1968»55th Tour de France

1968  General classification (4492k)

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11+0:0094 Janssen JanNetherlands 28Netherlands10041.3231:20:091:20:09
22+0:3849 Van Springel HermanBelgium A 24Belgium A7040.8640:540:54
35+3:291 Pingeon RogerFrance A 27France A5040.6711:171:17
43+3:0351 Bracke FerdinandBelgium B 29Belgium B4040.6211:231:23
56+3:4640 Wolfshohl RolfWest-Germany 29West-Germany3240.3981:501:50
626+29:3492 den Hartog ArieNetherlands 27Netherlands2640.2022:142:14
712+10:2645 Pintens GeorgesBelgium A 21Belgium A2239.8802:542:54
817+17:2618 Grosskost CharlyFrance B 24France B1839.7603:093:09
94+3:1770 San Miguel GregorioSpain 27Spain1439.6653:213:21
107+4:4411 Aimar LucienFrance B 27France B1039.6573:223:22
1110+7:5584 Colombo UgoItaly 28Italy839.5233:393:39
129+5:0563 Gandarias AndrésSpain 25Spain639.3124:064:06
138+4:5982 Bitossi FrancoItaly 27Italy439.2264:174:17
1434+43:2941 Brands FransBelgium A 28Belgium A239.0494:404:40
1511+8:1164 Gómez AntonioSpain 28Spain138.9804:494:49
1613+10:4265 González AurelioSpain 27Spain38.6615:315:31
1727+30:493 Guyot BernardFrance A 22France A38.5795:425:42
1815+14:0988 Schiavon SilvanoItaly 25Italy38.5645:445:44
1822+21:3021 Bayssiere AndréFrance C 24France C38.564,,5:44
2029+39:2761 Echevarría CarlosSpain 27Spain38.4226:036:03
2142+1:08:0014 Chappe GeorgesFrance B 26France B38.2676:246:24
2225+23:4283 Chiappano CarloItaly 27Italy37.9167:127:12
2337+49:0717 Grain MichelFrance B 25France B37.8377:237:23
2433+43:2876 Hoban BarryGreat Britain 28Great Britain37.7947:297:29
2520+18:2854 Godefroot WalterBelgium B 25Belgium B37.7297:387:38
2648+1:19:1513 Bolley SergeFrance B 23France B37.7227:397:39
2714+12:3146 Poppe AndréBelgium A 24Belgium A37.6797:457:45
2836+48:4837 Puschel DieterWest-Germany 29West-Germany37.679,,7:45
2921+20:0826 Dumont JeanFrance C 24France C37.6657:477:47
3058+1:49:3619 Leblanc Jean-marieFrance B 23France B37.5947:577:57
3119+18:1989 Vicentini FlavianoItaly 26Italy37.5658:018:01
3241+1:07:262 Genet Jean-PierreFrance A 27France A37.5088:098:09
3340+1:04:5612 Bellone GilbertFrance B 25France B37.4878:128:12
3455+1:44:2191 Beugels EddyNetherlands 24Netherlands37.2558:458:45
3547+1:18:2157 Monteyne JeanBelgium B 24Belgium B37.255,,8:45
3616+17:2355 Houbrechts AntoonBelgium B 24Belgium B37.2138:518:51
3718+18:0259 Vandenberghe GeorgesBelgium B 26Belgium B37.213,,8:51
3838+52:0862 Elorza SebastiánSpain 29Spain37.1798:568:56
3923+21:3868 López VicenteSpain 25Spain37.1728:578:57
4050+1:33:585 Novak AnatoleFrance A 31France A37.1588:598:59
4132+42:2842 Huysmans JosBelgium A 26Belgium A36.69810:0610:06
4239+58:18110 Spuhler WillySwitzerland/Luxembourg 26Switzerland/Luxembourg36.66410:1110:11
4324+22:0187 Passuello AdrianoItaly 25Italy36.59710:2110:21
4430+39:5666 Jiménez JulioSpain 33Spain36.57010:2510:25
4531+39:5815 Ducasse Jean-PierreFrance B 24France B36.27611:0911:09
4660+1:51:1260 Van Vreckom RemyBelgium B 25Belgium B36.07811:3911:39
4728+38:5380 Wright MichaelGreat Britain 27Great Britain36.04611:4411:44
4845+1:13:077 Raymond ChristianFrance A 24France A35.89612:0712:07
