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142 Bibby IanJLT Condor 30JLT Condor125754:09:474:09:47
261 Domagalski KarolOne Pro Cycling 27One Pro Cycling8555,,0:00
3144 Lawless ChrisGreat Britain 21Great Britain70400:030:03
494 Latham ChristopherTeam Wiggins  23Team Wiggins 60320:040:04
583 Sanz EnriqueTeam Raleigh GAC 27Team Raleigh GAC5028,,0:04
664 Oram JamesOne Pro Cycling 24One Pro Cycling4024,,0:04
76 Swift ConnorMadison Genesis  21Madison Genesis 3520,,0:04
832 van der Poel DavidBeobank - Corendon 25Beobank - Corendon3018,,0:04
963 Mccormick HaydenOne Pro Cycling 23One Pro Cycling2516,,0:04
10114 Lukševics ViestursRietumu Banka - Riga 30Rietumu Banka - Riga20140:060:06
11151 Dunbar EddieIreland 20Ireland15120:070:07
1281 Moreno AdriaTeam Raleigh GAC 25Team Raleigh GAC1010,,0:07
1345 Laverack EdwardJLT Condor 22JLT Condor58,,0:07
1495 O'Loughlin MichaelTeam Wiggins  20Team Wiggins 57,,0:07
1523 Gardias DexterBIKE Channel Canyon 26BIKE Channel Canyon56,,0:07
16141 Hartley AdamGreat Britain 18Great Britain350:100:10
175 Holmes MatthewMadison Genesis  23Madison Genesis 340:140:14
1822 Stedman MaximilianBIKE Channel Canyon 21BIKE Channel Canyon33,,0:14
1996 Kerfoot-Robson DylanTeam Wiggins  21Team Wiggins 320:220:22
2034 Walsleben PhilippBeobank - Corendon 29Beobank - Corendon310:280:28
211 Handley RichardMadison Genesis  26Madison Genesis 30:390:39
22132 Schweizer ChristophTeam Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners 31Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners32:432:43
2366 Williams PeterOne Pro Cycling 30One Pro Cycling34:234:23
2443 Lampier StevenJLT Condor 33JLT Condor3,,4:23
2525 Lowsley-Williams JamesBIKE Channel Canyon 25BIKE Channel Canyon3,,4:23
2641 Gullen JamesJLT Condor 27JLT Condor4:254:25
2744 Bradbury EdmundJLT Condor 24JLT Condor,,4:25
282 Rowsell ErickMadison Genesis  26Madison Genesis 5:365:36
2965 Stewart ThomasOne Pro Cycling 27One Pro Cycling,,5:36
3074 Sanchez Caballero OscarDare Viator Partizan 29Dare Viator Partizan7:267:26
3191 Scott RobertTeam Wiggins  18Team Wiggins 7:457:45
3221 Partridge RobBIKE Channel Canyon 31BIKE Channel Canyon,,7:45
3351 Bichlmann Daniel Bike Aid 28 Bike Aid,,7:45
3431 Caluwe StijnBeobank - Corendon 21Beobank - Corendon,,7:45
3593 Howells RhysTeam Wiggins  29Team Wiggins 7:467:46
3684 Kenway AdamTeam Raleigh GAC 30Team Raleigh GAC,,7:46
3762 Gradek KamilOne Pro Cycling 26One Pro Cycling,,7:46
3824 Pullar JackBIKE Channel Canyon 27BIKE Channel Canyon,,7:46
39101 Hudry FlorianInterpro Cycling Academy 22Interpro Cycling Academy7:477:47
4026 Fry JosephBIKE Channel Canyon 20BIKE Channel Canyon,,7:47
41111 Pruus PeeterRietumu Banka - Riga 27Rietumu Banka - Riga7:497:49
423 McEvoy JonathanMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis 7:527:52
43142 Wood ReeceGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,7:52
4492 Tennant AndrewTeam Wiggins  30Team Wiggins 7:557:55
4546 Briggs GrahamJLT Condor 33JLT Condor11:3411:34
46115 Kalnins MarcisRietumu Banka - Riga 19Rietumu Banka - Riga,,11:34
47135 Intra FelixTeam Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners 22Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners11:3611:36
48131 Kötting MarvinTeam Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners 22Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners,,11:36
49156 Stenson AdamIreland 19Ireland11:3711:37
50155 O'Mahony DaraghIreland 19Ireland,,11:37
