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12020-03-0150 Grand Prix Manavgat - SideMadi Azen1.20
22020-03-0157 Grand Prix Manavgat - SideArtyom Silchenko1.20
32020-03-01112 Grand Prix Manavgat - SideHurgali Turebekov1.20
42020-03-01107 Grand Prix Manavgat - SideMaxim Dzolba1.20
52020-03-0154 Grand Prix Manavgat - SideSultanmurat Miraliyev1.20
62020-02-29DNF Grand Prix Velo AlanyaSultanmurat Miraliyev1.20
72020-02-2938 Grand Prix Velo AlanyaHurgali Turebekov1.20
82020-02-2930 Grand Prix Velo AlanyaMadi Azen1.20
92020-02-2961 Grand Prix Velo AlanyaMaxim Dzolba1.20
102020-02-2989 Grand Prix Velo AlanyaArtyom Silchenko1.20
112020-02-16OTL GP AntalyaMaxim Dzolba1.20
122020-02-1656 GP AntalyaSultanmurat Miraliyev1.20
132020-02-16DNS GP AntalyaAnton Lavrentyev1.20
142020-02-16DNF GP AntalyaMadi Azen1.20
152020-02-1638 GP AntalyaArtyom Silchenko1.20
162020-02-1698 GP AntalyaHurgali Turebekov1.20
172020-02-14DNS Grand Prix GazipasaMaxim Dzolba1.20
182020-02-14107 Grand Prix GazipasaHurgali Turebekov1.20
192020-02-14DNF Grand Prix GazipasaAnton Lavrentyev1.20
202020-02-1480 Grand Prix GazipasaMadi Azen1.20
212020-02-1354 Grand Prix AlanyaAnton Lavrentyev1.20
222020-02-13DNS Grand Prix AlanyaMaxim Dzolba1.20
232020-02-1347 Grand Prix AlanyaMadi Azen1.20
242020-02-13OTL Grand Prix AlanyaHurgali Turebekov1.20
252020-02-13DNF Grand Prix AlanyaArtyom Silchenko1.20
262020-02-0981 GP ManavgatHurgali Turebekov1.20
272020-02-0980 GP ManavgatArtyom Silchenko1.20
282020-02-09DNF GP ManavgatSultanmurat Miraliyev1.20
292020-02-0957 GP ManavgatMaxim Dzolba1.20
302020-02-0972 GP ManavgatMadi Azen1.20
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