2016»Tour of Yancheng Costal Wetlands (1.2)

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124 Mareczko JakubWilier - Southeast 22Wilier - Southeast40153:20:283:20:28
2131 Bogdanovics MarisRietumu - Delfin 24Rietumu - Delfin3010,,0:00
3133 Liepiņš EmīlsRietumu - Delfin 24Rietumu - Delfin257,,0:00
414 Verschoor MartijnTeam Novo Nordisk 31Team Novo Nordisk204,,0:00
571 Metlushenko YuriJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 40Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team152,,0:00
632 Hill BenjaminAttaque Team Gusto 26Attaque Team Gusto101,,0:00
76 Duque Leonardo FabioDelko Marseille Provence KTM 36Delko Marseille Provence KTM5,,0:00
8152 Mansilla CristopherStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  26Start - Vaxes Cycling Team 3,,0:00
915 Valognes QuentinTeam Novo Nordisk 20Team Novo Nordisk3,,0:00
1031 Bayly CameronAttaque Team Gusto 26Attaque Team Gusto3,,0:00
11123 Zanotti MarcoParkhotel Valkenburg CT 28Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,0:00
12126 Veltman MilanParkhotel Valkenburg CT 20Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,0:00
13122 Graziato MassimoParkhotel Valkenburg CT 28Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,0:00
1434 Parker LukeAttaque Team Gusto 23Attaque Team Gusto,,0:00
1574 Olavarria Abarca CristobalJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 25Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team,,0:00
1665 Xue Chao HuaGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 24Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling,,0:00
1775 Wu Yong JianJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 24Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team,,0:00
18116 Qiao FengNingxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team 25Ningxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team,,0:00
19154 Van Aken MatthiasStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  24Start - Vaxes Cycling Team ,,0:00
20141 Thömel TinoRTS - Monton Racing  28RTS - Monton Racing ,,0:00
21136 Vosekalns AndrisRietumu - Delfin 24Rietumu - Delfin,,0:00
22111 Erdenesuren MunkhtulgaNingxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team 23Ningxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team,,0:00
233 Mérignat SofianeDelko Marseille Provence KTM 19Delko Marseille Provence KTM,,0:00
2421 Andriato RafaelWilier - Southeast 29Wilier - Southeast,,0:00
25103 Papok SiarheiMinsk Cycling Club 28Minsk Cycling Club,,0:00
2691 Kreminskyi VladyslavISD-Jorbi Continental Team 21ISD-Jorbi Continental Team,,0:00
2792 Dementyev YegorISD-Jorbi Continental Team 29ISD-Jorbi Continental Team0:080:08
28176 Rajabikaboodcheshmeh MahdiTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 22Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team,,0:08
2912 de Keijzer GerdTeam Novo Nordisk 22Team Novo Nordisk,,0:08
3061 Bai Li JunGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 27Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling,,0:08
3183 Choi Hiu FungHKSI Pro Cycling Team 20HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,0:08
3281 Ho BurrHKSI Pro Cycling Team 24HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,0:08
33101 Bazhkou StanislauMinsk Cycling Club 24Minsk Cycling Club,,0:08
34125 van Luijk SvenParkhotel Valkenburg CT 27Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,0:08
3554 Cully Ján AndrejDukla Banska Bystrica 20Dukla Banska Bystrica,,0:08
36104 Sobal YauhenMinsk Cycling Club 35Minsk Cycling Club,,0:08
3753 Tybor PatrikDukla Banska Bystrica 29Dukla Banska Bystrica,,0:08
38165 Talbot BrodieSt. George Merida Cycling Team 27St. George Merida Cycling Team,,0:08
3955 Zimany KristianDukla Banska Bystrica 19Dukla Banska Bystrica,,0:08
40181 Kraus JanTeam Dukla Praha 23Team Dukla Praha,,0:08
4113 Williams ChristopherTeam Novo Nordisk 34Team Novo Nordisk0:140:14
42186 Kesl MichalTeam Dukla Praha 34Team Dukla Praha,,0:14
43175 Nazari Daghalian AbolfazlTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 25Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team,,0:14
4445 Ollamov DostonbekBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 19Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team,,0:14
45112 Altansukh AltanzulNingxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team 24Ningxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team,,0:14
4682 Fung Ka HooHKSI Pro Cycling Team 19HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,0:14
47153 Corella ReneStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  25Start - Vaxes Cycling Team ,,0:14
4843 Sunnatov AkramjonBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 19Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team,,0:14
4994 Udod RinatISD-Jorbi Continental Team 20ISD-Jorbi Continental Team,,0:14
5085 Law Kwun WanHKSI Pro Cycling Team 21HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,0:14
51163 Wood NicholasSt. George Merida Cycling Team 26St. George Merida Cycling Team0:220:22
52155 Koop JosStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  28Start - Vaxes Cycling Team 0:240:24
53185 Strupek MatyasTeam Dukla Praha 19Team Dukla Praha,,0:24
54105 Golovash OleksandrMinsk Cycling Club 25Minsk Cycling Club,,0:24
55113 Bolor-erdene EnkhtaivanNingxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team 21Ningxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team,,0:24
