Performance of transfered riders vs non-transfered riders


An interesting question is if riders perform better in their first season after a transfer?

To give the answer to this question we first needed to draft a comparable set of data. First we pinpointed the typical age where a rider point score flattens. That means, where the point score on average is equal to the previous season. It turns out that around 25-27 years this is the case.

Now we looked to all riders between age 25 and 27 that have 2 consecutive seasons on the WT level over the last 10 years (total of column A). We split this up between riders that made a transfer and those who didn't. Then we looked at how many times a rider scored more points than the previous season (column B).

Now we can compute both percentages. It turns out there is no significant difference between the performance of transfered riders and non-transfered riders.

GroupNumber of riders (A)Number of riders that improved previous season (B)Percentage % (C)
Non-transfered riders83840948.8
Transfered riders1718449.1
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