Anatoliy Budyak

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Spor Toto Cycling Team

Career points - GC

The GC (general classification) specialty points are computed by a summation of all career PCS points in GCs.

Points: 126
12021-04-042.2 Tour of Mevlana125
22015-07-192.2U Volta a Portugal do Futuro / Liberty Seguros218
32017-11-122.1 Tour of Fuzhou818
42019-06-162.2 Tour of Malopolska218
52019-06-092.1 Cycling Tour of Bihor - Bellotto916
62018-06-102.2 Tour of Malopolska314
72020-09-202.2 Tour of Malopolska411
82017-04-232.2 Tour of Mersin411
92015-05-242.2 Bałtyk - Karkonosze Tour58
102019-07-122.1 Int. Österreich-Rundfahrt-Tour of Austria156
112019-10-062.1 CRO Race183
122017-06-042.Ncup Grand Prix Priessnitz spa83
132021-04-182.Pro Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey233