2010»Philadelphia International Championship (1.HC)

2010  One day race

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1 Goss MatthewTeam HTC - Columbia  23Team HTC - Columbia 1256:15:466:15:46
2 Sagan PeterLiquigas - Doimo 20Liquigas - Doimo85,,0:00
3 Kristoff AlexanderBMC Racing Team 22BMC Racing Team60,,0:00
4 Borrajo Alejandro AlbertoJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 30Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita50,,0:00
5 Celis Zabala Félix VidalFooton-Servetto 27Footon-Servetto45,,0:00
6 Boivin GuillaumeSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 21Spidertech presented by Planet Energy40,,0:00
7 Gilbert Martin 2735,,0:00
8 Vitoria DavidFooton-Servetto 25Footon-Servetto30,,0:00
9 Megías JavierTeam Type 1  26Team Type 1 26,,0:00
10 Milne ShawnTeam Type 1  28Team Type 1 22,,0:00
11 Friedman MichaelJelly Belly presented by Kenda 27Jelly Belly presented by Kenda20,,0:00
12 Holloway DanielBissell Pro Cycling 23Bissell Pro Cycling18,,0:00
13 Grechyn SerhiyAmore & Vita - Conad 30Amore & Vita - Conad16,,0:00
14 Summerhill Daniel 2114,,0:00
15 Starchyk VolodymyrAmore & Vita - Conad 30Amore & Vita - Conad12,,0:00
16 Petersen Søren 4210,,0:00
17 Hekman MarkMountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s  31Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s 9,,0:00
18 Stevenson CodyAdageo Energy Pro Cycling 29Adageo Energy Pro Cycling8,,0:00
19 Cimolai DavideLiquigas - Doimo 20Liquigas - Doimo7,,0:00
20 Bell ZachKelly Benefit Strategies  27Kelly Benefit Strategies 6,,0:00
21 Schildge EricMountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s  22Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s 5,,0:00
22 Sutherland RoryUnitedHealthcare Presented by Maxxis 28UnitedHealthcare Presented by Maxxis4,,0:00
23 Romero Luis AlbertoJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 31Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita3,,0:00
24 Rice MatthewBahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team 31Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team2,,0:00
25 Kobzarenko ValeryTeam Type 1  33Team Type 1 1,,0:00
26 Rytlewski JakeKenda Presented By Gear Grinder 27Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder,,0:00
27 Dionne CharlesFly V Australia Pro Cycling Team 31Fly V Australia Pro Cycling Team,,0:00
28 Lewis CraigTeam HTC - Columbia  25Team HTC - Columbia ,,0:00
29 Cantwell JonathanFly V Australia Pro Cycling Team 28Fly V Australia Pro Cycling Team,,0:00
30 Grajales Cesar AugustoBahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team 37Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team,,0:00
31 Walker JohnnieFooton-Servetto 23Footon-Servetto,,0:00
32 Agnoli ValerioLiquigas - Doimo 25Liquigas - Doimo,,0:00
33 Langlois BrunoSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 31Spidertech presented by Planet Energy,,0:00
34 Bowman DanKelly Benefit Strategies  28Kelly Benefit Strategies ,,0:00
35 Damiani LucaKenda Presented By Gear Grinder 25Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder1:121:12
36 Roth RyanSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 27Spidertech presented by Planet Energy,,1:12
37 Randell AndrewSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 35Spidertech presented by Planet Energy,,1:12
38 Euser LucasSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 26Spidertech presented by Planet Energy,,1:12
39 Latham PeterBissell Pro Cycling 26Bissell Pro Cycling,,1:12
40 Dugan WilliamTeam Type 1  23Team Type 1 ,,1:12
41 Mumford Jonathan ReidKelly Benefit Strategies  34Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:571:57
42 Wren TylerJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 29Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita2:202:20
43 Guptill AndyJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 27Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita,,2:20
44 Pereyra Andres IgnacioJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 23Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita,,2:20
45 Raboň FrantišekTeam HTC - Columbia  26Team HTC - Columbia ,,2:20
46 Driscoll JamesJamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita 23Jamis - Sutter Home presented by Colavita,,2:20
47 Zwizanski ScottKelly Benefit Strategies  33Kelly Benefit Strategies ,,2:20
48 Howes Alex 22,,2:20
49 Capelli ErmanoFooton-Servetto 25Footon-Servetto,,2:20
50 Menzies KarlUnitedHealthcare Presented by Maxxis 32UnitedHealthcare Presented by Maxxis2:532:53
51 Murphy JohnBMC Racing Team 25BMC Racing Team,,2:53
52 Frattini DavideTeam Type 1  31Team Type 1 3:153:15
53 Stewart JacksonBMC Racing Team 29BMC Racing Team5:595:59
54 Boily EricSpidertech presented by Planet Energy 22Spidertech presented by Planet Energy6:196:19
55 Jacques-Maynes BenjaminBissell Pro Cycling 31Bissell Pro Cycling6:306:30
56 Bush RobertKenda Presented By Gear Grinder 20Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder,,6:30
57 Beyer ChadBMC Racing Team 23BMC Racing Team,,6:30
58 Waite NicholasKenda Presented By Gear Grinder 26Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder,,6:30
59 Jones ChrisTeam Type 1  30Team Type 1 ,,6:30
60 Routley WillJelly Belly presented by Kenda 27Jelly Belly presented by Kenda7:457:45
61 Kemps AaronFly V Australia Pro Cycling Team 26Fly V Australia Pro Cycling Team8:508:50
62 Tietzel ScottMountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s  26Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s ,,8:50
63 Kemp DavidFly V Australia Pro Cycling Team 26Fly V Australia Pro Cycling Team16:0416:04
64 Gaimon PhillipKenda Presented By Gear Grinder 24Kenda Presented By Gear Grinder,,16:04
65 Fairly Caleb 23,,16:04
66 White Bradley 28,,16:04
67 Lea BobbyBahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team 26Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team,,16:04
68 Vennell JeremyBissell Pro Cycling 29Bissell Pro Cycling36:0436:04
69 Bevin PatrickBissell Pro Cycling 19Bissell Pro Cycling,,36:04
70 Candelario AlexKelly Benefit Strategies  35Kelly Benefit Strategies ,,36:04
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 6th June 2010
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: 1.HC

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