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1111 Wiebes LorenaParkhotel Valkenburg  20Parkhotel Valkenburg 2001001:33:551:33:55
221 Balsamo ElisaValcar Cylance Cycling 21Valcar Cylance Cycling15070,,0:00
3135 Rivera CorynTeam Sunweb 26Team Sunweb12540,,0:00
4101 Kopecky LotteLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies10030,,0:00
534 Paternoster LetiziaTrek-Segafredo Women  20Trek-Segafredo Women 8525,,0:00
613 Vos MarianneCCC - Liv 32CCC - Liv7020,,0:00
755 Majerus ChristineBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 32Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team6015,,0:00
893 Tagliaferro MartaHitec Products 29Hitec Products5010,,0:00
926 Confalonieri Maria GiuliaValcar Cylance Cycling 26Valcar Cylance Cycling409,,0:00
1083 Duval EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 26FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope358,,0:00
1153 Buurman EvaBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 24Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team307,,0:00
12151 Bastianelli MartaTeam Virtu Cycling 32Team Virtu Cycling256,,0:00
13112 Markus FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg  22Parkhotel Valkenburg 205,,0:00
1496 Uneken LonnekeHitec Products 19Hitec Products154,,0:00
1591 van der Haar LucyHitec Products 24Hitec Products103,,0:00
1645 Kasper RomyAlé Cipollini  31Alé Cipollini 5,,0:00
1781 Copponi ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 20FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope5,,0:00
1866 Cromwell TiffanyCanyon SRAM Racing 31Canyon SRAM Racing5,,0:00
19142 Jackson AlisonTeam TIBCO - SVB 30Team TIBCO - SVB5,,0:00
2052 van den Bos JipBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 23Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team50:050:05
2185 Kitchen LaurenFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 28FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope50:060:06
2214 Korevaar JeanneCCC - Liv 22CCC - Liv50:140:14
2344 Swinkels KarlijnAlé Cipollini  20Alé Cipollini 50:190:19
2415 Markus RiejanneCCC - Liv 24CCC - Liv5,,0:19
25103 Dom AnneliesLotto Soudal Ladies 33Lotto Soudal Ladies5,,0:19
2684 Grossetête MaëlleFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 21FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope50:230:23
27134 Mackaij FloortjeTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb50:250:25
28132 Georgi PfeifferTeam Sunweb 18Team Sunweb50:260:26
295 Vieceli LaraWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 26WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling50:280:28
302 Brennauer LisaWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 31WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling50:290:29
31152 Penton SaraTeam Virtu Cycling 30Team Virtu Cycling3,,0:29
3225 Sanguineti IlariaValcar Cylance Cycling 25Valcar Cylance Cycling30:300:30
33153 Siggaard ChristinaTeam Virtu Cycling 25Team Virtu Cycling30:320:32
3492 Solvang Julie MeyerHitec Products 29Hitec Products30:330:33
35102 Christmas DaniLotto Soudal Ladies 31Lotto Soudal Ladies3,,0:33
3623 Consonni ChiaraValcar Cylance Cycling 20Valcar Cylance Cycling30:360:36
371 Wild KirstenWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 36WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling30:000:00
3882 Demay CoralieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 26FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope30:380:38
39154 Moberg EmilieTeam Virtu Cycling 28Team Virtu Cycling30:390:39
4031 Cordon-Ragot AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women  29Trek-Segafredo Women 30:410:41
4154 Schneider SkylarBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 20Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team0:420:42
