Team UKYO (CT)»2020

12019-05-26 Tour of JapanPRADES Benjamín270
22019-06-16 Tour de KoreaKREDER Raymond350
32019-09-28 International Tour de Banyuwangi IjenHUCKER Robbie125
42019-05-26 Tour of JapanCROME Sam624
52019-06-12 Tour de Korea - Stage 1KREDER Raymond120
62019-06-16 Tour de KoreaPRADES Benjamín818
72019-09-08 Tour de HokkaidoCROME Sam218
82019-06-16 Tour de Korea - Stage 5KREDER Raymond212
92019-11-10 Tour de OkinawaUCHIMA Kohei210
102020-03-05 Tour de TaiwanHUCKER Robbie1210
112019-06-02 Tour de KumanoCROME Sam58
122019-09-28 International Tour de Banyuwangi IjenPRADES Benjamín58
132019-05-26 Tour of JapanHUCKER Robbie147
142019-11-10 Tour de OkinawaPRADES Benjamín37
152019-06-30 National Championships Japan - Road RaceYOKOTSUKA Kohei37
162019-06-15 Tour de Korea - Stage 4PRADES Benjamín37
172019-06-16 Tour de KoreaHUCKER Robbie165
182019-06-14 Tour de Korea - Stage 3KREDER Raymond45
192019-09-08 Tour de Hokkaido - Stage 3KREDER Raymond15
202019-06-02 Tour de KumanoPRADES Benjamín74
212019-06-13 Tour de Korea - Stage 2KREDER Raymond54
222019-06-18 Le Tour de FilipinasYOKOTSUKA Kohei74
232019-06-15 Tour de Korea - Stage 4KREDER Raymond54
242019-06-18 Le Tour de FilipinasYOSHIOKA Naoya83
252019-06-30 National Championships Spain - Road RacePRADES Benjamín52
262019-09-25 International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen - Stage 1HUCKER Robbie22
272019-09-06 Tour de Hokkaido - Stage 1CROME Sam22
282019-06-15 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 2UCHIMA Kohei22
292019-05-26 Tour of Japan - Stage 8KREDER Raymond81
302019-09-28 International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen - Stage 4PRADES Benjamín31
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