51154 Reilly RyanIreland 21Ireland12:2612:26
524 Blain AlexandreMadison Genesis  36Madison Genesis ,,12:26
53124 Corella ReneStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  25Start - Vaxes Cycling Team ,,12:26
5475 Calatayud MiguelDare Viator Partizan 20Dare Viator Partizan,,12:26
5556 Beck Joschka Bike Aid 24 Bike Aid,,12:26
5673 Nuñez José CarlosDare Viator Partizan 35Dare Viator Partizan12:2712:27
5733 Hoeyberghs DaanBeobank - Corendon 22Beobank - Corendon12:2812:28
58126 Márquez MandelStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  25Start - Vaxes Cycling Team 14:0414:04
59103 Yoshida YutoInterpro Cycling Academy 22Interpro Cycling Academy14:0514:05
60122 Van Aken MatthiasStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  24Start - Vaxes Cycling Team ,,14:05
61143 Angus ClaxtonGreat Britain 20Great Britain14:1714:17
62123 De Vos GertjanStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  25Start - Vaxes Cycling Team 18:0618:06
DNF82 Mora SebastiánTeam Raleigh GAC 29Team Raleigh GAC--
DNF16 Krikava JakubAC Sparta Praha 20AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF133 Leinau LouisTeam Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners 22Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners,,-
DNF53 Lechner Patrick Bike Aid 28 Bike Aid,,-
DNF12 Horejsi JosefAC Sparta Praha 21AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF85 Mcdunphy ConnTeam Raleigh GAC 20Team Raleigh GAC,,-
DNF113 Gavars Eriks TomsRietumu Banka - Riga 20Rietumu Banka - Riga,,-
DNF134 Müller ViktorTeam Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners 20Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners,,-
DNF55 Schäfer Timo Bike Aid 34 Bike Aid,,-
DNF13 Ryba JanAC Sparta Praha 22AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF86 Martin GrantTeam Raleigh GAC 18Team Raleigh GAC,,-
DNF112 Rubenis KlavsRietumu Banka - Riga 20Rietumu Banka - Riga,,-
DNF152 McGlinchey ChristopherIreland 23Ireland,,-
DNF71 Domene AntonioDare Viator Partizan 26Dare Viator Partizan,,-
DNF14 Schuhler TomasAC Sparta Praha 22AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF104 Nakata TakuyaInterpro Cycling Academy 21Interpro Cycling Academy,,-
DNF35 Meisen MarcelBeobank - Corendon 28Beobank - Corendon,,-
DNF153 Fyffe AngusIreland 22Ireland,,-
DNF76 Castello FranciscoDare Viator Partizan 21Dare Viator Partizan,,-
DNF15 Schuran MichalAC Sparta Praha 21AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF125 Mansilla CristopherStart - Vaxes Cycling Team  27Start - Vaxes Cycling Team ,,-
DNF106 Lamarre SonyInterpro Cycling Academy 23Interpro Cycling Academy,,-
DNF36 Dekker JensBeobank - Corendon 18Beobank - Corendon,,-
DNF11 Svatek MiroslavAC Sparta Praha 20AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNS116 Alitis UldisRietumu Banka - Riga 33Rietumu Banka - Riga,,-
DNS105 Mizuno TakayukiInterpro Cycling Academy 26Interpro Cycling Academy,,-
DNS102 Garcia DamienInterpro Cycling Academy 25Interpro Cycling Academy,,-
DNS72 Valero JavierDare Viator Partizan 23Dare Viator Partizan,,-
DNS52 Thömel Tino Bike Aid 29 Bike Aid,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 9th July 2017
Avg. speed winner: 41.8 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Cardiff › Cardiff
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1


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10 pnt
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