Vino - Astana Motors (CT)»2020

12020-02-14 PETRONAS Le Tour de LangkawiFEDOROV Yevgeniy2110
22019-10-19 Tour of PeninsularCHZHAN Igor270
32020-02-15 Malaysian International Classic RaceNIKITIN Matvey432
42020-02-07 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 1FEDOROV Yevgeniy130
52019-10-05 Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan) - Stage 4CHZHAN Igor120
62019-05-26 Tour de l'AinPRONSKIY Vadim720
72020-02-23 Tour du Rwanda - Stage 1FEDOROV Yevgeniy120
82019-08-11 Tour Cycliste International de la GuadeloupePRONSKIY Vadim218
92020-02-12 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 6BRUSSENSKIY Gleb218
102019-10-19 Tour of PeninsularNIKITIN Matvey916
112020-02-29 Grand Prix Velo AlanyaPRONSKIY Daniil115
122019-06-02 Odessa Grand PrixNIKITIN Matvey115
132019-09-22 Tour of China IINIKITIN Matvey1014
142019-08-02 Tour de SerbiaOVSYANNIKOV Alexandr314
152019-08-30 Tour of Almaty - Stage 1NIKITIN Matvey212
162020-02-14 PETRONAS Le Tour de LangkawiCHZHAN Igor1910
172019-06-01 Tour de RibasNIKITIN Matvey37
182019-06-16 Tour de KoreaPRONSKIY Vadim147
192019-06-16 Tour de KoreaASTAFYEV Stepan156
202019-10-06 Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)CHZHAN Igor156
212020-02-23 Tour of AntalyaULYSBAYEV Dinmukhammed165
222020-03-01 Tour du RwandaSHTEIN Grigoriy165
232019-08-31 Tour of AlmatyCHZHAN Igor165
242019-10-15 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 1CHZHAN Igor45
252020-02-14 PETRONAS Le Tour de LangkawiNIKITIN Matvey224
262020-02-26 Tour du Rwanda - Stage 4SHTEIN Grigoriy54
272020-02-29 Tour du Rwanda - Stage 7 (ITT)FEDOROV Yevgeniy54
282020-02-14 PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 8BRUSSENSKIY Gleb54
292019-10-06 Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)NIKITIN Matvey183
302019-10-06 Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan) - Stage 5SEMENOV Alexandr63
312020-02-23 Tour of AntalyaPRONSKIY Daniil183
322019-06-16 Tour de KoreaNIKITIN Matvey183
332019-10-05 Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan) - Stage 4SEMENOV Alexandr63
342019-10-18 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 4CHZHAN Igor72
352019-05-26 Horizon Park Race ClassicNIKITIN Matvey52
362019-08-03 Tour Cycliste International de la Guadeloupe - Stage 1NIKITIN Matvey31
372019-06-13 Tour de Korea - Stage 2ASTAFYEV Stepan81
382019-07-30 Tour de Serbia - Stage 1OVSYANNIKOV Alexandr31
392019-08-04 Tour Cycliste International de la Guadeloupe - Stage 2PRONSKIY Vadim31
402019-10-18 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 4ASTAFYEV Stepan81
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