1927»1st World Championships - Road Race (WC)

1927  One day race  »  Nürburgring (182.48k)

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131 Binda AlfredoItaly 24Italy3506:37:296:37:29
232 Girardengo CostanteItaly 34Italy2607:167:16
333 Piemontesi DomenicoItaly 24Italy19010:5110:51
430 Belloni GaetanoItaly 34Italy15011:1111:11
512 Aerts JeanBelgium 19Belgium13011:5111:51
624 Wolke BrunoGermany 23Germany11014:2414:24
735 Orecchia MicheleItaly 23Italy10017:5017:50
844 Bohlin ErikSweden 30Sweden9018:0618:06
916 Brossy RenéFrance France8019:3319:33
1021 Nebe HerbertGermany 28Germany7023:0323:03
1120 Manthey FelixGermany 28Germany65,,23:03
1248 Strandberg HelmerSweden Sweden6028:5928:59
1336 Franssen JoepNetherlands 27Netherlands55,,28:59
1438 Bockkom HansNetherlands Netherlands50,,28:59
153 Cap WalterAustria Austria46,,28:59
162 Cap OttoAustria Austria42,,28:59
1754 Litschi PaulSwitzerland 23Switzerland38,,28:59
1845 Eriksson HolmfridSweden Sweden34,,28:59
DNF25 Wolke RudolfGermany 21Germany--
DNF40 Maas JanNetherlands Netherlands,,-
DNF11 Vermandel ReneBelgium 34Belgium,,-
DNF27 Hugyecz KarolyHungary Hungary,,-
DNF6 Pagler MichaelAustria Austria,,-
DNF18 Merviel JulesFrance 20France,,-
DNF55 Tschudi KarlSwitzerland Switzerland,,-
DNF49 Nilsson FolkeSweden 20Sweden,,-
DNF19 Raynaud AndréFrance 22France,,-
DNF39 Buis LeenNetherlands 20Netherlands,,-
DNF34 Grandi AllegroItaly 20Italy,,-
DNF28 Huszka DezsoHungary Hungary,,-
DNF5 Johann KosteletskyAustria Austria,,-
DNF14 Souchard AchilleFrance 27France,,-
DNF9 Sellier FelixBelgium 34Belgium,,-
DNF13 Hansen HenryDenmark 25Denmark,,-
DNF50 Blattmann AlbertSwitzerland 22Switzerland,,-
DNF53 Amstein GottliebSwitzerland Switzerland,,-
DNF7 Debaets GérardBelgium 28Belgium,,-
DNF29 Vida LaszloHungary Hungary,,-
DNF41 van der Heiden JanNetherlands Netherlands,,-
DNF51 Notter KastorSwitzerland 24Switzerland,,-
DNF10 Van Hevel JulesBelgium 32Belgium,,-
DNF17 Dayen OctaveFrance 21France,,-
DNF22 Remold JosefGermany 27Germany,,-
DNF43 Walinski JerszyPoland Poland,,-
DNF23 Geyer LudwigGermany 23Germany,,-
DNF4 Bosch FerdinandAustria Austria,,-
DNF46 Johansson GeorgSweden Sweden,,-
DNF37 van Nek KlaasNetherlands 28Netherlands,,-
DNF52 Suter HeiriSwitzerland 28Switzerland,,-
DNF26 Holzl ElemerHungary Hungary,,-
DNF8 Ronsse GeorgesBelgium 21Belgium,,-
DNF42 Szenrok HenrykPoland Poland,,-
DNF1 Bulla MaxAustria 21Austria,,-
DNF15 Aumerle AndreFrance France,,-
DNF47 Malm RagmarSweden 34Sweden,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 21st July 1927
Avg. speed winner: 27.55 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Nürburgring
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: Worlds.RRWorld Championships - Road Race logo


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