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11 Bastianelli MartaAlé BTC Ljubljana 32Alé BTC Ljubljana125802:18:042:18:04
213 Guarischi BarbaraMovistar Team 29Movistar Team8556,,0:00
344 Campbell TenielValcar - Travel & Service 22Valcar - Travel & Service7032,,0:00
423 Fidanza AriannaLotto Soudal Ladies 25Lotto Soudal Ladies6024,,0:00
555 Asencio LauraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling 21Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling5020,,0:00
636 Norsgaard Emma CecilieBigla-Katusha 20Bigla-Katusha4016,,0:00
765 Eraud SéverineCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 24Charente-Maritime Women Cycling3512,,0:00
8181 Francke AgnietaBelori Vipeq Team 30Belori Vipeq Team308,,0:00
983 Zanardi SilviaBepink  19Bepink 257,,0:00
10106 Van Velzen BryonyCiclotel 23Ciclotel206,,0:00
1122 Braam DaniqueLotto Soudal Ladies 24Lotto Soudal Ladies155,,0:00
1221 Vandenbulcke JesseLotto Soudal Ladies 24Lotto Soudal Ladies103,,0:00
13103 van Haaften KirstieCiclotel 21Ciclotel5,,0:00
1491 Klement MelanieBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 25Biehler Krush Pro Cycling5,,0:00
15151 Rodríguez SofiaSopela Women's Team 20Sopela Women's Team5,,0:00
1611 Erić JelenaMovistar Team 24Movistar Team3,,0:00
1771 Isasi ZiortzaEneicat - RBH Global 24Eneicat - RBH Global3,,0:00
1861 Grangier IndiaCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 20Charente-Maritime Women Cycling3,,0:00
1942 Persico SilviaValcar - Travel & Service 22Valcar - Travel & Service3,,0:00
2081 van Neck MelissaBepink  28Bepink 3,,0:00
2195 Van Regenmortel LauraBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 27Biehler Krush Pro Cycling3,,0:00
22123 Perez Susana Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 18Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte3,,0:00
23115 Holden ElizabethBizkaia Durango 22Bizkaia Durango3,,0:00
24116 Dolan LaurenBizkaia Durango 20Bizkaia Durango3,,0:00
2593 Ton QuintyBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 21Biehler Krush Pro Cycling3,,0:00
2674 Bulleri AlessiaEneicat - RBH Global 26Eneicat - RBH Global,,0:00
27126 Escursell ElisabetRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 23Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte,,0:00
28113 Blanco IuraniBizkaia Durango 22Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
29114 Gorostiza Aroa NicoleBizkaia Durango 20Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
30135 Nuño NereaMassi - Tactic Women Team 25Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
31132 López BelénMassi - Tactic Women Team 35Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
3225 Parkinson Abby-MaeLotto Soudal Ladies 22Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:00
33104 Kononenko ValeriyaCiclotel 29Ciclotel,,0:00
3426 Christmas DaniLotto Soudal Ladies 32Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:00
35164 Atehortua DanielaColnago CM Team 20Colnago CM Team,,0:00
3631 Chabbey EliseBigla-Katusha 26Bigla-Katusha,,0:00
3796 Wasmus NienkeBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 20Biehler Krush Pro Cycling,,0:00
3885 Landuzzi Valentina Bepink  25Bepink ,,0:00
39102 Reis DanielaCiclotel 26Ciclotel,,0:00
402 Bujak EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana 30Alé BTC Ljubljana,,0:00
4134 Sperotto Maria VittoriaBigla-Katusha 23Bigla-Katusha,,0:00
42121 Diaz PaulaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 23Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte,,0:00
43161 Upegui CarolinaColnago CM Team 30Colnago CM Team,,0:00
4484 Catarzi GiorgiaBepink  18Bepink ,,0:00
45163 Botero Erika MilenaColnago CM Team 20Colnago CM Team,,0:00
46144 Ducuara JenniferVIB - Natural Greatness 24VIB - Natural Greatness,,0:00
47134 Martin IsabelMassi - Tactic Women Team 20Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
483 Bravec UrškaAlé BTC Ljubljana 23Alé BTC Ljubljana,,0:00
494 Garcia MaviAlé BTC Ljubljana 36Alé BTC Ljubljana,,0:00
5033 Banks ElizabethBigla-Katusha 29Bigla-Katusha,,0:00
5114 Oyarbide LourdesMovistar Team 25Movistar Team,,0:00
5272 Laizane LijaEneicat - RBH Global 26Eneicat - RBH Global,,0:00
53165 Toconas Laura Milena Colnago CM Team 19Colnago CM Team,,0:00
54186 Wolfe Juliet Belori Vipeq Team 37Belori Vipeq Team,,0:00
55154 Moreno Roca AlexandraSopela Women's Team 20Sopela Women's Team,,0:00
56146 Romeu MartaVIB - Natural Greatness 27VIB - Natural Greatness,,0:00
5716 Teruel AlbaMovistar Team 23Movistar Team,,0:00
58174 Moral SandraFarto - Ahguas do Paraño 28Farto - Ahguas do Paraño,,0:00
5912 González AliciaMovistar Team 24Movistar Team,,0:00
60101 Kulynych OlhaCiclotel 20Ciclotel,,0:00