4962+2:23:2973 Denson VicGreat Britain 32Great Britain35.83112:1712:17
5046+1:13:3148 Van Ryckeghem DanielBelgium A 23Belgium A35.77312:2612:26
5149+1:21:5144 Maes MarcelBelgium A 23Belgium A35.73512:3212:32
5253+1:41:1750 Weckx EdwardBelgium A 23Belgium A35.735,,12:32
5359+1:49:5022 Bodin Jean-LouisFrance C 24France C35.53613:0313:03
5435+47:56102 Brand KarlSwitzerland/Luxembourg 27Switzerland/Luxembourg35.28413:4313:43
5561+1:56:4785 Denti MinoItaly 23Italy35.27213:4513:45
5644+1:11:4739 Wilde HerbertWest-Germany 28West-Germany35.25313:4813:48
5754+1:43:1458 Nuelant VictorBelgium B 23Belgium B35.20913:5513:55
5863+2:43:2872 Clarey JohnGreat Britain 27Great Britain34.29216:2616:26
5943+1:10:5427 Izier MauriceFrance C 24France C33.88817:3517:35
6051+1:37:4253 De Vlaeminck EricBelgium B 23Belgium B33.88217:3617:36
6152+1:40:4856 Leman EricBelgium B 22Belgium B33.45518:5118:51
6256+1:46:5093 Dolman EvertNetherlands 22Netherlands33.03720:0620:06
6357+1:47:2943 In 't Ven WillyBelgium A 25Belgium A32.77020:5520:55
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13▲294 Janssen JanNetherlands 28Netherlands500 133:49:42 133:49:42
21▼149 Van Springel HermanBelgium A 24Belgium A3800:380:38
37▲451 Bracke FerdinandBelgium B 29Belgium B3403:033:03
42▼270 San Miguel GregorioSpain 27Spain3003:173:17
59▲41 Pingeon RogerFrance A 27France A2803:293:29
68▲240 Wolfshohl RolfWest-Germany 29West-Germany2603:463:46
76▼111 Aimar LucienFrance B 27France B2404:444:44
84▼482 Bitossi FrancoItaly 27Italy2204:594:59
95▼463 Gandarias AndrésSpain 25Spain210,,5:05
1011▲184 Colombo UgoItaly 28Italy2007:557:55
1110▼164 Gómez AntonioSpain 28Spain1908:118:11
1214▲245 Pintens GeorgesBelgium A 21Belgium A18010:2610:26
1313-65 González AurelioSpain 27Spain17010:4210:42
1412▼246 Poppe AndréBelgium A 24Belgium A16012:3112:31
1515-88 Schiavon SilvanoItaly 25Italy15014:0914:09
16-55 Houbrechts AntoonBelgium B 24Belgium B14017:2317:23
17-18 Grosskost CharlyFrance B 24France B130,,17:26
18-59 Vandenberghe GeorgesBelgium B 26Belgium B12018:0218:02
19-89 Vicentini FlavianoItaly 26Italy11018:1918:19
20-54 Godefroot WalterBelgium B 25Belgium B10018:2818:28
21-26 Dumont JeanFrance C 24France C9520:0820:08
22-21 Bayssiere AndréFrance C 24France C9021:3021:30
23-68 López VicenteSpain 25Spain8521:3821:38
24-87 Passuello AdrianoItaly 25Italy8022:0122:01
25-83 Chiappano CarloItaly 27Italy7523:4223:42
26-92 den Hartog ArieNetherlands 27Netherlands7029:3429:34
27-3 Guyot BernardFrance A 22France A6530:4930:49
28-80 Wright MichaelGreat Britain 27Great Britain6038:5338:53
29-61 Echevarría CarlosSpain 27Spain5539:2739:27
30-66 Jiménez JulioSpain 33Spain5039:5639:56
31-15 Ducasse Jean-PierreFrance B 24France B4539:5839:58
32-42 Huysmans JosBelgium A 26Belgium A4042:2842:28
33-76 Hoban BarryGreat Britain 28Great Britain3543:2843:28
34-41 Brands FransBelgium A 28Belgium A30,,43:29
35-102 Brand KarlSwitzerland/Luxembourg 27Switzerland/Luxembourg2547:5647:56
36-37 Puschel DieterWest-Germany 29West-Germany2548:4848:48
37-17 Grain MichelFrance B 25France B2549:0749:07
