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GC time won/lost per stage


GC leader: MUÑOZ Daniel

  • Race
StageTime won/lost to GC leader
Stage 1 - Oradea › Oradea0
Stage 2a (ITT) - Oradea › Oradea905
Stage 2a (ITT) - Oradea › Oradea29005
Stage 2a (ITT) - Oradea › Oradea-29005
Stage 2a (ITT) - Oradea › Oradea-905
Stage 3 - Oradea › Oradea-905
Stage 2b - Oradea › Padis905
Stage 2b - Oradea › Padis29005
Stage 2b - Oradea › Padis-29005
Stage 2b - Oradea › Padis-905
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