UAE-Team Emirates (WT)»2019


  • Level
  • Type
29 Gree-Tour of Guangxi - Stage 52.UWTGAVIRIA Fernando2019-10-21
28 Gree-Tour of Guangxi - Stage 12.UWTGAVIRIA Fernando2019-10-17
27 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie - Stage 1a2.1KRISTOFF Alexander2019-09-18
26 Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze1.1RIABUSHENKO Alexandr2019-09-14
25 La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 202.UWTPOGAČAR Tadej2019-09-14
24 La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 132.UWTPOGAČAR Tadej2019-09-06
23 La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 92.UWTPOGAČAR Tadej2019-09-01
22 Deutschland Tour - Stage 22.HCKRISTOFF Alexander2019-08-30
21 Tour of Slovenia2.HCULISSI Diego2019-06-23
20 Tour of Slovenia - Stage 32.HCULISSI Diego2019-06-21
19 GP du canton d'Argovie1.HCKRISTOFF Alexander2019-06-13
18 Gran Premio Città di Lugano1.1ULISSI Diego2019-06-09
17 National Championships Slovenia - ITTNCPOGAČAR Tadej2019-06-07
16 Tour of Norway2.HCKRISTOFF Alexander2019-06-02
15 Tour of Norway - Stage 52.HCKRISTOFF Alexander2019-06-01
14 Amgen Tour of California2.UWTPOGAČAR Tadej2019-05-18
13 Amgen Tour of California - Stage 62.UWTPOGAČAR Tadej2019-05-17
12 Giro d'Italia - Stage 32.UWTGAVIRIA Fernando2019-05-13
11 Gent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields1.UWTKRISTOFF Alexander2019-03-31
10 National Championships United Arab Emirates - Road RaceNCMIRZA Yousif2019-03-01
9 UAE Tour - Stage 22.UWTGAVIRIA Fernando2019-02-25
8 Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta2.HCPOGAČAR Tadej2019-02-24
7 National Championships United Arab Emirates - ITTNCMIRZA Yousif2019-02-23
6 Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta - Stage 22.HCPOGAČAR Tadej2019-02-21
5 Tour of Oman - Stage 12.HCKRISTOFF Alexander2019-02-16
4 Colombia 2.1 - Stage 32.1MOLANO Juan Sebastián2019-02-14
3 Vuelta a San Juan Internacional - Stage 42.1GAVIRIA Fernando2019-01-30
2 Vuelta a San Juan Internacional - Stage 12.1GAVIRIA Fernando2019-01-27
1 Santos Tour Down Under - Stage 52.UWTPHILIPSEN Jasper2019-01-19
2 Tokyo 2020 Test Event1.2ULISSI Diego2019-07-21
1 Tour of Egypt - Stage 52.2MIRZA Yousif2019-03-26
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