Ruslan Ivanov


Grand tour starts

Number of grand tour starts, including best results and ordered by date.

#SeasonGrand tourGCPointsMountainsYouthBest stage result
122008 Giro d'Italia4320
112005 Vuelta a EspañaDNF31
102005 Giro d'Italia7067920
92004 Vuelta a España7723292
82003 Vuelta a EspañaDNF96
72002 Tour de FranceDNF48
62001 Vuelta a EspañaDNF31
52001 Giro d'Italia3983187
42000 Giro d'ItaliaDNF13
31999 Vuelta a EspañaDNF7
21999 Giro d'Italia7729
11998 Vuelta a España9917