2019»34th Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic (1.1)

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12 Dempster ZakIsrael Cycling Academy 31Israel Cycling Academy125754:11:384:11:38
262 Budding MartijnBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 8555,,0:00
323 van der Lijke NickRoompot - Charles 27Roompot - Charles7040,,0:00
422 Riesebeek OscarRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles60320:090:09
5111 Burger SvenSEG Racing Academy 22SEG Racing Academy5028,,0:09
666 Havik PiotrBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club 40240:130:13
793 de Kleijn ArvidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel35200:190:19
84 Jensen AugustIsrael Cycling Academy 27Israel Cycling Academy3018,,0:19
9105 Janssen AdriaanMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 23Monkey Town - à Bloc CT25160:220:22
1021 Asselman JesperRoompot - Charles 29Roompot - Charles20140:280:28
11167 Wippert WouterEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing15120:290:29
1246 Pasqualon AndreaWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 31Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team1010,,0:29
1397 van den Berg MarijnMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 20Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel580:320:32
1494 Dekker DavidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 21Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel570:430:43
157 Van Asbroeck TomIsrael Cycling Academy 29Israel Cycling Academy56,,0:43
1667 Hoeyberghs DaanBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club 35,,0:43
1771 Bostock MatthewCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  22Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes 34,,0:43
1831 Garel AdrienVital Concept - B&B Hotels 23Vital Concept - B&B Hotels33,,0:43
19144 Huppertz JoshuaTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 24Team Lotto - Kern Haus32,,0:43
20165 Sweeny HarryEvoPro Racing 21EvoPro Racing31,,0:43
2191 Bax SjoerdMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 23Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel3,,0:43
2255 Peters ArneAlecto Cycling Team  23Alecto Cycling Team 30:460:46
2385 Sinschek NilsDevelopment Team Sunweb 21Development Team Sunweb30:500:50
2414 Russo ClémentTeam Arkéa Samsic 24Team Arkéa Samsic30:590:59
25104 van der Kooij BasMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 23Monkey Town - à Bloc CT31:201:20
2627 Van Staeyen MichaelRoompot - Charles 31Roompot - Charles,,1:20
2757 Vermeltfoort CoenAlecto Cycling Team  31Alecto Cycling Team ,,1:20
2872 Wood OliverCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  23Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:20
2981 Maas EdoDevelopment Team Sunweb 19Development Team Sunweb,,1:20
30114 Meeus JordiSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy,,1:20
31142 Heiduk KimTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 19Team Lotto - Kern Haus,,1:20
3264 Coolen YvesBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,1:20
33101 Slik IvarMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 26Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:20
34143 Hugger JanTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 21Team Lotto - Kern Haus,,1:20
35103 de Jonge MaartenMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 34Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:20
36161 Feeley DaireEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,1:20
3775 Tanfield CharlieCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  22Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:20
3865 Desale NahomBEAT Cycling Club  26BEAT Cycling Club ,,1:20
3996 Van Dalen JasonMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,1:20
4077 Townsend RoryCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  24Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:20
41137 Rózsa BalázsTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:20
4254 Koster AdneAlecto Cycling Team  18Alecto Cycling Team ,,1:20
4384 Naberman TimDevelopment Team Sunweb 20Development Team Sunweb,,1:20
4473 Hennessy JacobCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  23Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:20
45136 Pattyn JeroenTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:20
4625 van Poppel BoyRoompot - Charles 31Roompot - Charles,,1:20
47106 Pluto MartinsMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 21Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:20
4876 Tennant AndrewCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  32Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:20
49146 Henn LucaTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 21Team Lotto - Kern Haus,,1:20
50132 Centrone IvanTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:20
5163 Bugter LuucBEAT Cycling Club  26BEAT Cycling Club ,,1:20
52155 Van Den Dool KelvinVlasman CT 23Vlasman CT,,1:20
533 Goldstein OmerIsrael Cycling Academy 23Israel Cycling Academy,,1:20
54134 Deruette ThomasTeam Differdange - GeBa 24Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:20
