On this day in ...

1978, Thor Hushovd was born
1970, Peter van Petegem was born
1894, Romain Bellenger was born
1923, Gerrit Voorting was born
1954, Bernard Vallet was born
1967, Massimo Donati was born
2007, Carlo Clerici passed away at the age of 77
1993, Alfredo Bovet passed away at the age of 83
1950, Walter Riccomi was born
1965, John Talen was born
1977, Jean-Patrick Nazon was born
1946, Ward Janssens was born
1967, Francesco Frattini was born
1955, Pol Verschuere was born
1970, Luzia Zberg was born
1974, Vladimir Miholjević was born
1988, Boy van Poppel was born
1935, Joseph Marchand passed away at the age of 42
1999, Harry Schoenmakers passed away at the age of 83
2005, Jacobus De Witt passed away at the age of 22
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