2019»48th Tour de Vendée (1.1)

2019  One day race  »  Challans  ›  La Roche-sur-Yon   (199.5k)

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126 Sarreau MarcGroupama - FDJ 26Groupama - FDJ125754:26:214:26:21
231 Laporte ChristopheCofidis, Solutions Crédits 26Cofidis, Solutions Crédits8555,,0:00
381 Coquard BryanVital Concept - B&B Hotels 27Vital Concept - B&B Hotels7040,,0:00
41 Cosnefroy BenoîtAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale6032,,0:00
5121 Ruegg LukasSwiss Racing Academy 23Swiss Racing Academy50280:030:03
6153 Barceló FernandoEuskadi Basque Country - Murias 23Euskadi Basque Country - Murias4024,,0:03
776 Ledanois KévinTeam Arkéa Samsic 26Team Arkéa Samsic3520,,0:03
835 Simon JulienCofidis, Solutions Crédits 34Cofidis, Solutions Crédits3018,,0:03
946 Trarieux JulienDelko Marseille Provence 27Delko Marseille Provence2516,,0:03
1017 Terpstra NikiTeam Total Direct Energie 35Team Total Direct Energie2014,,0:03
1163 Le Cunff KévinSt Michel - Auber93 31St Michel - Auber931512,,0:03
1215 Hivert JonathanTeam Total Direct Energie 34Team Total Direct Energie1010,,0:03
1357 Vermeulen EmielNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 26Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole58,,0:03
14105 Stüssi ColinTeam Vorarlberg Santic 26Team Vorarlberg Santic57,,0:03
1511 Boudat ThomasTeam Total Direct Energie 25Team Total Direct Energie56,,0:03
1633 Lemoine CyrilCofidis, Solutions Crédits 36Cofidis, Solutions Crédits35,,0:03
1765 Thominet CamilleSt Michel - Auber93 29St Michel - Auber9334,,0:03
18116 Soto Nelson AndrésCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 25Caja Rural - Seguros RGA330:080:08
1972 Bonnamour FranckTeam Arkéa Samsic 24Team Arkéa Samsic32,,0:08
2056 Idjouadiene PierreNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 23Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole31,,0:08
21106 Thalmann RolandTeam Vorarlberg Santic 26Team Vorarlberg Santic3,,0:08
2212 Burgaudeau MathieuTeam Total Direct Energie 20Team Total Direct Energie3,,0:08
2336 Soupe GeoffreyCofidis, Solutions Crédits 31Cofidis, Solutions Crédits3,,0:08
24157 López-Cózar Juan AntonioEuskadi Basque Country - Murias 25Euskadi Basque Country - Murias30:120:12
254 Godon DorianAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale3,,0:12
2645 Šiškevičius EvaldasDelko Marseille Provence 30Delko Marseille Provence,,0:12
27145 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 23EvoPro Racing,,0:12
2825 Le Gac OlivierGroupama - FDJ 26Groupama - FDJ0:150:15
29103 Meiler LukasTeam Vorarlberg Santic 24Team Vorarlberg Santic0:170:17
30126 Thièry CyrilleSwiss Racing Academy 29Swiss Racing Academy,,0:17
31115 Serrano GonzaloCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 25Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,0:17
3241 Combaud RomainDelko Marseille Provence 28Delko Marseille Provence,,0:17
3351 Antomarchi JulienNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 35Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole,,0:17
3453 Masson ChristopheNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 34Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole,,0:17
356 Peters NansAG2R La Mondiale 25AG2R La Mondiale,,0:17
36141 Feeley DaireEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,0:17
3762 Jakin AloSt Michel - Auber93 32St Michel - Auber930:330:33
3844 Navardauskas RamūnasDelko Marseille Provence 31Delko Marseille Provence,,0:33
395 Paret-Peintre AurélienAG2R La Mondiale 23AG2R La Mondiale0:380:38
4023 Guarnieri JacopoGroupama - FDJ 32Groupama - FDJ0:440:44
4154 Ferasse ThibaultNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 25Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole0:510:51
4266 Paillot YoannSt Michel - Auber93 28St Michel - Auber930:550:55
4324 Geniets KevinGroupama - FDJ 22Groupama - FDJ,,0:55
4414 Grellier FabienTeam Total Direct Energie 24Team Total Direct Energie,,0:55
4552 Barbier PierreNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 22Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole0:580:58
4685 Reza KévinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 31Vital Concept - B&B Hotels1:151:15
4761 Hurel TonySt Michel - Auber93 31St Michel - Auber931:561:56
4847 Guichard MickaëlDelko Marseille Provence 26Delko Marseille Provence2:442:44
4984 Mottier JustinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 26Vital Concept - B&B Hotels2:482:48
5073 Jarrier BenoîtTeam Arkéa Samsic 30Team Arkéa Samsic4:014:01
5174 Pichon LaurentTeam Arkéa Samsic 33Team Arkéa Samsic,,4:01
5283 Morice JulienVital Concept - B&B Hotels 28Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,4:01
