2019»17th Oceania Continental Championships - Road Race (CC)

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1 Dyball BenjaminTeam Sapura Cycling 29Team Sapura Cycling250754:02:204:02:20
2 Christie Jason 28200554:054:05
3 Harper ChrisTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane15040,,4:05
4 Morey DrewTerengganu Cycling Team 22Terengganu Cycling Team125324:064:06
5 Griffin Logan 23100284:584:58
6 Sunderland DylanTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane8524,,4:58
7 Vine Jay  237020,,4:58
8 Cameron TimothySt George Continental Cycling Team 27St George Continental Cycling Team60185:015:01
9 Lindorff TylerTeam BridgeLane 18Team BridgeLane50165:065:06
10 Potter MichaelPro Racing Sunshine Coast 21Pro Racing Sunshine Coast40145:125:12
11 Livingstone PeterTeam BridgeLane 22Team BridgeLane3012,,5:12
12 Dinham Matthew  1825105:365:36
13 Martin OliverDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 23Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team2085:585:58
14 Presley SebastianOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food157,,5:58
15 Berwick SebastianSt George Continental Cycling Team 19St George Continental Cycling Team106,,5:58
16 Young Oliver  556:186:18
17 Smith Morgan 30547:367:36
18 Mawditt LionelTeam BridgeLane 23Team BridgeLane53,,7:36
19 Williams David 328:238:23
20 Aitken Jack  318:268:26
21 Simpson Dylan 8:338:33
22 Gilbertson Theo  18,,8:33
23 Robotham Rhys Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling 18Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling8:368:36
24 Sunde Blake 208:378:37
25 Mckenna DylanX-Speed United 20X-Speed United8:448:44
26 Keast Hamish  ,,8:44
27 Doonan Ewen  13:2313:23
28 Gilmore Zack Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 19Pro Racing Sunshine Coast13:2913:29
29 Levett Henry  ,,13:29
30 Christie-johnston AlastairTeam BridgeLane 20Team BridgeLane13:3313:33
31 Thomas RyanDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 24Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,13:33
32 Askew Harry 17:5217:52
33 Lack Alex 18:4418:44
34 Edwards Liam 19,,18:44
35 Kuijpers Jayden 1819:0419:04
DNF Cannan Kaine  --
DNF Walters Bailey ,,-
DNF Albrecht Jasper X-Speed United 20X-Speed United,,-
DNF Mather Ben 37,,-
DNF White LiamDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 24Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Parker Robert  ,,-
DNF Langham Jacob ,,-
DNF Falzarano Shaun  ,,-
DNF Andrews BenjaminOliver's Real Food 22Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Lyons AngusOliver's Real Food 23Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Freiberg MichaelPro Racing Sunshine Coast 28Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF Sinclair Lachlan Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling 18Futuro - Maxxis Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Villani Jordan  22,,-
DNF Magennis LiamDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 22Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Louis Jordan 20,,-
DNF Duffy Joshua  ,,-
DNF Van Dam Ben Team BridgeLane 26Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Spenceley Ben  19,,-
DNF Jones CampbellOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Richards Steven  42,,-
DNF Sens ConnorX-Speed United 19X-Speed United,,-
DNF Metcalfe BenTeam BridgeLane 18Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF Byrne Matthew  ,,-
DNF Sykes JackOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Johnson ZacharyDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team 18Drapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Team,,-
DNF Murtagh ConorOliver's Real Food 25Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Marryatt Jake 22,,-
DNF Moloney-Morton William  18,,-
DNS Barber Charlie ,,-
DNS Jones Thomas 19,,-
DNS Miller Christopher ,,-
DNS Nankervis Tasman 23,,-
DNS Scheibner Angus  ,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 17th March 2019
Avg. speed winner: 39.12 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Railton › Railton
PCS point scale: E-CC
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