2013»7th Strade Bianche (1.1)

2013  One day race  »  Gaiole in Chianti  ›  Siena   (188k)

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172 Moser MorenoCannondale Pro Cycling Team 22Cannondale Pro Cycling Team80755:01:535:01:53
271 Sagan PeterCannondale Pro Cycling Team 23Cannondale Pro Cycling Team56550:060:06
318 Nocentini RinaldoAG2R La Mondiale 35AG2R La Mondiale32400:070:07
41 Cancellara FabianRadioShack - Leopard 31RadioShack - Leopard2432,,0:07
5107 Saramotins AleksejsIAM Cycling 30IAM Cycling2028,,0:07
667 Van Avermaet GregBMC Racing Team 27BMC Racing Team1624,,0:07
7115 Kolobnev AlexandrTeam Katusha  31Team Katusha 1220,,0:07
 8 27 Reda FrancescoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 30Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,0:07
9113 Caruso GiampaoloTeam Katusha  32Team Katusha 7160:100:10
10111 Belkov MaximTeam Katusha  28Team Katusha 6140:130:13
11125 Niemiec PrzemysławLampre - Merida 32Lampre - Merida5120:150:15
1238 Ponzi SimoneAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team3100:170:17
13137 Valverde AlejandroMovistar Team 32Movistar Team8,,0:17
1432 Iglinskiy MaximAstana Pro Team 31Astana Pro Team70:190:19
15131 Amador AndreyMovistar Team 26Movistar Team60:210:21
16121 Cunego DamianoLampre - Merida 31Lampre - Merida5,,0:21
17138 Visconti GiovanniMovistar Team 30Movistar Team40:230:23
1851 Slagter Tom-JelteBlanco Pro Cycling Team 23Blanco Pro Cycling Team3,,0:23
19157 Lagutin SergeyVacansoleil - DCM 32Vacansoleil - DCM2,,0:23
2033 Aru FabioAstana Pro Team 22Astana Pro Team10:270:27
2166 Schär MichaelBMC Racing Team 26BMC Racing Team0:310:31
22102 Brändle MatthiasIAM Cycling 23IAM Cycling,,0:31
23166 Gatto OscarVini Fantini 28Vini Fantini0:440:44
2424 Chiarini RiccardoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 29Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela1:341:34
25112 Brutt PavelTeam Katusha  31Team Katusha 1:391:39
26104 Reichenbach SébastienIAM Cycling 23IAM Cycling,,1:39
27145 Parisien FrançoisTeam Argos - Shimano 30Team Argos - Shimano,,1:39
2862 Evans CadelBMC Racing Team 36BMC Racing Team1:431:43
2921 Pellizotti FrancoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 35Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,1:43
3055 Nordhaug Lars PetterBlanco Pro Cycling Team 28Blanco Pro Cycling Team,,1:43
3131 Kessiakoff FredrikAstana Pro Team 32Astana Pro Team,,1:43
32151 Flecha Juan AntonioVacansoleil - DCM 35Vacansoleil - DCM1:581:58
33152 Marcato MarcoVacansoleil - DCM 29Vacansoleil - DCM2:482:48
3475 Koren KristijanCannondale Pro Cycling Team 26Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,2:48
35156 Ruijgh RobVacansoleil - DCM 26Vacansoleil - DCM,,2:48
3683 Delfosse SébastienCrelan-Euphony 30Crelan-Euphony,,2:48
37132 Cobo Juan JoséMovistar Team 32Movistar Team,,2:48
3841 Colbrelli SonnyBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  22Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,2:48
3945 Pasqualon AndreaBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  25Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,2:48
406 Rohregger ThomasRadioShack - Leopard 30RadioShack - Leopard,,2:48
41162 Finetto MauroVini Fantini 27Vini Fantini,,2:48
4291 Dekker ThomasGarmin Sharp 28Garmin Sharp,,2:48
4353 Martens PaulBlanco Pro Cycling Team 29Blanco Pro Cycling Team,,2:48
44134 Madrazo ÁngelMovistar Team 24Movistar Team,,2:48
45123 Favilli EliaLampre - Merida 24Lampre - Merida2:532:53
4625 Ermeti GiairoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 31Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela6:206:20
47103 Hollenstein RetoIAM Cycling 27IAM Cycling6:476:47
4892 Dennis RohanGarmin Sharp 22Garmin Sharp6:516:51
49101 Klemme DominicIAM Cycling 26IAM Cycling6:566:56
5035 Vanotti AlessandroAstana Pro Team 32Astana Pro Team7:257:25
5177 Sabatini FabioCannondale Pro Cycling Team 28Cannondale Pro Cycling Team8:088:08
5273 Bodnar MaciejCannondale Pro Cycling Team 27Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,8:08
5394 Hunter RobertGarmin Sharp 35Garmin Sharp11:0711:07
5493 Farrar TylerGarmin Sharp 28Garmin Sharp,,11:07
55158 van Poppel BoyVacansoleil - DCM 25Vacansoleil - DCM,,11:07
5685 Planckaert BaptisteCrelan-Euphony 24Crelan-Euphony,,11:07
5723 Malaguti AlessandroAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 25Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,11:07
585 Popovych YaroslavRadioShack - Leopard 33RadioShack - Leopard,,11:07
5965 Quinziato ManuelBMC Racing Team 33BMC Racing Team,,11:07
60105 Lang PirminIAM Cycling 28IAM Cycling,,11:07
6168 Cummings SteveBMC Racing Team 31BMC Racing Team,,11:07
6278 Vandborg Brian BachCannondale Pro Cycling Team 31Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,11:07
634 Nizzolo GiacomoRadioShack - Leopard 24RadioShack - Leopard11:2011:20
642 Busche MatthewRadioShack - Leopard 27RadioShack - Leopard11:4811:48
6564 Phinney TaylorBMC Racing Team 22BMC Racing Team,,11:48
66108 Wyss MarcelIAM Cycling 26IAM Cycling,,11:48
6722 Di Serafino MatteoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 26Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,11:48