616 Yonamine EriAlé BTC Ljubljana 28Alé BTC Ljubljana,,0:00
6285 Canvelli VaniaBepink  22Bepink ,,0:00
63131 Pilote-Fortin GabrielleMassi - Tactic Women Team 26Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
64133 Trias MireiaMassi - Tactic Women Team 19Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
6554 Hammes KathrinCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling 31Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling,,0:00
66156 Steels ClaireSopela Women's Team 33Sopela Women's Team,,0:00
6715 Biannic AudeMovistar Team 28Movistar Team,,0:00
6852 Magnaldi EricaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling 27Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling,,0:00
6956 Rijkes SarahCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling 28Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling,,0:00
7053 Vieceli LaraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling 26Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling,,0:00
715 Žigart UrškaAlé BTC Ljubljana 23Alé BTC Ljubljana,,0:00
7245 Pirrone ElenaValcar - Travel & Service 20Valcar - Travel & Service,,0:00
7341 Pollicini SilviaValcar - Travel & Service 21Valcar - Travel & Service,,0:00
7462 Abgrall NoémieCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 20Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:00
7564 Minaud ManonCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 21Charente-Maritime Women Cycling0:150:15
76105 de Baat KimCiclotel 28Ciclotel0:350:35
77141 Yazdani SomayehVIB - Natural Greatness 29VIB - Natural Greatness0:430:43
78152 Martin SaraSopela Women's Team 20Sopela Women's Team,,0:43
7935 Wright SophieBigla-Katusha 20Bigla-Katusha0:550:55
8043 Sanguineti IlariaValcar - Travel & Service 25Valcar - Travel & Service0:590:59
81153 Banlles MariaSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team1:051:05
82122 Medina MariaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 30Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte1:131:13
83173 Maia MelissaFarto - Ahguas do Paraño Farto - Ahguas do Paraño1:141:14
8424 Castrique AlanaLotto Soudal Ladies 20Lotto Soudal Ladies,,1:14
8563 Tritsch BalladyneCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 24Charente-Maritime Women Cycling8:018:01
86162 Montoya KatherinColnago CM Team 26Colnago CM Team,,8:01
87136 Creamer LaurenMassi - Tactic Women Team 28Massi - Tactic Women Team8:188:18
88125 Esteban CarolinaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 18Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte,,8:18
89166 Giraldo Marin DanielaColnago CM Team 21Colnago CM Team8:218:21
9094 Feron SennaBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 24Biehler Krush Pro Cycling,,8:21
91112 Gilabert ArianaBizkaia Durango 19Bizkaia Durango,,8:21
92176 Pujol CristinaFarto - Ahguas do Paraño 29Farto - Ahguas do Paraño,,8:21
93142 Jimenez PilarVIB - Natural Greatness 18VIB - Natural Greatness,,8:21
9473 Martinez SofiaEneicat - RBH Global 18Eneicat - RBH Global11:2111:21
95172 Jesus LilianaFarto - Ahguas do Paraño 36Farto - Ahguas do Paraño11:2311:23
96171 Castano InésFarto - Ahguas do Paraño Farto - Ahguas do Paraño11:2411:24
97155 Ortiz Bonilla EmmaSopela Women's Team 21Sopela Women's Team14:2814:28
9876 Tobías María PaulaEneicat - RBH Global 19Eneicat - RBH Global,,14:28
99124 Barriguete SofiaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte 19Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte,,14:28
100145 Gomiz MelisaVIB - Natural Greatness 19VIB - Natural Greatness16:4016:40
101182 Ayala CamilaBelori Vipeq Team 34Belori Vipeq Team18:4218:42
102175 Pedrosa DianaFarto - Ahguas do Paraño Farto - Ahguas do Paraño19:2019:20
103143 Neenan JenniferVIB - Natural Greatness 21VIB - Natural Greatness,,19:20
DNF92 Colborne HenriettaBiehler Krush Pro Cycling 21Biehler Krush Pro Cycling--
DNF75 Llacer Soler PaulaEneicat - RBH Global 18Eneicat - RBH Global--
DNF184 Fabaro Livia Belori Vipeq Team Belori Vipeq Team--
DNF46 Piergiovanni Federica DamianaValcar - Travel & Service 18Valcar - Travel & Service--
DNF183 Farabello Mariela Belori Vipeq Team 33Belori Vipeq Team--
DNF32 Stirnemann KathrinBigla-Katusha 30Bigla-Katusha--
DNF111 Puigdefabregas IratiBizkaia Durango 18Bizkaia Durango--
DNF185 Serrano NataliaBelori Vipeq Team Belori Vipeq Team--
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 9th February 2020
Avg. speed winner: 40.85 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Paterna › Valencia
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.1

Race profile

Race ranking position
253 pnt
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