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2017  »  Kolss Cycling Team  (CT)

Riders by age

BURCHENIA Yurii 1998-05-05 (19)
SOLTASIUK Vladyslav 1997-09-23 (20)
BANASZEK Norbert1997-06-18 (20)
BONDARENKO Pavlo1996-09-10 (21)
BANASZEK Adrian1993-10-21 (24)
SKORENKO Mykyta1993-06-28 (24)
MALYNIVSKYI Vasyl1992-11-21 (25)
BRATASHCHUK Andrii1992-04-08 (25)
SENDROS Llibert1991-08-26 (26)
PREVAR Oleksandr1990-06-28 (27)
KULYK Andriy1989-08-30 (28)
KONONENKO Mykhaylo1987-10-30 (30)
VASYLYUK Andriy1987-08-29 (30)
POLIVODA Oleksandr1987-03-31 (30)
BUTS Vitaliy1986-10-24 (31)
LAGKUTI Sergiy1985-04-24 (32)
KOGUT Volodymyr1984-07-28 (32)

Team info

Team status: CT
Abbreviation: KLS
Bike: Colnago



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking:
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results






22 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 12.1KONONENKO Mykhaylo
21 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - South2.2BUTS Vitaliy
20 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - South - Stage 32.2BUTS Vitaliy
19 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - South - Stage 22.2BUTS Vitaliy
18 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - South - Stage 12.2BUTS Vitaliy
17 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - North2.2LAGKUTI Sergiy
16 International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria - North - Stage 12.2LAGKUTI Sergiy
15 Tour of Xingtai - Stage 22.2POLIVODA Oleksandr
14 Odessa Grand Prix 1.2KONONENKO Mykhaylo
13 Tour de Ribas 1.2LAGKUTI Sergiy
12 Dookola Mazowsza - Prologue2.2BANASZEK Adrian
11 Tour of Qinghai Lake - Stage 92.HCPOLIVODA Oleksandr
10 Tour of Qinghai Lake - Stage 82.HCPOLIVODA Oleksandr
9 Tour of Qinghai Lake - Stage 72.HCKONONENKO Mykhaylo
8 National Championships Ukraine - Road RaceNCBUTS Vitaliy
7 National Championships Ukraine - ITTNCPOLIVODA Oleksandr
6 Horizon Park Classic 1.2PREVAR Oleksandr
5 Horizon Park Race for Peace 1.2KONONENKO Mykhaylo
4 Tour of Ukraine 2.2BUTS Vitaliy
3 Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour - Stage 22.2KULYK Andriy
2 Tour of Ukraine - Stage 12.2BUTS Vitaliy
1 Tour d'Azerbaïdjan - Stage 22.1POLIVODA Oleksandr
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