55115 Dainese AlbertoSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy,,1:20
561 Turek DanielIsrael Cycling Academy 26Israel Cycling Academy,,1:20
5786 Wacker Ludvig AntonDevelopment Team Sunweb 19Development Team Sunweb1:291:29
5835 Rivière DavidVital Concept - B&B Hotels 24Vital Concept - B&B Hotels1:301:30
5933 Lecroq JérémyVital Concept - B&B Hotels 24Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,1:30
6012 Greipel AndréTeam Arkéa Samsic 37Team Arkéa Samsic,,1:30
6115 Wagner RobertTeam Arkéa Samsic 36Team Arkéa Samsic,,1:30
62162 Koning PeterEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,1:30
6352 Doets MarcoAlecto Cycling Team  23Alecto Cycling Team ,,1:30
6453 Hooghiemster RenéAlecto Cycling Team  33Alecto Cycling Team ,,1:30
6545 Kreder WesleyWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 28Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,1:30
666 Räim MihkelIsrael Cycling Academy 26Israel Cycling Academy,,1:30
675 Perry BenIsrael Cycling Academy 25Israel Cycling Academy,,1:30
6826 van Schip Jan-WillemRoompot - Charles 25Roompot - Charles,,1:30
69113 Antunes TiagoSEG Racing Academy 22SEG Racing Academy,,1:30
7074 Paton AlexCanyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes  29Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes ,,1:30
7195 Krul StefMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 24Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,1:30
7292 Ottema RickMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 27Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,1:30
7351 Celi AbeAlecto Cycling Team  22Alecto Cycling Team ,,1:30
7442 De Decker AlfdanWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 22Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,1:30
7547 Vanspeybrouck PieterWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 32Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,1:30
76102 van Breda RickMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 29Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:30
77141 Dörrie MarcTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 22Team Lotto - Kern Haus2:542:54
DNF163 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing--
DNF123 Quintero LeonelStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF32 Bagot YoannVital Concept - B&B Hotels 31Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF116 Stavrakakis GeorgiosSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF153 Bovenhuis RobertVlasman CT 31Vlasman CT,,-
DNF82 Mayrhofer MariusDevelopment Team Sunweb 18Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF145 Kuhn JanTeam Lotto - Kern Haus 19Team Lotto - Kern Haus,,-
DNF164 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 23EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF125 Javelly LuisStart Cycling Team 21Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF34 Mottier JustinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 25Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF117 Krul WesselSEG Racing Academy 19SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF154 Duvigneau BeauVlasman CT 24Vlasman CT,,-
DNF61 Abraham DanielBEAT Cycling Club  34BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF13 Jarrier BenoîtTeam Arkéa Samsic 30Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF56 Van Sintmaartensdijk DaanAlecto Cycling Team  21Alecto Cycling Team ,,-
DNF127 Villanueva IgnacioStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF41 Backaert FrederikWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 29Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF131 Beard CameronTeam Differdange - GeBa 21Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF156 Stroetinga WimVlasman CT 34Vlasman CT,,-
DNF121 Autran José EduardoStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF16 Welten BramTeam Arkéa Samsic 22Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF44 Devriendt TomWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 27Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF151 Beukeboom DionVlasman CT 30Vlasman CT,,-
DNF43 De Winter LudwigWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 26Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF133 Da Silva TiagoTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF157 van der Burg JoostVlasman CT 25Vlasman CT,,-
DNF122 Bazan Oscar NehuenStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF17 Lecamus-Lambert FlorentinTeam Arkéa Samsic 20Team Arkéa Samsic,,-
DNF112 Hartley AdamSEG Racing Academy 20SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF152 Bovenhuis JasperVlasman CT 28Vlasman CT,,-
DNF166 Alafaci EugenioEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF135 Kockelmann RaphaelTeam Differdange - GeBa 20Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic logoDate: 21st August 2019
Avg. speed winner: 45.471 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Veenendaal › Veenendaal
Parcours type: 1
PCS point scale: 1.1

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64 pnt
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