2019»54th Vuelta al Tachira en Bicicleta (2.2)

2019  Stage 1  »  Bramon  ›  Rubio   (124.8k)

Race Info

Date: 2019-01-11 - 2019-01-18
Race class: 2.2
Race category: Men Elite
UCI-Tour: America Tour
Total distance: 1093.9 km


11/1Stage 1 - Bramon › Rubio (124.8k)
12/1Stage 2 - Peribeca › Borotá (144.1k)
13/1Stage 3 - San Cristoba › San Cristoba (115.2k)
14/1Stage 4 - San Felix › Santa Cruz de Mora (146.9k)
15/1Stage 5 - Santa Cruz de Mora › La Grita (169.5k)
16/1Stage 6 - La Fria › Cordero (165.9k)
17/1Stage 7 - Ureña › Cerró del Cristo (112.3k)
18/1Stage 8 - San Cristobal › San Cristobal (115.2k)

Sum of PCS points before stage

1.GODOY Yonder0
2.CASTANO Neubery0
3.BECERRA Carlos Andrés0
4.MORENO José0
5.GUAMÁ Byron0
6.RAMIREZ Yurgen0
7.GÁLVIZ Carlos Johan0
8.GARCIA Nicolas David0
9.MARTINEZ Sergio Andres0
10.SANABRIA Cécar0

Stage profile(s)

No race map available.

Departure/arrival cities

Bramon has been 2 times departure city before.
Rubio has been 3 times arrival city before.

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