Giorgio Albani

Career points - Climbers


A result is included when the ProfileScore is 50 or higher or the ProfileScore of the final 20 km is 25 or higher. Read here how the profile score system works. Furthermore are results with a profile score below 75 multiplied by 0.5 as these are considered less difficult climbing races/stages. A point scale is used specially for climbing points, where more riders receive points.

11956-10-21CD-C Giro di Lombardia475150*-
21949-10-23CD-C Giro di Lombardia665150*-
31954-10-31CD-C Giro di Lombardia665150*-
41952-10-26CD-C Giro di Lombardia760150*-
51951-10-21CD-C Giro di Lombardia950150*-
61954-08-081.HC Tre Valli Varesine140100*-
71955-10-23CD-C Giro di Lombardia1140150*-
81959-10-18 Giro di Lombardia1235150*-
91951-03-11 Milano-Torino232150*-
101951-10-04 Giro dell'Emilia232125*-
111956-08-051.HC Tre Valli Varesine232100*-
121955-03-13 Milano-Torino328150*-
131958-10-04 Giro dell'Emilia426125*-
141959-09-131.HC Tre Valli Varesine524100*-
151953-03-15 Milano-Torino622150*-
161954-06-27 Giro dell'Emilia720125*-
171952-06-00 Giro dell'Appennino120100*-
181954-06-00 Giro dell'Appennino120100*-
191957-06-23 Giro di Toscana316100*-
201958-03-16 Giro di Toscana316100*-
211955-07-24 Giro di Toscana610100*-
221950-10-22CD-C Giro di Lombardia2110150*-
231950-01-01 Coppa Agostoni11075*-
241949-01-01 Coppa Agostoni3875*-
251958-10-19CD-C Giro di Lombardia265150*-
261955-10-04 Giro dell'Emilia204125*-
271952-05-01 Giro dell'Emilia252125*-
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