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132 Carpenter RobinHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 24Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team125753:57:493:57:49
27 Roth RyanSilber Pro Cycling 34Silber Pro Cycling85550:100:10
341 Langlois BrunoGarneau - Québecor 38Garneau - Québecor70400:110:11
4111 Sevilla ÓscarMedellin - Inder 40Medellin - Inder60321:101:10
551 Ávila EdwinTeam Illuminate 27Team Illuminate50281:111:11
621 McCabe TravisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 28UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team40244:564:56
734 Magner TyHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 26Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team35204:594:59
8112 Arango Juan EstebanMedellin - Inder 30Medellin - Inder30185:445:44
916 Oronte EmersonRally Cycling 27Rally Cycling25165:455:45
1031 Eisenhart TaylorHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 22Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team2014,,5:45
1156 Easter GriffinTeam Illuminate 25Team Illuminate15126:086:08
1223 Putt TannerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 25UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team10106:266:26
1312 Huff Charles BradleyRally Cycling 38Rally Cycling586:356:35
14115 Oyola Róbigzon LeandroMedellin - Inder 28Medellin - Inder57,,6:35
1533 Lewis JoeHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 28Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team566:396:39
1685 Alarcón PabloCanels Specialized 29Canels Specialized356:406:40
1762 Prendergast ChristopherH&R Block Pro Cycling  22H&R Block Pro Cycling 34,,6:40
18113 Roldán Weimar AlfonsoMedellin - Inder 32Medellin - Inder336:416:41
19116 Estrada EduardoMedellin - Inder 22Medellin - Inder32,,6:41
201 Bassett StephenSilber Pro Cycling 22Silber Pro Cycling31,,6:41
2135 Companioni RubénHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 27Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team36:426:42
2222 Clarke JonathanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 32UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team36:446:44
2327 Alzate CarlosUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 34UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team36:516:51
2417 Soladay ThomasRally Cycling 33Rally Cycling37:017:01
2553 Pellaud SimonTeam Illuminate 24Team Illuminate37:067:06
26114 Ramirez Brayan StevenMedellin - Inder 24Medellin - Inder7:287:28
2768 Samuel TravisH&R Block Pro Cycling  22H&R Block Pro Cycling 8:038:03
2872 Hecht GageAevolo 19Aevolo8:478:47
2995 Petrov SpencerCCB Velotooler 18CCB Velotooler,,8:47
3025 Cataford AlexanderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 23UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team8:488:48
316 Masbourian NicolasSilber Pro Cycling 23Silber Pro Cycling,,8:48
32108 Sarabia IgnacioInteja Dominican Cycling Team 33Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,,8:48
OTL15 Naud PierrickRally Cycling 26Rally Cycling -3:57:49 -3:57:49
OTL18 White CurtisRally Cycling 21Rally Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL37 Flaksis AndžsHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 26Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team,, -3:57:49
OTL4 Ellsay NigelSilber Pro Cycling 23Silber Pro Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL101 Milán DiegoInteja Dominican Cycling Team 31Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
OTL45 CotÉ Bouvette FelixGarneau - Québecor 23Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
OTL44 Brisebois OlivierGarneau - Québecor 22Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
OTL2 Coté Pier-AndréSilber Pro Cycling 20Silber Pro Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL78 Saltzman JasonAevolo 19Aevolo,, -3:57:49
OTL65 Rupnik JureH&R Block Pro Cycling  23H&R Block Pro Cycling ,, -3:57:49
OTL47 Soucy Jean-françoisGarneau - Québecor 19Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
OTL13 Kline ShaneRally Cycling 28Rally Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL8 Zukowsky NicolasSilber Pro Cycling 18Silber Pro Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL81 García Víctor ManuelCanels Specialized 36Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
OTL36 Murphy JohnHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 32Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team,, -3:57:49
OTL93 Harris JohnCCB Velotooler 23CCB Velotooler,, -3:57:49
OTL82 Corte EduardoCanels Specialized 24Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
OTL3 Cowan AlexanderSilber Pro Cycling 20Silber Pro Cycling,, -3:57:49
OTL28 Eaton DanielUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 23UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
OTL5 Jean ÉmileSilber Pro Cycling 23Silber Pro Cycling,, -3:57:49
DNF103 Guzman WilliamInteja Dominican Cycling Team 25Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF102 Torres AlbertInteja Dominican Cycling Team 27Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF86 Santoyo José AlfredoCanels Specialized 22Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
DNF55 Piper CameronTeam Illuminate 25Team Illuminate,, -3:57:49
DNF48 D Anjou Jean-simonGarneau - Québecor 21Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
DNF14 McNulty BrandonRally Cycling 19Rally Cycling,, -3:57:49
DNF105 Cueto Juan JoséInteja Dominican Cycling Team 25Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF84 Aguirre Jose AlfredoCanels Specialized 23Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
DNF104 Marquez RafaelInteja Dominican Cycling Team 26Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF87 Casillas JhonatanCanels Specialized 21Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
DNF106 Ayuso BernardoInteja Dominican Cycling Team 24Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF43 Soucy Marc-antoineGarneau - Québecor 22Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
DNF57 Easter CullenTeam Illuminate 29Team Illuminate,, -3:57:49
DNF91 Collins PatrickCCB Velotooler 22CCB Velotooler,, -3:57:49
DNF67 Staples MatthewH&R Block Pro Cycling  18H&R Block Pro Cycling ,, -3:57:49
DNF42 Gauthier Simon PierreGarneau - Québecor 24Garneau - Québecor,, -3:57:49
DNF24 Henderson GregoryUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 40UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF52 Mccutcheon ConnorTeam Illuminate 26Team Illuminate,, -3:57:49
DNF54 Neagos BradTeam Illuminate 27Team Illuminate,, -3:57:49
DNF94 Morse NathanielCCB Velotooler 22CCB Velotooler,, -3:57:49
DNF66 Nadon Marc-AntoineH&R Block Pro Cycling  23H&R Block Pro Cycling ,, -3:57:49
DNF71 Stites TylerAevolo 19Aevolo,, -3:57:49
DNF38 Clark OscarHolowesko-Citadel Racing Team 28Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team,, -3:57:49
DNF83 Santos EfrénCanels Specialized 25Canels Specialized,, -3:57:49
DNF11 Anthony JesseRally Cycling 31Rally Cycling,, -3:57:49
DNF96 Mitchell TimCCB Velotooler 38CCB Velotooler,, -3:57:49
DNF107 Rubio Jesús AlbertoInteja Dominican Cycling Team 25Inteja Dominican Cycling Team,, -3:57:49
DNF63 O'Brien ConorH&R Block Pro Cycling  24H&R Block Pro Cycling ,, -3:57:49
DNF77 Gervais LaurentAevolo 19Aevolo,, -3:57:49
DNF64 Thibault Jean-DenisH&R Block Pro Cycling  18H&R Block Pro Cycling ,, -3:57:49
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Winston Salem Cycling Classic  logoDate: 29th May 2017
Avg. speed winner: 44.86 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Winston Salem › Winston Salem
PCS point scale: 1.1


Race ranking position
20 pnt
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