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 2016   »   70th Tour de Romandie (2.UWT)

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Pos.YearNumber of nations
119927Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United States
220106Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
320116Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, United States
420166Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland
520075Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
620085Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan
720135Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovenia
819895Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland
919935Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
1020045Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, United States
1120035France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United States
1219855Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden
1319845Belgium, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland
1419835Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland
1519825France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
1619775Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain
1719745Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway
1820064Australia, Italy, Spain, United States
1920144Great Britain, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland
2019884Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States
2119904Belgium, France, Great Britain, Switzerland
2219944Czech Republic, France, Italy, Switzerland
2319994France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
2420174Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland
2519864Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
2619814Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland
2719804Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Norway
2819794Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Norway
2919784France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland
3019674Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
3119624Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland
3219524Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland
3319484Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland
3420123France, Great Britain, Spain
3520003Italy, Spain, Switzerland
3620053Colombia, Italy, Spain
3719873Ireland, Poland, Switzerland
3819913Australia, France, Switzerland
3919963Italy, Russia, Spain
4019973Great Britain, Italy, Russia
4119983France, Italy, Switzerland
4220023Belgium, Italy, Switzerland
4320153France, Germany, Switzerland
4419763Belgium, Italy, Norway
4519753Belgium, Netherlands, Spain
4619733Belgium, France, Italy
4719713Belgium, Italy, Sweden
4819703France, Italy, Sweden
4919683Belgium, Italy, Switzerland
5019653Belgium, France, Italy
5119633France, Italy, Switzerland
5219593France, Italy, Switzerland
5319583Belgium, France, Switzerland
5419563Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland
5519543France, Italy, Switzerland
5619473Belgium, Italy, Switzerland
5720092Czech Republic, Spain
5819952Italy, Switzerland
5920012Italy, Spain
6019722France, Italy
6119692Belgium, Italy
6219662Italy, Switzerland
6319642Italy, Switzerland
6419612France, Switzerland
6519602France, Italy
6619572France, Italy
6719552Italy, Switzerland
6819532France, Switzerland
6919512Spain, Switzerland
7019502Belgium, Switzerland
7119492Italy, Switzerland
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