532 Denz NicoAG2R La Mondiale 25AG2R La Mondiale,,4:01
54112 González DavidCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 23Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,4:01
5555 Gouault PierreNatura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole 26Natura4Ever - Roubaix Lille Métropole,,4:01
5637 Finé EddyCofidis, Solutions Crédits 21Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,4:01
5742 De Rossi LucasDelko Marseille Provence 24Delko Marseille Provence,,4:01
58122 Müller RetoSwiss Racing Academy 21Swiss Racing Academy,,4:01
5922 Delage MickaëlGroupama - FDJ 34Groupama - FDJ,,4:01
6027 Konovalovas IgnatasGroupama - FDJ 33Groupama - FDJ,,4:01
61142 Gate AaronEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,4:01
6213 Cousin JérômeTeam Total Direct Energie 30Team Total Direct Energie4:094:09
6316 Nauleau BryanTeam Total Direct Energie 31Team Total Direct Energie5:255:25
64146 Wippert WouterEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing5:295:29
6591 Uwizeye Jean CloudeRwanda 25Rwanda6:036:03
66144 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,6:03
6787 Rivière DavidVital Concept - B&B Hotels 24Vital Concept - B&B Hotels6:366:36
6882 Manzin LorrenzoVital Concept - B&B Hotels 25Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,6:36
6986 Cam MaximeVital Concept - B&B Hotels 27Vital Concept - B&B Hotels6:376:37
7064 Maldonado AnthonySt Michel - Auber93 28St Michel - Auber936:456:45
7167 Van Niekerk MorneSt Michel - Auber93 24St Michel - Auber93,,6:45
72111 Cañellas XavierCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 22Caja Rural - Seguros RGA7:017:01
73137 Franz ToniTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa11:0611:06
DNF96 Mugisha SamuelRwanda 21Rwanda--
DNF136 Thill TomTeam Differdange - GeBa 29Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF94 Manizabayo EricRwanda 22Rwanda,,-
DNF123 Lütolf YvesSwiss Racing Academy 21Swiss Racing Academy,,-
DNF117 Nicolau JoelCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 21Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,-
DNF156 Viejo José DanielEuskadi Basque Country - Murias 21Euskadi Basque Country - Murias,,-
DNF75 Guernalec ThibaultTeam Arkéa Samsic 22Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF104 Orrico DavideTeam Vorarlberg Santic 29Team Vorarlberg Santic,,-
DNF135 Da Silva TiagoTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF93 Munyaneza DidierRwanda 21Rwanda,,-
DNF124 Paumann FabianSwiss Racing Academy 26Swiss Racing Academy,,-
DNF71 Vachon FlorianTeam Arkéa Samsic 34Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF21 Armirail BrunoGroupama - FDJ 25Groupama - FDJ,,-
DNF131 Rózsa BalázsTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF127 Reutimann MathiasSwiss Racing Academy 24Swiss Racing Academy,,-
DNF134 Centrone IvanTeam Differdange - GeBa 24Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF3 Gallopin TonyAG2R La Mondiale 31AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF43 Delettre AlexandreDelko Marseille Provence 21Delko Marseille Provence,,-
DNF92 Mugisha MoiseRwanda 22Rwanda,,-
DNF147 Whitehouse DanielEvoPro Racing 24EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF132 Petelin JanTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF114 Moreira MauricioCaja Rural - Seguros RGA 24Caja Rural - Seguros RGA,,-
DNF151 Bizkarra MikelEuskadi Basque Country - Murias 30Euskadi Basque Country - Murias,,-
DNF152 Bravo GarikoitzEuskadi Basque Country - Murias 30Euskadi Basque Country - Murias,,-
DNF77 Daniel MaximeTeam Arkéa Samsic 28Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF95 Nzafashwanayo Jean ClaudeRwanda 19Rwanda,,-
DNF7 Venturini ClémentAG2R La Mondiale 25AG2R La Mondiale,,-
DNF107 Meiler MartinTeam Vorarlberg Santic 21Team Vorarlberg Santic,,-
DNF32 Chetout LoïcCofidis, Solutions Crédits 27Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,-
DNF143 Kearney AaronEvoPro Racing 20EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF133 Winter LaurinTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF125 Lüscher DamianSwiss Racing Academy 22Swiss Racing Academy,,-
DNS34 Morin EmmanuelCofidis, Solutions Crédits 24Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,-
DNS101 Schelling PatrickTeam Vorarlberg Santic 29Team Vorarlberg Santic,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Tour de Vendée logoDate: 6th October 2019
Avg. speed winner: 44.941 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Challans › La Roche-sur-Yon
Parcours type: 1
PCS point scale: 1.1

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146 pnt
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