew ,,-
DNF Elliott Jordan ,,-
DNF Prete JoshuaTeam Budget Forklifts 22Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Meyer TravisDrapac Professional Cycling 24Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF Jones Caleb 25,,-
DNF Bartlett Kalvin ,,-
DNF Patton Thomas ,,-
DNF Cantwell JonathanDrapac Professional Cycling 32Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF Lapthorne DarrenDrapac Professional Cycling 30Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF Hepburn James 24,,-
DNF De Jager Aden ,,-
DNF Martin Jonathan 28,,-
DNF Macfarlane Andrew ,,-
DNF Rowling Mark ,,-
DNF Wilson Ryan ,,-
DNF Rudolph MalcolmDrapac Professional Cycling 25Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF Jamieson Mark 29,,-
DNF Elliott NathanAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team 23African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team,,-
DNF Palmer ThomasDrapac Professional Cycling 23Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNF Bridgwood Kyle 25,,-
DNF Swadling James ,,-
DNF Harrison Cameron ,,-
DNF Ward Andrew 39,,-
DNF Layzell Samuel ,,-
DNF Heinze Kieran ,,-
DNF Rose Graeme ,,-
DNF White Edward 25,,-
DNF Vink MichaelTeam Budget Forklifts 22Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Jamesion David ,,-
DNF Barry DanielTeam Budget Forklifts 26Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Murray Matthew ,,-
DNF Blumstein-jones Etienne 24,,-
DNF Witmitz SamTeam Budget Forklifts 28Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Rugendyke David ,,-
DNF Handreck Stephen ,,-
DNF Warner-smith Matthew ,,-
DNF Laspina Mark ,,-
DNF Berry Josh 23,,-
DNF Peterson Cameron 30,,-
DNF Macri Kane 26,,-
DNF Talbot BrodieTeam Budget Forklifts 25Team Budget Forklifts,,-
DNF Irvine Saxon 27,,-
DNF Chambers Benjamin ,,-
DNF Mccullock Daniel ,,-
DNF Allen Adam 23,,-
DNF Szollosi James 23,,-
DNF Robinson ThomasAvanti Racing Team 24Avanti Racing Team,,-
DNF Foster Ben ,,-
DNS Crawford Dane ,,-
DNS Crawford JaiDrapac Professional Cycling 30Drapac Professional Cycling,,-
DNS West Allan ,,-
DNS Cameron Timothy 22,,-
DNS Petty Tom ,,-
DNS Collins Anthony ,,-
DNS Melville David 26,,-

Race information

Date: 23rd February 2014
Avg. speed winner: 40.23 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Goombungee › Goombungee
PCS point scale: UCI.Cont.Ch
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