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2017  »  Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia  (PCT)

Riders by age

COLONNA Yuri1996-10-09 (21)
MARTINEZ Daniel Felipe1996-04-25 (21)
FLOREZ Miguel Eduardo1996-02-21 (21)
RAGGIO Luca1995-03-26 (22)
RODRÍGUEZ Cristian1995-03-03 (22)
MARECZKO Jakub1994-04-30 (23)
MOSCA Jacopo1993-08-29 (24)
AMEZQUETA Julen1993-08-12 (24)
GODOY Yonder1993-04-19 (24)
TROSINO Mirko1992-10-19 (25)
DUCOURNAU Gilbert1992-09-25 (25)
TURRIN Alex1992-06-03 (25)
BERTAZZO Liam1992-02-17 (25)
FONZI Giuseppe1991-08-02 (26)
MARCELLI Mattia1991-07-30 (26)
FEDI Andrea1991-05-29 (26)
KOSHEVOY Ilia1991-03-20 (26)
DRAPERI Matteo1991-01-17 (26)
ZHUPA Eugert1990-04-04 (27)
CECCHIN Alberto1989-08-08 (28)
BUSATO Matteo1987-12-20 (30)
ANDRIATO Rafael1987-10-20 (30)
BELLETTI Manuel1985-10-14 (32)
POZZATO Filippo1981-09-10 (36)

Team info

Team status: PCT
Abbreviation: WIL
Bike: Wilier



Standings in rankings

PCS Team ranking: 23
UCI Team ranking:

10 Latest results

17.015 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo - Stage 3
16.012 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo - Stage 2
15.014 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo - Stage 1


 21.01Vuelta a San Juan Internacional 24.01Sharjah Tour 06.02Dubai Tour 08.02Tour Cycliste International La Provence



18 Tour of Hainan2.HCMOSCA Jacopo
17 Tour of Hainan - Stage 72.HCMOSCA Jacopo
16 Tour of Hainan - Stage 62.HCMARECZKO Jakub
15 Tour of Hainan - Stage 52.HCMARECZKO Jakub
14 Tour of Hainan - Stage 42.HCMARECZKO Jakub
13 Tour of Hainan - Stage 32.HCMARECZKO Jakub
12 Tour of Hainan - Stage 22.HCMARECZKO Jakub
11 Tour of Taihu Lake2.1MARECZKO Jakub
10 Tour of Taihu Lake - Stage 72.1MARECZKO Jakub
9 Tour of Taihu Lake - Stage 62.1MARECZKO Jakub
8 Tour of Taihu Lake - Stage 42.1MARECZKO Jakub
7 Tour of Taihu Lake - Stage 32.1MARECZKO Jakub
6 Tour of Taihu Lake - Stage 22.1MARECZKO Jakub
5 Tour of China I2.1BERTAZZO Liam
4 Tour of China I - Stage 22.1BERTAZZO Liam
3 Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste - Stage 32.2MARECZKO Jakub
2 Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 72.HCMARECZKO Jakub
1 Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 32.HCMARECZKO Jakub
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