2018»16th Oceania Continental Championships - Road Race (CC)

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1 Harper ChrisBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 23Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team250754:08:254:08:25
2 Whelan JamesDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling200550:020:02
3 Monk CyrusDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling150400:100:10
4 Lea JasonBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 21Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team12532,,0:10
5 Thomas RyanBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  23Brisbane Continental Cycling Team 100282:472:47
6 Lyons AngusMobius-BridgeLane 22Mobius-BridgeLane8524,,2:47
7 Martin OliverBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  22Brisbane Continental Cycling Team 70202:582:58
8 White LiamDrapac EF Cycling 23Drapac EF Cycling60184:414:41
9 Brown Connor 195016,,4:41
10 Murtagh ConorMobius-BridgeLane 24Mobius-BridgeLane4014,,4:41
11 Bowden ScottBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team3012,,4:41
12 Bayly CameronBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 27Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team25104:444:44
13 Cameron TimothySt. George Continental Cycling Team 26St. George Continental Cycling Team208,,4:44
14 Lake SeanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 26Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team1575:075:07
15 Carman BenMobius-BridgeLane 22Mobius-BridgeLane1066:336:33
16 Bondarenko-Edwards SaschaDrapac EF Cycling 24Drapac EF Cycling55,,6:33
17 Magennis LiamDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling54,,6:33
18 Van Dam Ben 2553,,6:33
19 Christie Jason 2732,,6:33
20 Toovey AydenBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team31,,6:33
21 Christie-johnston AlastairBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 19Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,6:33
22 Jones CampbellOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,6:33
23 Sunde Blake 19,,6:33
24 Hamilton Ben 19,,6:33
25 Wilson Joshua ,,6:33
26 Spencer Trevor 24,,6:33
27 Marryatt Jake 216:366:36
28 Beikoff JoshuaBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  19Brisbane Continental Cycling Team 9:049:04
29 Calder Angus 21,,9:04
30 Lack Alex ,,9:04
31 White NicholasOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food12:0212:02
DNF Albrecht Jasper 19--
DNF Bennett Iven ,,-
DNF Lawlor Liam 19,,-
DNF Walters Bailey 18,,-
DNF Butler JonathanBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  23Brisbane Continental Cycling Team ,,-
DNF Reardon Connor 18,,-
DNF Elworthy Oscar 18,,-
DNF Austin Blair ,,-
DNF Phillips Leigh 20,,-
DNF Lanigan Bryce ,,-
DNF Schmidt Jordan 19,,-
DNF Simpson Nicholas 19,,-
DNF Randall David ,,-
DNF Louis JordanSt. George Continental Cycling Team 19St. George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF Hoffman Lucas ,,-
DNF Leahy Conor ,,-
DNF Gilmore Zack 18,,-
DNF Evans AlexanderMobius-BridgeLane 21Mobius-BridgeLane,,-
DNF Noble JonathonBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  21Brisbane Continental Cycling Team ,,-
DNF Cooper Xavier ,,-
DNF Kaesler TomDrapac EF Cycling 23Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF Niquet-Olden Bentley 19,,-
DNF Langham Jacob 24,,-
DNF Groube Carne 20,,-
DNF Aver Nathan ,,-
DNF Edwards Liam 18,,-
DNF Lofthouse Tim ,,-
DNF Drizners Jarrad 18,,-
DNF Oliver Jake 19,,-
DNF Ward TristanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF Leonard Nicholas ,,-
DNF Coxon Joel ,,-
DNF Sens Connor 18,,-
DNS Mawditt Lionel 22,,-
DNS White CalanBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  18Brisbane Continental Cycling Team ,,-
DNS Van Staden Cuan ,,-
DNS Robinson ThomasBrisbane Continental Cycling Team  28Brisbane Continental Cycling Team ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 25th March 2018
Avg. speed winner: 36.23 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Railton › Railton
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: E-CC

Race ranking position
3 pnt
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