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2010  »  Rabobank Continental Team  (CT)

Riders by age

VAN DER LIJKE Nick1991-09-23 (19)
HOFLAND Moreno1991-08-31 (19)
BOVENHUIS Jasper1991-07-27 (19)
MARKUS Barry1991-07-17 (19)
KELDERMAN Wilco1991-03-25 (19)
KREDER Wesley1990-11-04 (20)
VAN GEFFEN Niek1990-06-28 (19)
OCKELOEN Jasper1990-05-10 (20)
BOEVE Mats1990-03-24 (20)
ADAMS Joeri1989-10-15 (20)
BOL Jetse1989-09-08 (21)
SLAGTER Tom-Jelte1989-07-01 (21)
SINKELDAM Ramon1989-02-09 (21)
VRIJMOED Maurice1988-12-08 (22)
BROERS Remco1988-05-15 (22)
VERMELTFOORT Coen1988-04-11 (22)
BULGAC Brian1988-04-07 (22)
KEIZER Martijn1988-03-25 (22)
VAN POPPEL Boy1988-01-18 (22)

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: RB3



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking:
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results






16 Ronde van Midden-Nederland1.2KREDER Wesley
15 Tour Alsace 2.2KELDERMAN Wilco
14 Tour Alsace - Stage 62.2KELDERMAN Wilco
13 Kreiz Breizh Elites - Stage 42.2VAN POPPEL Boy
12 National Championships Netherlands U23 - ITT NCKEIZER Martijn
11 Internationale Thüringen-Rundfahrt U23 - Stage 22.2U23MARKUS Barry
10 Circuito Montañés - Prologue2.2KEIZER Martijn
9 Royal Smilde Olympia’s Tour - Stage 62.2VERMELTFOORT Coen
8 Royal Smilde Olympia’s Tour - Stage 42.2VERMELTFOORT Coen
7 Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste - Trophée des Granitiers - Stage 2 (ITT)2.2KEIZER Martijn
6 Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste - Trophée des Granitiers - Stage 12.2BOL Jetse
5 Zellik - Galmaarden1.2VERMELTFOORT Coen
4 Circuit des Ardennes International - Stage 22.2SLAGTER Tom-Jelte
3 Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux2.2BOL Jetse
2 Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux - Stage 2 (ITT)2.2BOL Jetse
1 Tour de Normandie - Prologue2.2BOL Jetse
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