38-62 Elorza SebastiánSpain 29Spain2552:0852:08
39-110 Spuhler WillySwitzerland/Luxembourg 26Switzerland/Luxembourg2558:1858:18
40-12 Bellone GilbertFrance B 25France B251:04:561:04:56
41-2 Genet Jean-PierreFrance A 27France A251:07:261:07:26
42-14 Chappe GeorgesFrance B 26France B251:08:001:08:00
43-27 Izier MauriceFrance C 24France C251:10:541:10:54
44-39 Wilde HerbertWest-Germany 28West-Germany251:11:471:11:47
45-7 Raymond ChristianFrance A 24France A251:13:071:13:07
46-48 Van Ryckeghem DanielBelgium A 23Belgium A251:13:311:13:31
47-57 Monteyne JeanBelgium B 24Belgium B251:18:211:18:21
48-13 Bolley SergeFrance B 23France B251:19:151:19:15
49-44 Maes MarcelBelgium A 23Belgium A251:21:511:21:51
50-5 Novak AnatoleFrance A 31France A251:33:581:33:58
51-53 De Vlaeminck EricBelgium B 23Belgium B251:37:421:37:42
52-56 Leman EricBelgium B 22Belgium B251:40:481:40:48
53-50 Weckx EdwardBelgium A 23Belgium A251:41:171:41:17
54-58 Nuelant VictorBelgium B 23Belgium B251:43:141:43:14
55-91 Beugels EddyNetherlands 24Netherlands251:44:211:44:21
56-93 Dolman EvertNetherlands 22Netherlands251:46:501:46:50
57-43 In 't Ven WillyBelgium A 25Belgium A251:47:291:47:29
58-19 Leblanc Jean-marieFrance B 23France B251:49:361:49:36
59-22 Bodin Jean-LouisFrance C 24France C251:49:501:49:50
60-60 Van Vreckom RemyBelgium B 25Belgium B251:51:121:51:12
61-85 Denti MinoItaly 23Italy251:56:471:56:47
62-73 Denson VicGreat Britain 32Great Britain252:23:292:23:29
63-72 Clarey JohnGreat Britain 27Great Britain252:43:282:43:28
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182 Bitossi FrancoItaly 27Italy241100+241
254 Godefroot WalterBelgium B 25Belgium B21925+219
394 Janssen JanNetherlands 28Netherlands20010+200
448 Van Ryckeghem DanielBelgium A 23Belgium A167+167
559 Vandenberghe GeorgesBelgium B 26Belgium B155+155
649 Van Springel HermanBelgium A 24Belgium A119+119
776 Hoban BarryGreat Britain 28Great Britain113+113
845 Pintens GeorgesBelgium A 21Belgium A95+95
980 Wright MichaelGreat Britain 27Great Britain92+92
1040 Wolfshohl RolfWest-Germany 29West-Germany89+89
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165 González AurelioSpain 27Spain96100+96
282 Bitossi FrancoItaly 27Italy8425+84
366 Jiménez JulioSpain 33Spain7210+72
41 Pingeon RogerFrance A 27France A65+65
563 Gandarias AndrésSpain 25Spain57+57
676 Hoban BarryGreat Britain 28Great Britain50+50
770 San Miguel GregorioSpain 27Spain30+30
815 Ducasse Jean-PierreFrance B 24France B28+28
992 den Hartog ArieNetherlands 27Netherlands26+26
1088 Schiavon SilvanoItaly 25Italy25+25
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1 Spain  403:47:51 403:47:51
2 Belgium A 12:1212:12
3 France B 21:4521:45
4 Italy 25:0125:01
5 Belgium B 25:1625:16
6 France A 44:2744:27
7 France C 46:3946:39
8 Netherlands 49:1149:11
9 West-Germany ,,49:11
10 Great Britain 1:53:521:53:52
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Race information

Tour de France logoDate: 21st July 1968
Avg. speed winner: 33.556 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
PCS point scale: GT.A

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