5644 Siddikov DilmurdjonBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 19Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team,,0:24
5741 Halmuratov MuradjanBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 34Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team0:280:28
58124 Schulting PeterParkhotel Valkenburg CT 29Parkhotel Valkenburg CT0:300:30
594 De Rossi LucasDelko Marseille Provence KTM 21Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:310:31
6023 Fonzi GiuseppeWilier - Southeast 25Wilier - Southeast,,0:31
61132 Pruus PeeterRietumu - Delfin 27Rietumu - Delfin,,0:31
62102 Klimiankou KanstantsinMinsk Cycling Club 27Minsk Cycling Club,,0:31
63182 Vendolský OndrejTeam Dukla Praha 25Team Dukla Praha,,0:31
645 Vaubourzeix ThomasDelko Marseille Provence KTM 27Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:340:34
65134 Kanepejs DeinsRietumu - Delfin 21Rietumu - Delfin,,0:34
66135 Bēcis ArmandsRietumu - Delfin 25Rietumu - Delfin0:380:38
6784 Chiu Ho SanHKSI Pro Cycling Team 20HKSI Pro Cycling Team0:410:41
68143 Niño VíctorRTS - Monton Racing  43RTS - Monton Racing 0:460:46
69142 Ortega MauricioRTS - Monton Racing  36RTS - Monton Racing ,,0:46
70161 Dutton JaySt. George Merida Cycling Team 22St. George Merida Cycling Team,,0:46
71166 Ellerm-norton DarcySt. George Merida Cycling Team 24St. George Merida Cycling Team,,0:46
7286 Lau Wan Yau VincentHKSI Pro Cycling Team 20HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,0:46
7342 Akparov AbdullojonBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 25Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team,,0:46
7425 Tedeschi MirkoWilier - Southeast 27Wilier - Southeast0:510:51
75171 Ariyan BehnamTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 26Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team0:570:57
76145 Karimov RuslanRTS - Monton Racing  30RTS - Monton Racing ,,0:57
7766 Xue FuwenGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 20Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling0:590:59
78114 López VladimirNingxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team 28Ningxia Sports Lottery - Focus Cycling team1:011:01
7964 Shan ShuangGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 24Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling1:031:03
80172 Khademi AliTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 24Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team1:081:08
81151 Tomasiak KonradStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  24Start - Vaxes Cycling Team 1:101:10
82173 Khorrami KarimTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 25Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team1:121:12
8351 Palčák JozefDukla Banska Bystrica 28Dukla Banska Bystrica1:231:23
84174 Asgharzadeh AlirezaTabriz Petrochemical CCN Team 30Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team1:321:32
85164 Harvey BenjaminSt. George Merida Cycling Team 26St. George Merida Cycling Team1:351:35
8646 Medvedev SergeyBeijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team 21Beijing XDS - Innova Cycling Team1:421:42
871 Kragh Andersen AsbjørnDelko Marseille Provence KTM 24Delko Marseille Provence KTM1:551:55
8826 Godoy YonderWilier - Southeast 23Wilier - Southeast,,1:55
8916 van IJzendoorn RikTeam Novo Nordisk 29Team Novo Nordisk1:571:57
9011 Cherhal CorentinTeam Novo Nordisk 22Team Novo Nordisk,,1:57
91183 Adamek SimonTeam Dukla Praha 21Team Dukla Praha1:591:59
92184 Kohout MichalTeam Dukla Praha 20Team Dukla Praha,,1:59
9393 Malieiev TymurISD-Jorbi Continental Team 20ISD-Jorbi Continental Team2:212:21
9422 Draperi MatteoWilier - Southeast 25Wilier - Southeast2:332:33
9595 Seliverstov RomanISD-Jorbi Continental Team 20ISD-Jorbi Continental Team2:462:46
9696 Taradai ValeriiISD-Jorbi Continental Team 22ISD-Jorbi Continental Team,,2:46
9756 Lajcha JurajDukla Banska Bystrica 22Dukla Banska Bystrica3:033:03
9852 Harag TomášDukla Banska Bystrica 21Dukla Banska Bystrica,,3:03
99146 Davidenok IlyaRTS - Monton Racing  24RTS - Monton Racing 3:083:08
10033 Martz AlderAttaque Team Gusto 25Attaque Team Gusto3:283:28
101162 Sharpe PatrickSt. George Merida Cycling Team 22St. George Merida Cycling Team3:523:52
10273 Kasyanov OleksiyJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 24Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team3:583:58
10376 Rueda JeffersonJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 26Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team,,3:58
10435 Kalma GuyAttaque Team Gusto 21Attaque Team Gusto5:005:00
10572 Grechyn SerhiyJilun Shakeland Cycling Team 37Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team6:406:40
DNF62 Bi WenhuiGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 23Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling--
DNF106 Ivashkin AntonMinsk Cycling Club 20Minsk Cycling Club,,-
DNF144 Ospina CarlosRTS - Monton Racing  34RTS - Monton Racing ,,-
DNF2 Galta Fredrik StrandDelko Marseille Provence KTM 24Delko Marseille Provence KTM,,-
DSQ63 Sun XiaolongGiant-Champion System Pro Cycling 22Giant-Champion System Pro Cycling,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 2nd November 2016
Avg. speed winner: 44.9 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Yancheng › Yancheng
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.2


Race ranking position
34 pnt
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