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Date of birth: 15th April 2002 (21)
Nationality: Denmark
Place of birth: Albertslund
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      01.1036Holbæk (Finale Demin Cup) (NAT) 180.6more
      24.0937Fri Bike Shop Sønderborg (NAT) 129more
      23.097Tønder ACR løbet (NAT) 148.8more
      17.092Campione SM Linjeløb (NAT) 133.9more
      10.0932Konggaard Løbet (NAT) 180more
      03.09DNFNational Championships Denmark MU - Road Race (NC) 180.7more
      02.0921National Championships Denmark MU - ITT (NC) 32.2more
      26.0847Grand Prix Lumsås (NAT) 123.5more
      30.0731Puchar MON (1.2) 158more
      26.07 » 29.07Dookoła Mazowsza (2.2) more
      20Youth classification more
      41General classification more
      29.0748Stage 4 - Kozienice › Kozienice 166.5more
      28.075052Stage 3 - Płońsk › Płońsk 154.3more
      27.079353Stage 2 - Grodzisk Mazowiecki › Grodzisk Mazowiecki 173.6more
      26.072833Stage 1 - Teresin › Teresin 168more
      25.0750Memoriał Andrzeja Trochanowskiego (1.2) 143.5more
      25.0642National Championships Denmark ME - Road Race (NC) 211more
      22.0641National Championships Denmark ME - ITT (NC) 39.6more
      11.0630Elfstedenronde Brugge (1.1) 190.3more
      03.069Nakskov CC - (ITT) (NAT) 27.3more
      29.0517Principia Løbet Randers (NAT) 144more
      28.0588Campione Pinse Cup - Herning (NAT) 142.8more
      27.0543Campione Pinse Cup - Horsens (NAT) 153.6more
      21.0514CK Nordsjælland Linjeløb (NAT) 126more
      07.0539Ringerike GP (1.2) 174more
      06.05DNFSundvolden GP (1.2) 169more
      01.0568Eschborn-Frankfurt (1.2U) 108.4more
      16.0433Slagelseløbet (Demin Cup) (NAT) 177.1more
      15.0410Næstved BC (ITT) (Demin Cup) (NAT) 25.3more
      10.04343 Dage i Nord - #3 Campione Cup - Aalborg (NAT) 125.3more
      09.04613 Dage i Nord - #2 Campione Cup - Thy (NAT) 120more
      08.04413 Dage i Nord - #1 Campione Cup - Hjørring (NAT) 153.6more
      06.0433Vitamin Well GP (NAT) 126more
      22.03 » 26.03Olympia's Tour (2.2) more
      22Youth classification more
      54General classification more
      26.0322Stage 5 - Beek › Beek 173.4more
      25.038894Stage 4 - Neede › Tiel 161.3more
      24.0390101Stage 3 - Gieten › Ruurlo 168.3more
      23.0311299Stage 2 - Assen › Assen 162.6more
      22.033333Stage 1 (ITT) - TT Circuit Assen › TT Circuit Assen 9more
      19.0356Cholet - Pays de la Loire (1.1) 205more
      18.0352Classic Loire Atlantique (1.1) 182.8more
      5173 km in 38 days | PCS points: 0 | UCI points: 0
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