4251 van den Broek-Blaak ChantalBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 29Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team0:440:44
43105 Braam DaniqueLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies1:041:04
443 Koster ClaudiaWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 27WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling1:061:06
456 Teutenberg Lea LinWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 20WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling1:071:07
4622 Guazzini VittoriaValcar Cylance Cycling 18Valcar Cylance Cycling,,1:07
4765 Harris EllaCanyon SRAM Racing 21Canyon SRAM Racing,,1:07
4895 Garner GraceHitec Products 22Hitec Products1:121:12
4942 Raimondi JessicaAlé Cipollini  20Alé Cipollini 1:151:15
5076 Parkinson Abby-MaeDrops 22Drops1:191:19
514 Rijkes SarahWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 28WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling1:211:21
52106 Hoffmann ChantalLotto Soudal Ladies 31Lotto Soudal Ladies1:241:24
53113 Van Der Meer JanineParkhotel Valkenburg  25Parkhotel Valkenburg 1:291:29
5432 Hanson LaurettaTrek-Segafredo Women  24Trek-Segafredo Women 1:361:36
55155 Pawlowska KatarzynaTeam Virtu Cycling 29Team Virtu Cycling1:371:37
56131 Andersen SusanneTeam Sunweb 21Team Sunweb1:391:39
5794 Feldmann PernilleHitec Products 19Hitec Products,,1:39
5836 Van Twisk AbigailTrek-Segafredo Women  22Trek-Segafredo Women ,,1:39
59136 Soek JuliaTeam Sunweb 28Team Sunweb1:441:44
60123 Beveridge AllisonRally UHC Cycling Women 26Rally UHC Cycling Women1:461:46
6163 Gafinovitz RotemCanyon SRAM Racing 27Canyon SRAM Racing1:531:53
6264 Riffel ChristaCanyon SRAM Racing 21Canyon SRAM Racing,,1:53
63122 Bergen SaraRally UHC Cycling Women 30Rally UHC Cycling Women1:591:59
6433 Henttala LottaTrek-Segafredo Women  30Trek-Segafredo Women 2:202:20
6511 Demey ValerieCCC - Liv 25CCC - Liv2:482:48
6662 Barnes AliceCanyon SRAM Racing 24Canyon SRAM Racing3:363:36
6773 Bennett ElizabethDrops 19Drops3:593:59
6875 Lloyd ManonDrops 22Drops4:024:02
69133 Kirchmann LeahTeam Sunweb 29Team Sunweb,,4:02
7074 Redmond NatalieDrops 27Drops,,4:02
7143 Van 't Geloof MarjoleinAlé Cipollini  23Alé Cipollini 4:554:55
72125 Maine KatherineRally UHC Cycling Women 21Rally UHC Cycling Women5:115:11
73143 Chapman BrodieTeam TIBCO - SVB 28Team TIBCO - SVB5:365:36
74145 Malseed ShannonTeam TIBCO - SVB 24Team TIBCO - SVB,,5:36
75146 Slik RozanneTeam TIBCO - SVB 28Team TIBCO - SVB,,5:36
76124 Ellsay GillianRally UHC Cycling Women 22Rally UHC Cycling Women5:495:49
77126 Moak SummerRally UHC Cycling Women 20Rally UHC Cycling Women5:505:50
78116 van Veen EstherParkhotel Valkenburg  28Parkhotel Valkenburg 6:026:02
7972 Barker MeganDrops 21Drops7:447:44
80144 Ryan KendallTeam TIBCO - SVB 26Team TIBCO - SVB8:088:08
81141 Kessler NinaTeam TIBCO - SVB 31Team TIBCO - SVB,,8:08
82115 Vollering DemiParkhotel Valkenburg  22Parkhotel Valkenburg 8:258:25
8312 Kuijpers EvyCCC - Liv 24CCC - Liv10:0510:05
8471 Barker ElinorDrops 24Drops12:5012:50
8561 Ryan AlexisCanyon SRAM Racing 24Canyon SRAM Racing15:4915:49
DNF114 Raaijmakers MaritParkhotel Valkenburg  20Parkhotel Valkenburg --
DNF121 White EmmaRally UHC Cycling Women 21Rally UHC Cycling Women,,-
DNF41 Hosking ChloeAlé Cipollini  28Alé Cipollini ,,-
DNF156 Norman Hansen LouiseTeam Virtu Cycling 24Team Virtu Cycling,,-
DNF46 Bariani GiorgiaAlé Cipollini  18Alé Cipollini ,,-
DNF24 Arzuffi Alice MariaValcar Cylance Cycling 24Valcar Cylance Cycling,,-
DNF104 Khan DannielleLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 3rd August 2019
Avg. speed winner: 43.443 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-CDM
Start/finish: LondonLondon
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749 pnt
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