68126 Pietropolli DanieleLampre - Merida 32Lampre - Merida,,11:48
69116 Kuschynski AleksandrTeam Katusha  33Team Katusha ,,11:48
70155 Ligthart PimVacansoleil - DCM 24Vacansoleil - DCM,,11:48
71154 Kreder WesleyVacansoleil - DCM 22Vacansoleil - DCM,,11:48
7234 Kangert TanelAstana Pro Team 25Astana Pro Team11:5311:53
7387 Steels StijnCrelan-Euphony 23Crelan-Euphony12:0212:02
7436 Gruzdev DmitriyAstana Pro Team 26Astana Pro Team12:1612:16
7588 Sys KlaasCrelan-Euphony 26Crelan-Euphony17:3317:33
7643 Canola MarcoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,17:33
77106 Pelucchi MatteoIAM Cycling 24IAM Cycling17:4317:43
7886 Premont ChristopheCrelan-Euphony 23Crelan-Euphony17:4617:46
7946 Boem NicolaBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  23Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox 17:4917:49
DNF84 Honig ReinierCrelan-Euphony 29Crelan-Euphony--
DNF48 Coledan MarcoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF124 Graziato MassimoLampre - Merida 24Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF82 Devillers GillesCrelan-Euphony 28Crelan-Euphony,,-
DNF165 Proni AlessandroVini Fantini 30Vini Fantini,,-
DNF16 Georges SylvainAG2R La Mondiale 28AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF98 Rosseler SébastienGarmin Sharp 31Garmin Sharp,,-
DNF136 Teruel EloyMovistar Team 30Movistar Team,,-
DNF61 Blythe AdamBMC Racing Team 23BMC Racing Team,,-
DNF114 Gusev VladimirTeam Katusha  30Team Katusha ,,-
DNF8 Schleck AndyRadioShack - Leopard 27RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF153 Bole GregaVacansoleil - DCM 27Vacansoleil - DCM,,-
DNF37 Tiralongo PaoloAstana Pro Team 35Astana Pro Team,,-
DNF47 di Corrado AndreaBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF127 Stortoni SimoneLampre - Merida 27Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF81 Bueken JoeriCrelan-Euphony 22Crelan-Euphony,,-
DNF167 Santambrogio MauroVini Fantini 28Vini Fantini,,-
DNF15 Gastauer BenAG2R La Mondiale 25AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF144 Mezgec LukaTeam Argos - Shimano 24Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF141 Damuseau ThomasTeam Argos - Shimano 23Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF57 Vanmarcke SepBlanco Pro Cycling Team 24Blanco Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF117 Paolini LucaTeam Katusha  36Team Katusha ,,-
DNF7 Roulston HaydenRadioShack - Leopard 32RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF161 Failli FrancescoVini Fantini 29Vini Fantini,,-
DNF28 Parrinello AntoninoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 24Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF3 Hondo DaniloRadioShack - Leopard 39RadioShack - Leopard,,-
DNF128 Wackermann LucaLampre - Merida 20Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF76 Paterski MaciejCannondale Pro Cycling Team 26Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF168 Taborre FabioVini Fantini 27Vini Fantini,,-
DNF14 Gadret JohnAG2R La Mondiale 33AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF146 Peterson TomTeam Argos - Shimano 26Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF96 Nuyens NickGarmin Sharp 32Garmin Sharp,,-
DNF56 Wagner RobertBlanco Pro Cycling Team 29Blanco Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF118 Vicioso ÁngelTeam Katusha  35Team Katusha ,,-
DNF42 Fortin FilippoBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF163 Garzelli StefanoVini Fantini 39Vini Fantini,,-
DNF26 Frapporti MarcoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela 27Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela,,-
DNF133 Lastras PabloMovistar Team 37Movistar Team,,-
DNF74 Dall'Antonia TizianoCannondale Pro Cycling Team 29Cannondale Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF143 Geschke SimonTeam Argos - Shimano 26Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF13 Cherel MickaëlAG2R La Mondiale 26AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF147 Sinkeldam RamonTeam Argos - Shimano 24Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF96 Kreder MichelGarmin Sharp 25Garmin Sharp,,-
DNF52 Boom LarsBlanco Pro Cycling Team 27Blanco Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF122 Pozzato FilippoLampre - Merida 31Lampre - Merida,,-
DNF44 Delle Stelle ChristianBardiani Valvole - CSF Inox  24Bardiani Valvole - CSF Inox ,,-
DNF164 Mazzanti LucaVini Fantini 39Vini Fantini,,-
DNF17 Kadri BlelAG2R La Mondiale 26AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF135 Sanz EnriqueMovistar Team 23Movistar Team,,-
DNF63 Kohler MartinBMC Racing Team 27BMC Racing Team,,-
DNF142 Fröhlinger JohannesTeam Argos - Shimano 27Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF11 Belletti ManuelAG2R La Mondiale 27AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF148 Timmer AlbertTeam Argos - Shimano 27Team Argos - Shimano,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Strade Bianche logoDate: 2nd March 2013
Avg. speed winner: 37.37 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Gaiole in Chianti › Siena
Parcours type:
PCS point scale: 1.1

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